Anupama 18 May 2023 Update On Thursday

Kinjal calls Kavya after finishing her business meeting and getting into a cab, according to Anupama on Starlife Thursday, May 18, 2023 update. She is hit with a pamphlet by someone. She peruses a danger leaflet and tensely requests that driver draw every one of the widows up and lock them.

Dimpy asks Nirmit to stay away from her and let her fight her battle on her own as she continues to confront him. Nirmit vanishes. Samar comes in. Dim stutters. Her hand is held by Samar. Dimpy thanks her. Anuj acquaints Samar with Dimpy. Dimpy claims that she doesn’t require support. A support, according to Samar. Dimpy tries to calm herself by drinking water.

At Shah house, Kavya spoils Pari and talks with her. Hasmukh and Leela return home. She says she needs to converse with Anupama and portrays Pakhi’s demonstration. She is asked by Hasmukh not to bother Anupama. Leela says Anupama welcomed inconvenience on herself by bringing Dimpy home. When Kinjal gets back to his house, he hands the pamphlet to Kavya. Kavya shows same pamhlet with a note “do no help, else you will lament.”

Dimpy is trying to feel better, so Anupama and Anuj try to cheer him up. Fearful, Barkha shouts as a courier arrives. Everyone rushes to her when they see the same pamphlet inside. Anuj He heads out to get the conveyance kid and thinks that he is as of now gotten away. Behind the bushes, Anuj detects the presence of a person.

According to Samar, no one is present. Anuj says it’s a threat because they return. Dimpy expresses as a result of her. Anuj calls the inspector to discuss the threat message. He informs Anupama that the responsible boys have not yet been identified and that everyone should exercise caution. Anuapam says particularly Dimpy ought to watch out.

It is discussed as a serious threat by Kinjal and Kavya. Kavya thinks someone is watching them. They discuss the need to inform Anupama of the threat, conceal it from Leela, and ensure that they do not leave the house alone. Leela approaches them and inquires if they are making fun of her. Kinjal conceals pamphlets and claims that they are discussing office issues.

Anuj solaces restless Anupama. Anupama says she is stressed over little Anu. Anuj claims that he has sent guards to the camp and even asked the inspector for Dimpy’s safety and outside the house. He says this is only a start and they will be compromised more. Anupama says they won’t ease off at any expense.

Anuj says they won’t allow these beasts to go after anybody’s little girl. Kinjal calls Anupama via video. Anupama inquires as to whether everything is okay there, on the off chance that Sweety followed through with something. Kinjal assures her that everything is fine and invites her to visit them because she greatly misses her.

Dimpy’s situation will normalize, Anupama says. She informs Anuj that something real has taken place there. She is instructed by Anuj to visit the Shahs and not to be concerned about Dimpy because they will all take care of her. Barkha experiences panic attacks. Ankush quiets her down. Dimpy is reassured by Barkha that no matter what, she will support her as a woman.

Pakhi prepares for a party with her companions and requests that Adhik go along with them. Adhik says he has a client meeting and thus he can’t come and she can appreciate.

Pakhi requests that he request nourishment for himself and leaves. Anupama visits Shah house and seeing the handouts Kavya and Kinjal got says even they got same flyer. According to Kavya and Kinjal, the responsible boys appear to be wealthy and politically connected, so they should exercise caution.

Anupama says she won’t ease off and will ensure Dimpy gets equity. Leela overhears their conversation and demands that Anupama drop the case so as not to put everyone’s lives in jeopardy.

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