Anupama 20 May 2023 Update On Saturday

Anupama returns home in a state of shock on Starlife Saturday, May 20, 2023. Anuj solaces her and offers her water. He then inquires about the troublemaker. Ankush says they were attempting to call her since quite a while. Anupama goes over the entire incident. Anuj swears by God and declares that he will not spare those boys.

Anupama claims that they intend to scare us and force us to leave. Dimpy says she should leave now and shouldn’t have come here. Anuj asserts that the perpetrators want her to leave and will prevail if she does. Ankush advises them not to give up. Anupama says she was apprehensive however won’t stop, the hooligan’s demonstration made her decided more to battle against them. She says guilty parties sent danger messages to even Shah family as they fear Dimple now.

Anuj advises them to act swiftly and file a swift FIR against them. He chooses to proceed to bring little Anu back home from her camp and asures that he will take security along. Ankush says he will orchestrate security at Shah house. Barkha says she is with Anupama and Dimpy.

Ankush declares that he will approach the police to obtain Anupama’s statement. He is warned to be careful by Anupama. She is advised not to be concerned by Anuj because he will grow old and has kept a hockey stick in his car. Anupama wishes him to go safe and return with Anu safe. She asks God to safeguard her family.

After learning of the gang’s threat, Vanraj returns home and responds. He says that he is also worried about that girl/Dimple, but he wouldn’t risk the safety of his family, so he would talk to Anupama. According to Samar, they ought to back Dimple.

Vanraj asserts that attempting to assist others cannot harm their family. Kinjal and Kavya say that they are afraid and can’t back down. Vanraj says they lose their relative attempting to show their grit. Hasmukh claims that as a result, they can’t stop living. Adhik pays them a tense visit and tells them that Pakhi had gone to a party with her friends but hasn’t come home yet.

Dimpy squirms excruciatingly. Anupama tries to cheer her up by giving her milk. Dimpy claims that she used to cheer herself up by dancing, but that she can’t anymore because she is in so much pain. She is asked if she dances by Anupama.

Dimple claims to be Punjabi, but she learned classical dance, and when she dances, she forgets everything. Anupama asks her to accompany her to the Natraj temple, explaining that dance is a form of devotion to Natraj. Dimple nods “yes.” On the song “Pinjra Todke Udjana Hai..,” they both dance admirably. According to Anupama, life gives them a lot of reasons to be sad, but they should try to find happiness and keep smiling.

Pakhi’s well-being worries the Shah family. Females attempt to call her while males search for her. Leela claims that she warned Anupama because she was afraid this would happen, but she doesn’t listen to her.

Kinjal and Kavya tell her not to be concerned because Pakhi probably went shopping and would be back soon. Leela inquires as to whether she doesn’t return. Dimpy appreciates Anupama’s support. Anupama gives her some gyaan. From camp, Little Anu returns home. She receives attention from Anupama, who inquires about her well-being. Little Anu claims that she and papa were greatly missed. Even they missed her a lot, according to Anupama.

She says she needs to talk about something with her. Ankush says she shouldn’t examine this issue with a youngster. Anupama asserts that parents should instruct their children on how to report such incidents to them because such crimes are becoming more common in society. She should inform Little Anu if someone touches her inappropriately and teaches her about good and bad touch.

Anupama visits Shahs with Ankush and Barkha after receiving Samar’s call that Pakhi is missing. Toshu, Vanraj, Adhik, and Samar return home. Anupama gets more stressed for Pakhi. Vanraj claims that her stubbornness is to blame. Pakhi runs in fear and calls Adhik. She is in fear, and her family wants to know if something happened. Pakhi claims that she had gone to a bakery to buy something for Adhik after returning home with her friend.

She got into a taxi, yet a taxi driver took her to various area and when she opposed, he locked every one of the entryways. She got out, yelled, and fled in the midst of a traffic jam. Ankush claims that they file a police report. Pakhi is safe, and Anupama thanks God for that. Vanraj yells at Anupama for risking the lives of her family.

According to Barkha and Ankush, Anupama was attacked today. Vanraj asks Anupama why she doesn’t give up if Pakhi were attacked.

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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