Tumhari Pakhi Friday, 24 September 2021 Pakhi found Riya’s phone and was about to open it when Anaju came and asked her what are you doing? Pakhi said nothing, Anaju said don’t try to be over smart, we have court hearing in three days.

I wont let anything happen through which I loses the case, Pakhi thinks to talk to Riya in private and she left, Anaju said I have to tell Riya that Pakhi was doing something with her phone.

Anuja took her phone and was about to open it when Riya came and took the phone back, Anaju said Pakhi was doing something with your phone.

Ayan talked to veer and said today is my race competition, I will participate, veer said to win the race, put your whole pressure on the race, Ayaan ask pressure of what? Pakhi smiled, Veer said run like a dog is running behind you, Riya came there, Pakhi greeted her but she didn’t respond back.

Veer made a smiley on sandwich and gave it to Ayaan, Veer said to Riya that you are looking good, Riya said today is festival in college, Pakhi thinks that she must be going somewhere else, I will find out.

Veer said once this court case is closed, we will go on a holiday like a family, Riya said you think Pakhi and Ayaan as your family but they don’t trust you and your family, Pakhi is interfering in my life, she came in my room last night to spy and check with whom I am talking to.

Veer said to Pakhi that you said Riya was sleeping, Pakhi said I lied, you were happy so I couldn’t say the truth, Riya said Pakhi is spying on me, Pakhi said now when you have started it then I will tell the truth.

she said to Veer that I think Riya loves some man who is married and has kids, Veer was shocked, Riya said lie, it’s all a lie, I know you are doing this as Veer is giving me all the attention, Pakhi said when I came to your room last night, I saw you learning how to change nappy and when I asked she said that she wanted to become a nanny.

Riya said yes I was, what should I answer you when you keep nagging me, what is the different between you and devki ji, Veer said nothing Is like that, Riya said no, you also doubt me.

I think there is no point to live here, I am leaving, Veer stopped her and said to Pakhi that you are not sure about what you are saying, he said to Riya that I trust you completely.

Veer ask Pakhi not to doubt her, I know you care for Riya but that doesn’t mean that you should doubt her, she is an adult, you think of her as your responsibility but don’t over stress yourself and he left.

Riya said now Veer trust me, Pakhi said you will take advantage of it, Riya said you also took advantage of me when I started trusting you, all those fake fights just to dig out the truth from me, like you used me.

I will use Veer’s trust and she left, Pakhi said this proves that my doubt was right. Anaju listened to all this.

Pakhi came to Veer and said Riya is hiding somethingthing, trust me, Veer said Riya is not a kid, she is a grown up girl, she is not Ayaan, Pakhi said when a person thinks that people won’t accept their decision then they tend to hide things and Riya is doing the same.

Veer said Riya is not answerable to anyone, she will tell if anything there, she is not hesitant, I trust her, Pakhi said this is a problem, you trust her and she knows and she doesn’t want to break that trust.

Veer said why we should spy on her, we should trust our kids, we should not be judgmental, she will tell me if there is anything like that, Pakhi said what if it’s late, veer said why are you becoming over protective.

Pakhi said do you think that I will do such a big thing like that, If I am saying it then I must have known something, I am not saying she did anything wrong but we should stop her before it’s get late, that’s all I am saying.

Girish came into the café to meet Riya, she hugged him and greeted him, she said I am happy that you came here, Girish said your friends were coming, Riya said they are on their way, can you wait?

Girish said yes and they sat, Riya said I am hungry, she ordered food and ordered Girish’s favorite food, he asked how did you know my favorite food? Riya said I know everything about you, Riya said Girish.. sir.. I am privileged that you came here.

Lavanya talked to Anaju and ask who is this guy, married, Anaju said why do we care, let her meet him, when she comes back, I will ask her to say to veer that if he wants a good father certificate then he has to marry but Veer wont accept that his daughter is having an affair with a married man.

he will slap her and we will use that in court then we will get custody of Ayaan and will free Aryaman from jail.

Veer said to Pakhi that I trust you but we have to be careful, Pakhi said I did a GPS on Riya’s phone, she is in the café and they went to the café, Lavanya ask Anaju to call Riya, Anaju said no people will see the drama in café, we don’t have to call.

Riya opened the fortune cookie and it was written that true love is knocking on your door, Girish asked who is that lucky guy? Riya said do you think that he is lucky.

Girish said yes, he payed the bill and said there are three reasons for it, first your friends didn’t come, 2nd you are younger, 3rd you handled the situation maturely, trust me you wont get good parents then Pakhi and Veer.

I am very happy about it, they are both so good, Girish went to the washroom, Riya brought the bouquet, card and ring on the table.

Pakhi and Veer came to the restaurant, Veer said we are wasting time, Pakhi said I hope so too but I am concerned as she said that she will take advantage of your trust, Pakhi and Veer came to the restaurant, the love card from Riya’s hand fell.

she bent to take it so Veer and Pakhi couldn’t see her, they went out from the café. Veer said I told you we were wasting time, Pakhi said just call her once, Veer said don’t know why you are doing this, Veer called Riya and asked where are you?

she said in the college, he said to Pakhi that in the background that the same music is playing, which is playing in the café, Veer and Pakhi went into the café again, Veer talked to Riya and asked when will you come home, Riya said don’t wait for me.

I am busy, veer found her in the café and went to her, she was shocked to see them. Veer asked where is the guy? Pakhis took the card and found Girish’s name on it, Girish came there and said hi to them, they were shocked to see him.

Veer attacked Girish and was about to beat him when Riya stopped him and said he doesn’t know anything, she told Girish that I love you a lot, Girish was shocked, Anaju and lavanya listened to it too in the café, she said this means the man is Girish.

Lavanya threw the luggages of Riya out of the house and said how dare you try to snatch my Girish, she threw Riya away, Girish held Riya and said your love need one chance, okay I am giving it to you and they were all stunned.


Girish became awestruck on finding out that Riya loved him. Pakhi and Veer tried to make Riya realise her mistake.

However, Riya turned a deaf ear to them. Meanwhile, Anaju and Lavanya found out that Riya loved Girish.
Later, they ordered Riya to get out of the Rathore mansion.

Riya requested Girish to allow her to prove her love for him.


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