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Ravish gives the truth serum to Kailash. He wants to make Kailash say truth. He asks Kailash his motives for coming home. Kailash admits that he has fooled everyone. Ravish asks did he lay this trap.

Kailash tells Ravish that he is playing this game to take revenge from Atharv by dividing the family. Ravish gets a shock realizing Kailash’s real intentions. Kailash expresses his hatred for Atharv.

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Kangana witnesses Kailash admitting the truth. Kailash tells Ravish how he has controlled Vividha. He wants to convince Uma. He tells Ravish that he will ruin the family. Ravish’s doubt on Kailash gets firm.

Kailash tells Ravish how he has injured himself to frame Ravish and make him fall in the family’s sight.

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Kailash tells him that he has done a planning to separate Vividha and Atharv. Ravish says you can’t separate them, they are like one soul. Kangana sees Vividha and Atharv coming home, and stops them from going upstairs to Kailash’s room.

Vividha runs to see Kailash, knowing Kangana has lied to them. They get a huge shock on finding Ravish dead. The entire family gets sorrowful.

Kailash murders Ravish. Kangana tells Vividha that her mistake to believe Kailash had made them see this day. Kailash killed Ravish as his plan’s first step to make Atharv against Vividha.

Vividha Catches Suman Doing Black Magic On Madhav

Vividha is pointing fingers at Suman for trying to hurt Madhav, this happened shortly after Madhav went to Atharv’s house, Vividha too followed to find out what Madhav found in Raghav’s house that is making him behind weird whenever he sees Suman. Now Madhav is ill from this and Vividha wants to find out what might be wrong with her son.

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Ravish and Vividha getting Madhav to the hospital. Vividha says someone has fed something to Madhav. He asks what are you saying. She says he was playing well, how did this happen. He says relax, we don’t have such beliefs, don’t let this pressure get on you. Vividha says I know it. The nurse asks them to get toys for Madhav, he will feel good when he gets conscious. Vividha says he did not get conscious till now and worries. Ravish says I will get toys. She says no, I will get it and goes.

Sujata says we should go to the hospital, they did not come till now. Vividha comes. Uma asks how is Madhav. Dadi says what did the doctor say. Vividha gets Madhav’s toys and feels sad. She thinks of him. She gets a thread on his bag. She sees some powder in the glass and smells it. She recalls Madhav’s reaction to seeing Suman. She sees Madhav’s drawings.

Uma and Sujata come there. Vividha says where is Suman. Uma says Suman went to do puja for Madhav, why. Vividha leaves. Uma, Sujata, and Dadi go with her. Ravish asks what happened. Vividha says you were saying about logic, see this, where am I wrong, this glass has something.

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I told you someone did something on Madhav, see this black thread on his school bag, see this black powder in milk glass, someone did black magic on my son. He asks do you know what you are saying, who will do this. She says I know who is doing this. He asks who, and why.

She says there is just one person behind this, that’s your mum. They all get shocked. He asks what’s this madness. She says to try to understand. He asks her to rest. She stops him. She says you won’t go without listening to me. Dadi says try to understand Ravish. Vividha says Dadi, don’t talk in between, it’s about my son’s life.

Ravish asks do you have proof, did you see Suman trying black thread, or adding black powder in a glass, it’s chocolate, Madhav likes it. She asks why does Madhav not like Suman, even when she gets toys for him, there would be some reason for this. He says you are saying nonsense. She says no, why did Ramanand Ji leave seeing Suman, why did he warn me to get saved by Suman, whenever she comes home, Madhav falls ill.

Vividha Finally Meets Atharv

Vividha finally meets his lover Atharv, and surprisingly, Atharv was with Guddi when Vividha met him. This is an account of how it all happened. Stay tuned and read to the bottom so that you know how Vividha finally met Atharv in the long run. 

Shall we begin?? Are you ready? Alright, let’s goo…

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It all happens as Suman tried his possible best to erase Vividha’s memory from Atharv’s mind, giving him a new name, Raghav as well as a new life, and then marrying him to Guddi (Vividha’s sister) so that they both will achieve their mischievous plans.  

As time went by Madhav was kidnapped and ended up in Atharv(Raghav’s house) that was when Vividha inquisitively went there to get Madhav and in the long run met with Atharv, but wait .. That is not all. I forgot something. Let me tell how Madhav ended up in Atharv’s house, and who dared to kidnap him.

Keep scrolling and reading to the bottom…

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It all started as Ravish and Vividha took Madhav to school, just on the first day, Ankit kidnapped Madhav, as Vividha went to the school premises to pick Madhav, he was nowhere to be found. This called for Alarm, the school authorities searched for him but he was nowhere to be found. Vividha on a Helter-skelter decided to pursue the men who kidnapped Madhav, in panic Ankit dropped Madhav in the deck of a wrong car heading towards Delhi. 

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Unknowing the driver took Madhav along with his kids to Delhi, but Madhav managed to escape. On his way to God knows where he almost got hit by Atharv’s car, he scolded Atharv for trying to hit him asking if he is blind. 

Atharv then decided to take Madhav home but this stubborn brat refused and escaped, but in the long run, he still ended up stealthily into Atharv’s house. Madhav sneaks on Suman doing black magic in Atharv’s house.

Ravish and Vividha started searching for their boy and found out that Madhav had been found in Delhi, Atharv called the number of the parents of Madhav he found in a newspaper and asked them to meet him for their kid. 

Now Vividha and Ravish were going to meet Raghav(Atharv) for their kid. But Suman, and Guddi fearing Atharv and Vividha might finally meet decided to devise a plan to divert Atharv from meeting Vividha but it all ended up in vain.

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Thus Suman gave Atharv drugs so that he would die on his way to deliver Madhav to his parents. But Guddi took Atharv escort and the supposed accident never happened. 

But by then Atharv was feeling dizzy and so he couldn’t meet Vividha, he was in the car whilst Guddi disguised took Madhav to his parents. Atharv had a feeling that Vividha was around. Vividha also upon seeing Guddi had a feeling that he met his family member but Guddi put her somewhere from thinking of that.

So at that time, Vividha and Atharv didn’t see each other, so they took Madhav and went back home. 

Now, this is how they finally met. 

After Madhav returns from Raghav’s house, the black magic he found Suman doing kept haunting him. He started having a fever anytime he remembers what he saw Suman doing. It kept taunting. 

The change in his behavior, having nightmares, shouting, and all that after returning from Atharv’s house drew the attention of Vividha. He keeps telling them he met Suman in Raghav’s house, but you know, Ravish will never understand. 

He was saying that is the way kids think. But Vividha had a strong feeling of something not going well with Madhav and felt that he was trying to make a point out of what he was saying. And so Vividha decided to find out for himself what Madhav found in Suman’s house that is making him behave weird.

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Upon Ravish’s consent, Vividha set out to meet Raghav(Atharv) to find out for herself. 

Vividha calls Raghav on the phone and informs him that she is coming to meet him. 

Raghav answers Vividha’s call. He hears her voice.  Raghav ji.. she calls out. Vividha is on the way.

She says I’m Madhav’s mum. She said. Upon hearing the voice she asks, you? He replies it’s  Raghav. She says you all did us a big favor. We wanted to give you a small gift from our family, are you listening? He replies, yes. She asks him for his address. He asks why address, what we did, anyone would have done the same, no need to gift anything.

 It’s just humanity. She says it’s your greatness, this thing is not small for us, it’s about our life, we can’t pay for your favor, give me a chance to thank you. He says what’s there to thank, anyways if you want to come here. He tells her address. She says thanks, I will come. She ends the call and says Raghav’s voice…..

Guddi asks what happened, whose call was it. He says sorry Guddi, it was Madhav’s mummy’s call, she wants to come here and thank us, I said what’s the need to come and thank us, we did that for humanity, come I will give you a surprise. She worries. He takes her. Ravish asks Vividha what are you doing. She says sorry, I know you are worried. He says its not about us, Madhav needs you right here, come back. She says I know, but you are with him, I just want to go there and see what’s troubling Madhav. He says what are you thinking to go there, what will Madhav see there. Suman worries.

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Atharv and Vividha found their voice similar, and when Vividha finally got to Raghav’s house, she found out that it was their old house in Delhi, she went to see Atharv dancing with Guddi.

Heartbroken, Vividha left feeling disappointed that Atharv could do such a thing to her. 

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