Tumhari Pakhi Friday, 8 October 2021 Veer was talking to Ayan and Pakhi was also stitching her Saree, Ayan asked about item bomb and they talked about Diwali fire crackers, Pakhi asked Ayaan to sleep and be he went to sleep. Pakhi was having congestion.

Veer looked at her, she coughed and Veer went away from his room. Veer came into the lounge and was frustrated, he looked at the red chili jar from which pakhi had eaten, Veer said don’t do this drama with me because of pain, he placed the red chili into water and drank it, he felt spice and he left there.

Veer cameback to his room, Pakhi was sleeping on the bed, Veer sat on the sofa and went to sleep too. Suddenly the door was knocked in few hours later, veer and all the family members came to the door of the house, the watchman said the gate of the house was open, he doesn’t know if someone came in or not.

Veer said I opened it last, I was walking in the garden, but I closed the door after coming back inside, jiji said you seem worried Veer, are you ok, he coughed and Pakhi thinks. Veer said I think I forgot to close the door and he left. Jiji stopped Pakhi and said see what you have done to my brother, he doesn’t even know if he closed the door or not.

I always saw him smiling but he is not that anymore, I request you to not do this with him, tomorrow is Diwali, there are mnay rituals you have to do, don’t make goddess angry with your attitude, don’t do any drama in Diwali, do all the ritauls and she left.It was morning, Pakhi came to jiji and said happy Diwali.

Jiji said I pray that you always remain with my brother and be happy with him and Pakhi went to make Rangoli, Veer came there and greeted jiji, he looked at Pakhi making rangoli sitting near the door area, he is mesmerized with her beauty and imagined himself going to Pakhi and setting her hair, Pakhi said I want my whole family to celebrate Diwali together, it turned out to be a dream and he left.

Nandini greeted jiji and said both duahgter in laws should take blessing from elders but Pakhi didn’t do it, jiji said Pakhi have greeted me earlier and took my blessing, you always create drama and she left. Ayaan and Riya came to veer, Veer brought fire crackers, he gave a gift to Ayan and Riya, kumu.

Ayaan got a toy gun as gift and he hugged Veer. Ayaan came to Pakhi and showed her his color gun, he brought Pakhi to the garden. Riya was happy that Pakhi made sweets, Ayaan took some of the sweets too, Ayaan asked Pakhi to give the sweets to Veer too, Pakhi obliged and extended the plate to Veer.

Ayaan said not like this, make him eat with your hands and Pakhi hesitated. Veer ignored and got busy with work. Pakhi went from there, Veer said I will do the lighting of the house, Riya you lit the diyas. Jiji gave Kumkum to Pakhi and said we have to put this indoors.

Nandini liked the necklace of Pakhi, Pakhi said Anshuman gave it to me. Nandini said it’s very nice, Pakhi said if you like it then take it, it will look good on you, Nandini said really. jiji showed her an eye and Nandini said no Anshuman gave it to you, so you be the only one to wear it.

Veer stood on the ladder to do the lighting, the main switch of the electricity was closed by him but someone with black gloves stealthily placed the switch on so veer gets electrocuted. Pakhi came there and was applying Kumkum on the main switch wall when she saw the switch while Veer was working on the current.

she was shocked and placed the main switch off before Veer could touch the live wire and, she pulled Veer from the ladder, Veer fell on the ground and Pakhi fell on him, Veer asked what are you doing, why did you pull me, Pakhi said you were working while the main switch was on, Veer said i placed it off.

I don’t know what are you talking about, you pulled me, Pakhi said you think that I am lying and they all came there. jiji asked what happened? Pakhi said he was working while the main switch was on, jiji said Veer what were you doing.

Pakhi saved your life, you know how much power main line of current have, Veer said I turned off the main switch, Pakhi said so I am lying? Riya said you seem lost these days Veer, so maybe you assumed that you turned the switch off but in actual fact you didn’t.

jiji said it’s enough, where is your mind, what if anything happens to you, take care of yourself, veer thinks how can I be mistaken for two times, first door and now this, is it true that I am forgetting things.

PRECAP: Jiji said we will do pooja. Veer went to attend to a call, the man with glove came from behind and was about to hit Veer with a gun.


Kumu was making rangoli, Riya was helping her, Ayaan said kumu you have done well, Riya asked about her, Ayaan said you didn’t do anything, you were just holding the color plate, Riya run after him, Ayaan asked why do we celebrate Diwali? Pakhi came there and said we do ganesh and lakshmi pooja today, today raam won over ravan so this day is symbolic for truth winning over evil, Ayaan said our Raam have come.

Veer came there with turban on his head, all looked at him including Pakhi, Riay said he is looking so royal, Riya brought Veer infront of Pakhi, Pakhi looked at him then looked down and she left. Riya smiled. Kumu and Ayaan smiled too and Veer asked what?

Riya said should we say that you are looking like prince charming but our princess is not less, Veer looked at Pakhi and was mesmerized, he saw that Pakhi’s hair was about to get burned by the diya, he held Pakhi and moved her away from it, Pakhi saw the diya and understood. Veer looked at her and then left.

Ayaan asked why is Lavanya and Girish not here? Veer said they have gone to dehli, Girish had some work so he took his family too. Nandini came there too and Veer was about to do the pooja of shastra. Ayan asked what is it? Pakhi said it is pooja of weapons and tools.

Veer went to his room to bring out his gun for pooja.Beer brought the gun for pooja, jiji came there and said lets do the pooja. Veer and Pakhi did the pooja of ganesh and Lakshmi ji and also for gun.After pooja, all the family members came into the garden to burn the fire crackers, Pakhi was standing beside veer, Riya pushed Veer and he fell on Pakhi.

Pakhi then went one step back. Veer, Ayan and Riya lit the fire crackers. Veer protected Ayaan from the crackers and made him lit them too. Pakhi saw Veer helping Ayaan and also worrying for him and she smiled.

The mysterious man with black gloves on his hands came into the house and took Veer’s gun from mandir and he destroyed the rangoli.The servant brought the fire cracker, 2000 small crackers placed in it, Ayan and veer were both afraid to lit it, all cheered for Veer, veer very fearfully lit the fire to it and run from there, the crackers burst, and they all asked where is Veer, they saw him hiding and they all laughed.

Veer got a call and went into the house to attend to it. he found the gun missing from the mandir and the destroyed rangoli, he was shocked. he thinks where is the gun, the mysterious man was behind him with the gun, Veer thinks did I forgot about where I placed the gun? he got a head ache and the mysterious man placed the gun on the table and left.

Veer found the gun on the table and said when did I put it here.In the garden, Nandini and Charu came there too, jiji asked where were you both, they said we went to drink water, jiji asked Pakhi to bring Veer outside.

Pakhi went into the house and found the gun missing, Nandini and jiji came there too, Nandini said where did the pistol go, we didn’t take the gun from the mandir till one day after pooja, did Veer take it from here, he has gone to his room with the gun, I am afraid what he is upto. Pakhi went to see Veer in the room.

Veer saw 7 bullets in his locker, he said there were 8 bullets, where is one, he took the magazine of gun and found one bullet in it, he was shocked, he said what did I do, if Ayaan had taken the gun then, Pakhi came there and found veer with the gun, Veer took out the bullet from the magazine and Pakhi saw it.

PRECAP:Pakhi said to veer, what drama is this, you are showing to everyone that because of heart break, you are on the verge of taking your your life, you are trying to blackmail me. Veer said to Pakhi, come here otherwise I will shoot myself, Pakhi said do what you want if you think that I will come in this drama and Veer placed the gun on his head.


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