Adom TV Telenovela 2021 Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update On Wednesday: May 19th| Full Episode 138

Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom TV

Beginning of Adom TV Telenovela 2021 Jaana Dil Se Door Update On Wednesday Pt 1 – Episode 138

Adom TV Telenovela 2021| Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Wednesday starts with Suman beating the man. Suman and Vividha tied the man’s hands. Vividha hugged Suman. Suman asked, are you fine? Vividha said yes. Ravish was looking for an entry into the house. He climbed the wall. Suman and Vividha heard Zeenat coming and hid.

Zeenat was called by the man. She asked the men to come downstairs and left. The media showed how brave the army man is entering the house to save his family. They all saw Ravish on the screen. Atharv said, now captain will not leave anyone. Zeenat said, Ravish is coming here to die.

The army officer scolded the reporter for risking Ravish’s life by failing their plan. The officers worried that, the given time by the terrorists is over. The man said, Ravish will manage everything. Zeenat asked the men to take positions and not leave any corner of this house. She said, I thought Ravish is smart, but he is also a fool like his family. The common people see news of Ravish’s bravery and support Ravish in his attempt and fight against the terrorists.

They all pray and bless Ravish. Ravish entered the house. Atharv saw the news and said, I am also with Ravish, I am not feeling good, you all will get beaten up now. Sujata asked Atharv to be quiet. Ravish checked doors and windows. Everyone sat tensed.

Still On Adom TV Telenovela 2021 Jaana Dil Se Door Update On Wednesday Pt 1 – Episode 138

Adom TV Telenovela 2021| Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Wednesday continues where a man aimed gun at Ravish. Zeenat asked them to be alert, captain should leave here, he wanted to kill us by fooling us with talks. Zeenat starred at them. Vividha and Suman come out of the room. The man took them downstairs.

The man shot and Ravish moved. He aimed the gun at the man. The other man came and saw Ravish. He shot at Ravish. Ravish got shot on his shoulder. Ravish fell back. The family got shocked hearing the bullet sound. The Army officers saw Ravish falling down and held him.

The man informed Zeenat. Zeenat started laughing and said Ravish is brave, he failed to save family, but he is dead. They all get shocked and cried for Ravish. Zeenat prayed Ravish gets a peace soul. The army man told Ravish that the media is gathered outside, they want to talk to you. Ravish was given medicine to his wound.

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He told the officers, that the wound is fresh, but I will be fine. The Officer said, the time is over, I know your family is in captive, but you have to decide, I will make the decision official, we will do anything to save your family, tell me what’s your decision.

The news said, Ravish is fine, he got shot on the shoulder, he is coming out to give statement to us. The family got relieved and thanked the Lord. Sujata said, nothing happened to Suman. The reporter said, Ravish will say his decision, will he leave Wasim or not? Zeenat said, we will celebrate Wasim’s release now.

Ravish came to the media. Everyone saw Ravish on tv. The media asked Ravish, what will he decide now, his family is in captive. Zeenat got eager to hear. Ravish said, my family is in danger, but the Indian army will never bow down to anyone, we will not release Wasim on any price. Daddy ji smiled. Zeenat got shocked.

End of Adom TV Telenovela 2021 Jaana Dil Se Door Update On Wednesday Pt 1 – Episode 138

Adom TV Telenovela 2021| Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Wednesday ends where the reporter asked, will you not leave Wasim? Zeenat got angry and saw Daddy ji. Ravish said, my family is not just inside that house, all indians are my family, I can’t risk millions of lives, releasing Wasim is like a threat, even the people in that house will expect this from me, they will not bow down to terrorists.

I came here to sacrifice my family, because I can’t give sacrifice of my country, Jai hind. The family felt proud seeing Ravish.

The people praised Ravish, and called Ravish’s family their family. Daddy ji said, I am proud of you my son. Zeenat fumed. She said, you all are smiling, come here. She made the family stand at gun point.

Daddy ji said, I would have been hurt if Ravish did not do this, I would have said he is not my blood. Suman said, he is my son, did you think he will cheat country for family, no way, you thought our eyes will have fear, look in our eyes, you will not find any fear. Vividha said, great warriors are born in this land, even if children are not given training in fight, they are born warriors.

Sujata said, you have to wait forever to see fear in our eyes. Dadi Bua said, do anything, but party to celebrate with Wasim is cancelled. Atharv said yes. Kalindi asked Zeenat for what is she waiting, shoot us if you have courage. They all smiled. Zeenat starred at them. They all held hands.

Atharv asked, is this a game aunty? Zeenat replied yes, game of death? She aimed the gun at Vividha. Atharv pointed that gun at his forehead and said no aunty, don’t kill Vividha, kill me, I am very strong.

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