Anupama 12 May 2023 Update On Friday

Anupama in the Starlife Friday, May 12, 2023, update: Anuj’s car is struck by a jeep just before it stops. In an effort to instruct Jeep owners, Anuj becomes enraged and attempts to exit the vehicle. Anupama, apprehensive, attempts to stop him. Anuj is shot at by a few men who emerge from the jeep. Fearful, Anuj covers his face. Pakhi moves into Nandini’s house as a neighbor of the Shah family. Adhik tells her its not sweet to move there, he had chosen a couple of houses and would have moved there.

Pakhi asserts that the fact that she can visit her family at any time and pays less rent without brokerage should make him happy. Adhik is not persuaded. She says that they won’t leave this place and will enjoy their honeymoon. Adhik hopes she moved here for her family, and he won’t let her do so if she doesn’t.

Hooligans snicker in the wake of recoding Anuj’s terrified video and say he will be viral with video. They leave by car. Anuj becomes even angrier, asserting that social media has spoiled everyone. For the sake of a few followers, Anupama claims that young children have gone insane. She is consoled by Anuj, who explains that it was their prank. He claims that they should have taken the main road because his shortcut idea is risky, and she was correct. He should always listen to his wife, Anupama advises. They begin driving once more.

Leela is enraged by Pakhi’s arrogance and shifting into the role of their neighbor to annoy them. Hasmukh says that’s fine because the child would need help. According to Leela, Pakhi would ruin their lives. Vanraj tells her to stop yelling at Pakhi, says that Pakhi should remain in front of them as neighbors, and tells everyone not to stop Pakhi from visiting them. Adhik calls Leela to express his regret for Pakhi’s actions.

He assures her that there won’t be any issues from their side, despite her perception that he is attempting to impress her. Leela says an individual whom they considered as beast ended up being a holy person and their girl ended up being a fiendishness, Adhik would understand his misstep once Pakhi’s fits of rage start. Kinjal and Kavya are worried about how Anuj and Anupama will react when they get back from vacation.

Pari is soothed by Toshu. Kinjal gives him a look. Kavya notices her and tells Kinjal that she knows she should talk to him as a family member and get him to take a job because she knows Kinjal is worried that Toshu won’t. Anuj and Anupama notice a recently hitched couple looking for lift. The two of them trust the couple and stop vehicle. A chatty girl calls herself Dimple and refers to her husband as Nirmit, and she asks for a ride.

Anuj inquires about their destination. As their bus broke down and they took a shortcut, Dimple says Nirmit’s village. They keep talking. Anupama inquires if an abusive boy-filled jeep did not pass them by. They say they didn’t see a jeep, ask for a taxi or other vehicle to stop if they find one, and then start walking again in a sad way. Anupama wonders where the jeep went. Anuj says that it’s good that the jeep boys didn’t find the child because otherwise they would have been trouble.

Kinjal approaches Toshu and advises him to return to work in order to support his family. Toshu says he would rather not face the world and would deal with Pari while she works. Kinjal suggests that at least he should work for this family. Toshu claims that he is currently unable to focus at work. If he doesn’t want to work outside and face the world, Kinjal offers him to work under her.

Anuj and Anupama stopped their vehicle and let the kids get in. They express their gratitude to them both and ask to be dropped off where they can catch a bus or a taxi. In this state of mind, Anuj reads a poem. Toshu consents to work under Kinjal. Kinjal says she’s in a video conference right now and will talk about it later. Toshu tells Pari that he can do anything to win back the trust of her mother.

Dimple and Nirmit discuss their love story and marriage. Anuj discusses his and Anupama’s romantic tale. Dimple asserts that their love story pales in comparison to our love story. According to Anuj, destiny will unite them at any cost when love is genuine. Dimple relates how they fell in love and were forced to flee and marry because their families were against it. Anupama thinks back to Pakhi’s wedding. Dimple claims that their family did not give them a choice and did not comprehend their love, so they married against their family’s wishes.

Anupama asserts that they should have persuaded their family that it was wrong to act against them. She then expressed regret for mentioning their private lives. Dimple says she is correct and talks.

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