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Vividha And Atharv Marries For The Third Time

As soon as Atharv comes back Vividha forget all the sacrifices of Ravish and decides to go back to Atharv. Ravish being a true gentleman again released Vividha. Thus Vividha completes her third marriage with Atharv and they happily leave for their honeymoon.

Meanwhile, Ravish hits a lady with his car. Then the mysterious lady enters their home after the accident and saved by Ravish. The girl is given a name as Kangana (Sara Khan) by the family members as she forgets everything about her past.[13] Ravish started developing sympathy for Kangana but soon comes to know that she is behind the missing of Kalindi and the murder of Bhoomi and Vipul.

Later it is revealed that the real name of Kangana is Tara and she is the real mother of Madhav. She is just a pawn in the hand of Kailash Kashyap who exchanged Tara’s son Madhav with Vividha’s daughter Khushi. After revelation of truth Vividha denies to share Madhav with Kangana. Then Kangana marries Ravish to get the custody of her own son Madhav. Ravish is once again fooled as he was innocent.

End Of Adom TV Live: Jaana Na Dil Se Door

Vividha goes to temple and finds Kailash there in a very bad condition. She takes him home. Atharv gets angry seeing Kailash Kashyap. Atharv get afraid of losing Vividha again. Ravish realizes that Kailash is normal. Ravish opposes against Vividha’s decision of letting Kailash to stay in Vashisht house but Vividha again forgetting all the sacrifices of Ravish fights with him.

Vividha blames Kangana and Ravish that they are trying to kill Kailash. Ravish and Kangana tries to reveal the true face of Kailash and during this revelation process Ravish gets stabbed by Kailash. Vividha sees Ravish’s dead body stabbed with a knife. She sees knife in Khushi’s hand and takes the blame to herself. Atharv says he will never believe that Vivdha has killed Ravish. It is revealed that Kailash has killed Ravish to separate Atharv and Vividha.

Kailash takes away Madhav in Ajmer. He threatens Vividha to marry a rich man otherwise he will kill Madhav. To save Madhav she is ready to marry Vivek. Atharv reaches Ajmer at proper time and saves Madhav. Kailash and Atharv have a big fight. Kailash remembers the time he spent with Vividha and shoots himself. He dies on the spot. The show leaps three months. The Sujatas and Kashyaps then live happily.

Tumhari Pakhi Full Episode From Beginning To The End

Childhood friends, Anshuman Rathore and Paakhi Shekhawat are forced to get married as children by their respective families. However, many misunderstandings and tensions between the two families results in them separating and growing up in different cities and life styles. The story takes a leap of 20 years.

Anshuman is the owner of his mansion in Shimla. 2 years ago he married his love interest, Ramya who died in an accident after giving birth to their son, Ayaan. Back in the present day, Anshuman decides to marry Tanya Rana. The truth of his childhood marriage that was hidden from him is out. To save his reputation, Anshuman takes Paakhi to his public place.

As his plans thwarted,with pressure from his sister as well Anshuman tries to force Paakhi into divorcing him. Brought up with traditional values, she refuses as she has always loved Anshuman. As time passes, Anshuman falls in love with her. Paakhi announces at a press conference that she will leave Anshuman for good.

Anshuman’s brother-in-law Girish convinces Paakhi to stay and that Anshuman loves her. Paakhi challenges Tanya to manage the house on a budget if she wants her to leave. Tanya wins by deceit.

However Anshuman tells that he cannot let Paakhi leave as Ayaan has a motherly bond with her. Tanya who actually cheated in the challenge brainwashes Ayaan into believing that Anshuman killed his mother. Anshuman drives Tanya out of the house and declares his undying love for Paakhi.

Tanya creates circumstances leading to Anshuman believing Paakhi is having a affair. He confronts her and calls her characterless unable to handle the lack of trust between her and Anshuman Pakhi leaves without explaining.

Anshuman realises his mistake and that Pakhi was innocent all along he asks Paakhi to return. She disagrees to visit Delhi and meets Anshuman’s long-lost mother, Devki there, who was banished by his father who used to abuse her.

She reunites her with Anshuman, Pakhi forgives him and returns to Shimla. Anshuman’s younger brother, Aryamaan (who physically resemble him) marks his entry and kills Anshuman. Heartbroken and shattered, Paakhi looks after Ayaan and Anshuman’s business.

Enters Veer Pratap Singh, Anshuman’s fraternal cousin who helps Paakhi. She later marries him under pressure from her family and adopts Riya, a troubled teenager girl. Veer and Paakhi realize that she will never be able to move on from Anshuman.

They file for a divorce. The story concludes as Paakhi begins living with Anshuman’s memories and Ayaan in the Rathore Mansion, declaring that she will always love Anshuman, and fulfill all his duties and wishes.

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