Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Friday Pt2, 16th July 2021

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Continuation of Adom TV Jaana Dil Se Door

The second part of Adom TV Jaana Dil Se Door on Friday starts with Vividha telling Ravish that Abheer is the black cat. Ravish said I will check in the hall, you also find him. Ravish went and saw Daddy ji asking Avinash to leave. Avinash told Ravish that he came to invite them. Daddy ji said you tried to fool me, you don’t think I am a fool, you came to meet Aditi, not for giving us invitation and Daddy ji left. Ravish said, we will not keep any relation with you, not because ofwhat you did, but because how you did it, this is my last warning, stop looking inside this house and Avinash left.

Vividha and Ravish saw Abheer in his room. Vividha said he has two phones, it means one has a secret number, I will try the number. She called him. She said it’s ringing, why is he not answering. Ravish said, I can hear ringing, can you hear it. They went and saw Avinash’s phone ringing. They got shocked.

Avinash answered the call and said hello Kalindi baby, I am standing outside your house to see you, I am missing you so much baby. Vividha and Ravish got shocked. Vividha said Avinash, it means Bua ji has an affair even with him. Ravish said, I will not leave him. Vividha said calm down, we want proof, else the game will get over. Ravish said game will get over now and went to stop Avinash.

Vividha came and stopped Ravish. Ravish scolded Avinash and said, you will just meet me in the office from today, get out and Avinash left. Ravish said, I will get the watch repaired. She said, anger doesn’t help, we can’t prove Atharv innocent this way, if Avinash called Bua on landline then, we have to replace her phone. They heard the landline ringing and rush.

Kalindi answered the call on Avinash. Avinash asked, why did you not answer my call. She said, my phone did not ring. Vividha and Ravish looked on. Avinash asked her where is her phone and asked her to find it. Kalindi looked for her phone. Ravish replaced her phone. Kalindi saw her phone and said yes, there are missed calls, phone is on silent, but I did not make it on silent mode, who did it and when.

He asked what, I just received a call from you, I came to your house to meet you and could not meet you. She checked log and said yes, but I was sleeping, who called you. He said Ravish and Vividha behaved strange with me, I think they called me. She said, how can they do this, the phone was with me, I will call later.

Still on Adom TV Jaana Dil Se Door

The second part of Adom TV Jaana Dil Se Door on Friday continues where it was morning, Vividha called Ravish when he was at the office. Avinash looked on. She said I called your mobile, it was not connecting, so I called on a landline, I got the watch. Avinash heard their conversation on the other line. Vividha asked Ravish when will he come home. Ravish said, it will be 12. Vividha said, I will be alone at home today, everyone is going out tonight for a functions.

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Ravish asked, are you scared? Vividha said no, it’s a good chance, I can find proof well. Ravish said, once I come home, we will find proof. She said, you do your work, I wanted this chance, I got to know some interesting thing, I will tell you after confirming. He said, I spoke to the lab expert, he said fingerprints will be obtained from the coat. She said okay, I kept it in Atharv’s cupboard. He said good, call me if you need any help. She ended call. Avinash smiled hearing the conversation. He thought, what did Vividha get.

It’s night, Avinash went to Ravish’s house. Vividha said, I have to find proof, I won’t get such chance again. Avinash went to Atharv’s room and wore the coat and mask. He said sorry Ravish, your fate is bad.

End of Adom TV Jaana Dil Se Door

The second part of Adom TV Jaana Dil Se Door on Friday ends where Vividha got an envelope and said this is the proof that Bua and Avinash had an affair. She went out and got shocked seeing the mask guy. She asked, who are you? He asked her to give him the envelope. She run. He catched her. She pulled off his face mask and saw Avinash. She said, I always had doubt on you, what did my sister do. He held her neck. He said, why don’t you go where your sister went. The lights come. Avinash got shocked seeing Ravish and the entire family looking at them. Ravish aimed a gun at Avinash.

Ravish asked Avinash what was his real plan, stop else I will shoot. Avinash run and gets shot. Everyone became shocked.

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