Anupama 16 May 2023 Update On Tuesday

Dimple asks the inspector on the Starlife Tuesday, May 16, 2023 update to not spare the culprits. Examiner guarantees that he will track down the offenders and rebuff them thoroughly that they won’t eye at some other young lady once more. Anuj expresses his gratitude to him and notes that honest police officers like him are becoming increasingly uncommon.

Reviewer says there are great and terrible individuals all over the place, police will uphold Dimple as she fearlessly is battling against the barbarity towards her. Samar breaks the news to Dimple’s family about the accident.

Supporting her and sustaining injuries in an effort to save her are Anuj and Anupama. The family hits the bad guys in the mouth for their bad behavior, and everyone lets their rage out. Leela says Anupama and Anuj got into police trap superfluously.

Toshu inquires as to whether their darling was violated, would she not help them. Leela says that he is correct. Hasmukh asserts that one mishap can end a person’s life. Samar asks God to empower Dimpy so that he can fight for justice and safeguard Anupama and Anuj.

Dimple is informed by the inspector that the fight will be long and arduous, and that she will be put under pressure if the perpetrators are wealthy. Dimpy declares that she will not quit until she succeeds. Inspector walks away. Nirmit is asked to go home by Dimpy. Nirmit claims that if he goes alone, his family will question him. Dimpy declares that he will inform them of the accident since they would have been aware of it through the news anyway.

Nirmit inquires regarding how to notify his parents that their DIL has lost her dignity. Anupama warns him not to say that Dimpy’s dignity increased with her bravery and the goons’ dignity decreased with their heinous act because dignity is not a material that can be stolen. He is asked by Anuj not to talk to any more girls. Dimpy inquires about their next move. Nirmit asserts that he is unsure. When Anupama heard his response, they both looked at each other.

Shahs examine about the issues face by the casualties of such abominations. A package comes in. Leela claims that they didn’t order a large package. Kavya claims Pakhi’s package. Pakhi enters, claiming that she came here by mistake and that it is her parcel. Leela inquires if she can even stay for a day without AC. Pakhi says that since Vanraj fixed the air conditioner in her room, she can’t stay there without it. Leela claims that her husband works and is not a smuggler.

If she spends all of his one-month salary at once, what will she eat? Leela’s problem, according to Pakhi, is not hers. Kavya and Kinjal claim that Pakhi gave Shah the house address on purpose. Varnaj asks Pakhi why he would do that. Whatever Pakhi says or does, they think it’s wrong. Leela demands that Vanraj explain Pakhi or Adhik will soon leave her. She is asked by Toshu not to say that. Leela trusts her trepidation doesn’t materialize.

Samar illuminates that Anupama informed they are making a beeline for Adhmedabad. Vanraj says they can’t change whatever occurred. Leela says that they shouldn’t bring someone else’s problem home, and that it’s good that they’re leaving their problems behind and going back home.

Adhik stands up to Pakhi for spending his half compensation on a costly AC. Pakhi claims that it is their fundamental requirement. Adhik asserts that this is their luxuriest need, as they already have a fan as their most fundamental need. However, they still have a lot of things to buy, and they will not be able to survive if she does not spend within their budget. Pakhi quiets him down getting heartfelt.

When Anuj and Anupama bring Nirmit and Dimple home, they discover that Ankush and Barkha are still present. Barkha and Ankush welcome them and congratulate them for bringing Dimpy here. Barkha claims that Ankush informed her of Anupama and Anuj’s decision, which is that they are looking for a new home and will move soon. Anuj says that’s fine.

Dimpy tells Anupama that they will manage and not to worry about them. Anuj says life is an excursion and one loads up and debaords a train, she can leave once she recovers. Barkha claims that this house is enormous. According to Ankush, it can be considered her residence. Dimpy is led to the guest room by Barkha. Nirmit says he doesn’t have the foggiest idea how to confront his loved ones.

Leela and Vanraj are informed by Samar that Anupama and Anuj brought Dimpy to their house. Leela says they shouldn’t bring other’s concerns back home. Vanraj claims that he can empathize with Dimpy’s suffering, but how can Anupama bring a problem home when she already has so many?

Instead of bringing the girl money, they should have given her some. According to Samar, emotional support is as important as financial support. Vanraj claims that Anupama and Anuj are currently locked in a legal dispute. Kavya says that if they are supporting that girl, something is wrong. Kinjal asserts that more people will criticize them because Kapadia is a household name and will be disparaged. Leela says she is correct.

Nirmit is advised by Anuj and Anupama to support Dimpy and be proud of her. Nirmit claims that it is simpler than implied because anyone who stays with the victim understands what they go through. Anupama and Anuj are afraid to see his new behavior. Ankush says it’s good that Dimpy and Nirmit were supported, but they shouldn’t have brought them home because they would now be fighting in court.

Anupama and Anuj cite examples of people helping one another during natural disasters and road accidents to support their actions. Ankush claims that they are keeping Dimpy at their house rather than feeding her and sending her away.

Anuj says Dimpy’s physical issue is exceptionally profound. Although they are not her parents, Ankush claims he agrees. Because she is also a woman and can empathize with the suffering of another woman, Anupama claims that they do not want to and that they will keep Dimpy until her parents arrive.

Vanraj explodes, claiming that Anupama brought a stranger home while kicking her own daughter out of the house. Samar watches the news about Dimpy’s accident and listens to the anchor talk about victims like Dimpy. Anupama informs Anuj the following morning that they should go to the doctor once.

It’s good, Anuj says, that Anu is at a school camp. Anupama thinks Sweety must be causing problems for the Shahs by moving in next door. Ankush and Barkha walk up to them and inquire about their next move. According to Anuj, the police have promised to catch and punish the culprits immediately.

They are asked by Ankush not to get into any trouble. Anupama asserts that they do not care and only want the perpetrators punished. Nirmit strolls to them with his sack.

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