Shocking Adom TV Jaana Dil Se Door Update On Tuesday Pt 2: May 18th, 2021| Full Episode 137

Adom TV Jaana Dil Se Door

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Beginning of Adom TV Jaana Dil Se Door Update On Tuesday Pt 2 – Episode 137

The second part of Adom TV Jaana Dil Se Door Update On Tuesday starts with Vashisht family seeing the news. Atharv said, we are inside the tv, our house is inside tv. Zeenat said great, they made this a circus, they will know who is the ring master, there are many animals and jokers at home, it will be fun to play with them, there is some time left. She asked, Vipul to get up.

She asked Vipul why is he not seeing her now, what can he do for her? Vipul got tensed. Ravish instructed the team to control the house room four directions. The man asked, why are you going alone? we are ready to die for you, why are you taking risk. Another man said, Ravish is one but equal to many, and we all are after you, we will not get scared and come with you.

Ravish said, I am proud of you all, I need prayers too, its about my family and also out for my country, Jai hind. Zeenat asked Vipul to dance. He refused. Zeenat said, you are in dilemma, we will make Kalindi dance.

Vipul danced. The family felt bad. Vividha silently went. Bhoomi and Suman looked on. Kalindi cried seeing Vipul dancing. Bhoomi also went. Ravish was outside the house. Vividha recalled Ravish hiding the guns in the boxes. He asked her to use the guns if there is any attack on the house. Vividha said fine. Vividha came there and checked the boxes. She wondered where did the guns go. Zeenat said, weapons are here where they should be, anyways you have hidden weapons which is good for us, we will use it. She aimed gun at Vividha.

She asked, did you fool think you will get all the hidden weapons on place, since I came in this house, I kept my eyes and ears open, there is no place which I don’t know, I knew the guns are here, I was prepared when Ravish doubted on me. Vividha said, I did a mistake to believe a cheap woman like you. Zeenat said, it needs courage to kill someone.

Still On Adom TV Jaana Dil Se Door Update On Tuesday Pt 2 – Episode 137

The second part of Adom TV Jaana Dil Se Door Update On Tuesday continues where Vividha asked, what will you do by killing innocent, courage is to risk our life and save others, you can never understand this, remember one thing, if my husband was a terrorist, I would have shot him.

Zeenat said, my husband is my hero, when he comes back, he will ruin everything, you all will die by fear. Vividha said, you can scare me, but you can never win, as your fate has failure written, and we have indians’ prayers with us. Zeenat slapped her and held her hair. Bhoomi shouted leave me. Vipul shouted Bhoomi, where is my wife. Kalindi asked where is my bahu.

Ravish was still outside. The terrorist was close. Ravish went ahead. The man told Zeenat that Bhoomi was roaming here and there, if you permit, can we spend time with her. Vividha said please leave her. Zeenat asked the men to do anything, but come back on time, as we have much work. Vividha scolded Zeenat not to do this because she is also a woman. Zeenat said, I know the men can die in this mission, if they want some good time, why shall I stop them.

Vividha said, leave Bhoomi, I will come with you. Bhoomi got shocked. Zeenat said wow, you are risking your life to save her respect, you like to give sacrifice for others, fine go. The men laughed and said they got a beautiful girl today. Bhoomi and Vividha cried. The man refused to allow Sumran go to bathroom. The other man allowed her to go. Zeenat brought Bhoomi downstairs. Zeenat asked Suman to come soon. Kalindi asked, Bhoomi why did she shout? Vipul asked, are you fine?

Zeenat said nothing happened to Bhoomi, Bhoomi should be happy that Vividha has risked her respect to save Bhoomi’s respect. They all got shocked. Atharv asked, Sujata what did she mean to say, where is Vividha? Zeenat said, sit quiet you mad. Sujata apologized. Atharv said, captain will come and shoot you. Sujata said leave Vividha, I beg you. Atharv said, I am telling you beforehand, captain will beat you.

End of Adom TV Jaana Dil Se Door Update On Tuesday Pt 2 – Episode 137

The second part of Adom TV Jaana Dil Se Door Update On Tuesday ends where the men took Vividha to the room and shut the door. Vividha cried. The man saw Ravish and Vividha’s pic and praised their jodi. The man asked Vividha to think he is captain Ravish. The other man said, you got two captains now.

She cried. She recalled Atharv’s encouraging words. She thought of Ravish’s words about using tactics and being fearless when fighting with enemies. Sujata cried and prayed for Vividha. Daddy ji sat worried. Kalindi, Sujata and Bhoomi cried. Vividha recalled the training given to them by the army officers.

The men ask Vividha to agree now, there is no way she can get saved. Vividha beats the man. The other man said, you don’t understand love language. She slapped him and stroke him with a vase. The man catched her. Suman went to her room. The man followed. She hit the man. She heard Vividha and rushed. Vividha beard the man. He aimed a gun at her. Suman hits the man’s head and saved Vividha.

Atharv asked the captain to come. Zeenat insulted them. Atharv said, Ravish will come and beat everyone. A man aimed a gun at Ravish and shoots. Everyone got shocked.

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