Tumhari Pakhi Tuesday, 31st August 2021 Episode started with Lavanya asking Pakhi and Veer to do anything and save Anuja. Pakhi called the bank and asked about the password, as it was important, she needed money. She told this to Lavanya. Maybe they can get password, they will tell us in sometime.

Ayaan was on the way to school. He saw Aditya and asked the driver to stop the car. He said I will go with my friend to do the project, and then go to school, you go home. He hid the bag in the car. The car left. Ayaan met Aditya and said he is set for the finals. Aditya asked why does he need this prize money, when he is rich.

Ayaan said his dad died in a car accident and now they are not rich, my mum wants money and I want to help her. Aditya said come. Ayaan thinks sorry Maa, Lord Krishna said lie is not wrong when said for someone’s good, this is not wrong.

Lavanya said if they say you can’t get the password, then what. Lavanya scolded Pakhi and said you won’t leave your ego. Pakhi asked what are you saying. Lavanya said what’s the problem in freeing Aryaman from jail, he will get the password, we will get money and mum won’t face this, but you won’t do this, as nothing is important for you than your ego.

She said mum told me everything, and I supported you, I thought you will come out of this, but I was wrong, you are still at that point. She said they have arrested my mum, if we don’t free her in six hours, they will press criminal charges on her.

She said I can’t see my mum like this. She said my one brother died and you have sent the other to jail, he went to save Ayaan, Anshuman’s death was an accident, Aryaman lost his identity agreeing to you, and you brought your anger on him.

She said Anshuman was my brother, but we can’t send anyone to jail and ruin his life, but you did this, as Aryaman is not yours. She said Anuja is not your mum, she is my and Anshuman’s mum, you don’t care about her. Veer looked on. Lavanya said mum was right, our blood is ours and other is other. Pakhi waa shocked.

Lavanya said if Anshuman and Aryaman was here, my mum won’t have gone there, you don’t care as you are not our blood. She said fine, now I will not request you to free Aryaman and my mum, I will ask Girish to arrange money, I won’t plead you. Lavanya left in anger.

Pakhi thinks of her words and cried. She said is Anuja not my mum, is this not my family, I wanted to go with Anshuman. If I am living, it’s for my family, for my children. She went to Anshuman’s pic and cried.

She said you know I am not wrong. I want to keep Ayaan and everyone away from Aryaman, and everyone is annoyed, tell me what to do. Veer felt bad.

She got the bank’s call and went to know it will take 12 hours to get the password. Pakhi thinks about Anshuman’s words and Aryaman. Ayaan lay down as Aditya was going to do the stunt of riding the bike on him.

Ayaan said you told something else, why are we doing this. Aditya fooled him. Ayaan said he is ready. The bike did not start. Veer thinks about his words that he has made relations Pakhi’s weakness, by making the fake I.T raid.

Anuja said yes, Pakhi can even die for relations, she will lie to everyone and she wants Aryaman back. Pakhi came to Veer and said let’s go and bail out Aryaman. Veer was shocked and looked at her.

He said Pakhi, are you sure, think again. She thinks about Aryaman. Pakhi and Veer were on their way. Veer said I understand, it’s not easy for you, I can understand your helplessness. Pakhi said no, we are doing deeds, I trust my Lord, he will take me to the right path.

She got Ayaan’s bag in the car. His books fell. She asked the driver how did the bag stay in car and how can he go to school without the bag. She took the Lord idol from a girl on the signal. She took the maths book. She saw Profit and Loss page and thinks about the password.

Pakhi explained to Veer about the password. She said the password has to be here, see its AAP. Anshuman Ayaan Pakhi, this is the password. Veer said it needs to have something more. She looked at the page and said we have to solve this question.

They solved it and got a figure. She said this is the password. I want to try this. He said the account can get freeze if the password is wrong, think again.

Pakhi said she will try this password and tried it.


The Episode started with Pakhi searching for the password. Lavanya talked to Girish and said Pakhi is not worried for mum. She spoke against Pakhi. Girish said I thought you understand Pakhi, but you don’t.

She said I was right before when she came in our house, please arrange money and release my mum. Girish said he will arrange. Riya heard them. Pakhi wanted to try the password, as the account will be freezed. She said this is the password, this way is shown by the Lord and it can’t be wrong.

She said she will take Aryaman’s help if this does not work. She fed the password on the bank portal. The logging process started and she prayed. Veer and Pakhi was shocked to see the password accepted.

She was very happy. Veer looked at her and smiled. She said I know Anshuman is with me, I love you so much, thanks. Veer said well done, I wish to salute you. He said you won. They shake hand. She said let’s and take Maa.

Aditya asked Ayaan to come for the final round. Ayaan said but we did not practice. Aditya convinced him. He said he will do the bike stunt well. Girish said he arranged money and he will go to free Anuja now.

Ruya showed the designs to Lavanya. Lavanya scolded her. Riya said sorry. Veer called Lavanya and said Anuja has come back home, don’t worry.

Lavanya asked how. Veer said Pakhi got her, and she got the bank password too. She has cracked it, so the work will start soon. Lavanya talked to Anuja. Pakhi asked her to come and meet her. Lavanya said yes, we are coming.

She told Girish that mum is back, and Pakhi found the password too. Girish said you don’t understand relations sometimes, but some relations should be trusted.

Pakhi said this Janmashtami will be celebrated very well. Pakhi asked the servants to arrange everything, as Ayaan will come back and break the haandi and she left.

Anuja talked to Veer and asked what is he doing. He said I can’t do anything, celebrate Janmashtami. Pakhi came to Ayaan’s room and arranged his cupboard. She got the energy drink can and was puzzled.

She thinks about Aditya. She thinks Ayaan’s bag was in the car. She called his school and asked about Ayaan. She came to know that Ayaan did not come for 7 days and she has signed his leave application. She was shocked and said he is lying to me, where is he going.

She looked in the room and saw stunt videos in her ipad. She got the competition paper and read it. She was shocked to know about the talent show, which has dangerous stunts. She said Ayaan participated in this.

Pakhi told Anuja about Ayaan and Veer took her. The talent show started. Ayaan became tensed. The car broke down and Pakhi run. Ayaan asked Aditya has he done this stunt before.

Aditya said no, first time, don’t worry. Ayaan was scared. Ayaan prayed to the Lord Krishna on his birthday, and prayed to protect him, and said he has lied to Maa, so he should be punished, but in such a way that Maa should not be hurt. Ayaan said he is doing this for Maa. Aditya asked Ayaan if he was ready. Ayaan said ready.

Ayaan waa called on the stage for his and Aditya’s daredevil act. Aditya lied that Ayaan’s parents are here. Ayaan lay down. Pakhi was still on the way running. Ayaan was scared.

Aditya raced the bike. Pakhi came there and said Ayaan. Ayaan got up and looked at Pakhi. He was shocked to see her. Aditya stopped.

Pakhi scolded Ayaan and called him cheater. She said I should have died with Anshuman.


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