Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Friday Pt2, 16th July 2021

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Beginning of Adom TV Jaana Dil Se Door Update On Tuesday Pt 2 – Episode 127

The second part of Adom TV Jaana Dil Se Door Update On Tuesday starts with Ravish getting worried seeing the timer. Everyone looked on and prayed. Ravish cuts more of the wires. Atharv went to him. Ravish stopped and asked Atharv to go out. Atharv said, it’s my videogame, I will also play. Ravish said just go. Atharv said no. Ravish said, then sit quiet, try to understand, your life is at risk.

Atharv said, you will save me. Ravish held his head. He removed the safety suit and made Atharv wore it. The time was still ticking. Atharv sat with Ravish. Ravish continued to sweat in tension as there was just 1 min left. He tried to defuse the bomb but the bomb timer did not stop.

Atharv looked on. Ravish saw just 10 seconds left and cuts the red wire and the the timer stoppes. They all got relieved. Kalindi said, you should have come out when we were calling you. Daddy ji hugged Ravish and said, I am proud of you, you have done a good job. Ravish heard the beep again and asked how is this sound coming, where is Vividha.

Vipul said, she is outside. They all went out and saw Vividha. Vividha went away. She saw the timer on her watch. Ravish got shocked and went to remove the watch. He threw the watch. They all got down and the bomb exploded in the air. Ravish covered up Vividha. Ravish asked Vividha, are you fine? She said yes, are you okay? He also replied yes. Ravish’s back got wounded by the bomb. He fell down and everyone got shocked.

Atharv asked Ravish, why did you sleep here, get up. They were all worried. Vipul called doctor. The Doctor dressed Ravish’s wounds. Ravish got conscious and said, I am fine now. Sujata asked him to take care and went. The man said, we did not know Avinash will do that, he was in big planning, I am doubtful your family can be the target, this mam needs credit, she is an army’s man wife, hats off to her, she did not get scared, captain you take care.

Still On Adom TV Jaana Dil Se Door Update On Tuesday Pt 2 – Episode 127

The second part of Adom TV Jaana Dil Se Door Update On Tuesday continues where Vividha talked to the doctor. Ravish saw her and recalled the old time. He asked the doctor to show Vividha how to do the dressing, she will do it and the doctor left. Ravish said I had to tell you, Suman and Aditi are in Mumbai, they should not know this, if they call you, just talk normally. She said don’t worry, I will manage that and he fell asleep.

Later, Vividha got thinking. Ravish said, I am going to the other room. She said no, you are hurt, you may need pain killers and care. He said, I will manage. She said I know we don’t have relation like husband and wife, but we are good friends. He said yes, so I don’t want to make you comfortable. She said, you won’t go anywhere sit. She took care of him and said, you took a big risk for everyone, if anything happened to you. He asked, would you care if anything happened?

She said yes, even to the entire family, don’t do this again. He asked, how is Atharv? She said, you were with him, he is fine. She got a reminder. He asks what happened. She says reminder. He asked what reminder? She recalled waking up Atharv, she recalled going to wake up Atharv. Sujata woke up and smiled.

Atharv asked Vividha, are you not ashamed to knock a young man’s door at night? She asked, are you not ashamed to see a young girl’s room? He asked her to take appointment and come. She said no, the birthday will be over and they smiled.

She said, it’s Atharv’s birthday tomorrow. Ravish said, I didn’t know. Vividha said yes, and you gave me a new life, you are his step brother, what you did for him, maybe even his own brother won’t do that, Atharv is not in the state to know what you did, he doesn’t know to thank you, but I want to thank you, Atharv can’t get a better brother than you.

He said, he is special to me, relation is made when it’s kept, I will keep relation in every way, we will go and wish him a happy birthday. She said no, just rest, we will wish him tomorrow, he would have slept, I have to be with you now. He looked at her.

End of Adom TV Jaana Dil Se Door Update On Tuesday Pt 2 – Episode 127

The second part of Adom TV Jaana Dil Se Door Update On Tuesday ends where he said, I am not running anywhere, I think you should go to Atharv and wish him a happy birthday, he will be glad. She went and saw Atharv sleeping. Ravish wished Atharv a happy birthday. Vividha recalled Atharv.

FB showed Vividha hugging Atharv and wishing him happy birthday. He asked, did you remember? She said, I had a reminder on phone, I am joking, I planned your day, we all will celebrate your birthday and dance. He said, I won’t party, we will go to the temple, cook sweets and have a talk.

She asked him to take sanyaas. She gifted him clothes and said, you will look hot. He laughed. He said, some people meet by prayers and some like prayers who make the fate, and you are the one for me. He kissed her and Vividha also bent to kiss Atharv.

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