Anupama 25 May 2023 Update On Thursday

Dimple is taken to the dance academy by Anupama on the Starlife Thursday, May 25, 2023 update, passing by Shah’s house. She gives Leela her blessing after noticing her. Leela asks Dimple how she is doing after she greets her.

Dimple says she is fine. Anupama says she is taking Dimple to move institute as Dimple will help her now. Leela inquires as to whether Dimple will remain with her. Dimple claims that her own parents disowned her for a few days while Anupama and Anuj were assisting her. Pakhi comes in and tells her that her parents have divorced her.

Dimple inquires about her parentage. Pakhi begins her drama by referring to her former daughter. Anupama is praised by the neighbors for assisting Dimple, but they also advise her to care for her daughter and not abandon her. Leel an asks who told them. According to neighbors, Leela and Anupama are abducting Pakhi.

Leela and Anupama advise neighbors not to get involved in their problems and to investigate their own. According to Anupama, she treats her daughter as any other mother would. Pakhi claims that Anupama kicked her out of the house for this reason. Anupama says Pakhi’s activities got her out of the house and requests that she focus on her investigations and profession.

When Adhik is there to work for Pakhi, she says she will not study or work. Anupama reprimands her to change her demeanor. Pakhi’s bad behavior continues. Dimple requests that she quit making trouble with her mom. She is warned to stay away by Pakhi. Pakhi, according to Anupama, wants to be a burden for others, whereas Dimple wants to be self-sufficient and work despite the circumstances. Pakhi quickly leaves.

Leela cautions her to quit supporting Dimple as her own little girls would feel shaky and she may not satisfy different obligations attempting to assume Dimple’s liability. Anupama says Dimple is assuming her own liability and battling for her privileges, she ought to make sense of Pakhi all things considered.

Leela says when god can’t make sense of Pakhi, how might she. She begs Anupama not to bring Dimple to her house in a whisper. As she approaches the dance academy, Anupama declares that she will meet Hasmukh and Kinjal later. She accepts Dimple’s apology for the situation. Anupama asks her not to as its not her error. After that, she knocks on Pakhi’s door. Pakhi makes fun of Samar and Toshu by claiming that their mother has arrived and calling her aunty to tell her she shouldn’t be a mother.

Anupama says spoiling a child isn’t just mother’s obligation, yet additionally revising a child when she fouls up is mother obligation. She requests to tell at any rate in the event that she is fine after the previous episode and keeps thumping entryway, leaves Pakhi’s number one carrot cake on entryway, asks her not to make the way for any more peculiar as she accomplished for her mom, and leaves there sad.

When Anuj meets the inspector, he tells him that the boys responsible are from a family with a lot of power and are using political means to get out of jail. He goes on to say that he is under a lot of pressure, that he might be transferred, and that a new officer might help the bad guys.

Anupama takes Dimple to her dance institute. Samar comes with them. They each of the 3 connect and giggle. When Dimple experiences pain and longs for Nirmit, Anupama and Dimple leave the dance academy to talk. She is consoled and cheered up by Anupama.

Goon boys approach them after receiving bail. Dimple starts to panic. Anupama says Hasmukh’s home is close by and there is a group around, so hooligans can’t hurt them. Dimple is the scumbag.
After informing Ankush and Barkha of the situation, Anuj rushes to Anupama and Dimple’s house after receiving the inspector’s notification that the gangster received anticipatory bail.

Leela screams at Anupama at home, accusing her of putting herself in unnecessary danger by adopting Dimple. Anuj calls Samar, gets some information about Dimple and Anupama, and requests that he proceed to mind them soon.

Samar informs her family of this. He is asked to call Anupama by Vanraj. Dimple is scared by a goon boy who dances around her.

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