Website RPM: 9 Incredible Ways To Increase Revenue

Publishers have several tools at their disposal to achieve and keep a path to revenue growth. One of the key metrics they can monitor and influence is page/website RPM.

It’s an important metric to detect issues with ad effectiveness as well. Although RPM is quite a volatile metric, there are several strategies you can implement to influence this metric and increase your overall advertising revenue.

What is Page/Website RPM?

Page RPM is an abbreviation of Revenue per Mille, or Revenue per Thousand, and is a digital advertisement metric used by publishers that estimates the revenue a site can generate for every thousand page views.

eCPM, on the other hand, is an acronym for “effective cost per mille.” This is used on many platforms that monetize through display of ads which can include desktop, mobile, in-app and video. It is important to understand that page/website RPM and eCPM are essentially the same. As a result, Google uses the terms interchangeably.

So now, let see how you can increase your pages/website RPM:

1. Focus on your content quality.

The content of your blog on your page is what you actually give out to your audience. Focusing on the quality of your content is one of the most important things to do on your blog site.

For example, your content should move in line with your heading and be sure to explain In to details what you are actually saying. Be sure to make your points clear so as not to confuse your readers and let them also know that you are in control of what you are saying.

2. Suggest relevant content to maintain user engagement.

Choose topics that are worth reading. A topic that will engage your fans and keep thier reading interest high till the end of the blog. Avoid choosing contents that only makes your readers scroll to the bottom, make sure to put your best points first to Keep the reading candle burning.

3. Increase site speed and fix technical issues.

Increase the speed of your site, to give your readers the minimum satisfaction they deserve, some site owners intentionally slow up the speed of thier page just to generate more reading time from thier readers, by so doing, you are only forcing your readers look for other pages that run faster.

And also fix any technical issue that may serve as hindrance or destruction to your readers.

4. Increase Ad viewability.

Make sure your font is clear and your text is also large enough to suit the needs of all your readers. Some readers have problem with large text, others also have problem with smaller text, so make sure you see to it.

5. Optimize your Ad formats and sizes.

Make sure the format and size of your work is moderate enough to make everything visible to your readers.

6. Diversify your Ad networks.

Make sure you don’t run too much ads through your content, most readers are pissed off by too much ads in any content they open to read.

7. Use header bidding.

Header bidding is an advanced method of programmatic ad buying which allows publishers to offer their inventory to multiple ad exchanges before requesting ad servers. This contrasts the waterfall method, which can rob advertisers of premium inventory and publishers of maximum revenue.

8. Implement ad refresh.

Ad refresh (also known as auto-refresh ads) is a technique that allows publishers to increase the number of impressions served per session by refreshing ads for active users based on predefined triggers. Definitely, more impressions directly translate to greater revenue generated.

9. Make sure the Ads are relevant to your audience:

Be sure the ads that you run on your site are relevant to your readers, like maybe for example, you have an educational blog site, be sure to run 90 percent educational ads on it, although other ads can

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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