Aparajita 28 May 2023 Update On Sunday.

Aparajita on zee world Sunday 28th May 2023 update, Aparajita strolls in and asks Akshay for what reason was inside creator here.
(Aparajita gets a call from neighbor saying Akshay has called a rich and renowned inside fashioner).

Akshay tells Aparajita, that Navratri is coming and recall that I use to do whitewash and fixes thus I called inside planner for this. Aparajita says you don’t have cash for business and you believe that should do all thism Akshay says so this inside cash won’t save my business and have you seen this house, there is such a lot of fix required, I use to keep this house so decent like past and need to give my mothet joy and what is your take of yourself continue asking me inquiry and questioning me. According to Aparajita, I have signed the papers. What says Akshay? Aparajita shows him documents and informs him that Amma’s name is on them. “I have just added your name for Amma’s safety, and you can make no decisions without Amma’s permission,” she says.

Akshay begins applauding and says astonishing, I will converse with media and distribute news that a girl in regulation saved her mother by marriage. Akshay asks, “How can you behave this way?” Aparajita responds, “I took care of her when you weren’t around and didn’t even care about her.” Aparajita says I have done whay I needed to and its for Amma and assuming that you are taking advance will you stay in India. Akshay says yes, possibly because setting up the business will take time. Aparajita asks and your loved ones. You need not be concerned about that, according to Akshay.

Panditji stops Aparajita and says hello to her. He then asks her why she didn’t go to the temple where idols will be made now. Aparajita apologizes, saying, “I was stuck.” Don’t worry; I won’t break this ritual and make an idol. Panditji declares, “I heard Akshay is back, so let’s do Pooja together.” Amma goes to Panditji and tells him that she heard your brother is here, so he will get dakshina right. Panditji asks, “Why do I perform Pooja here?” Amma claims that Aparajita has performed pooja alone for 15 years and will continue to do so today.

Amma hears that Aparajita has signed papers. Amma inquires as to how you changed. Aparajita says I didn’t need his approval so I marked and its his home as well yet I have added your name and without your authorization he can do nothing.

Mohini tells Akshay, Aparajita has played so well yet whay about out kids now, where will Nia stay and that house is our own and our children and, surprisingly, your mom yet your mom doesn’t acknowledge me by any means and presently its sufficient I can’t remain in this inn and Navaratri is coming so we should do my Grahpravesh. Akshay says absolutely not a chance, have you lost it.
Mohini hears Akshay say, “I have a plan, go to our house and throw Aparajita out of the house. Why don’t you understand the pressure?” Akshay replies, “Don’t even think about that house until we have full custody of that house and leaves.” Akshay is referring to Mohini.
Mohini says do anything you desire, I will go to that house today.

Making an idol by Aparajita She has heard rumors spread about Akshay. Walk to Aparajita with Aasha Chhavi Disha. Chhavi expresses thanks to Daddy we could oversee cash. Chhavi becomes frightened when Chaavi receives a call but does not answer. Chhavi struggles.

Akshay asks chief is there a far-reaching development in the lodging. The manager confirms. Akshay pays him and requests that he welcome Mohini as boss visitor so she stays occupied and doesn’t make issues.
Chhavi responds that everything is fine and offers to assist Aparajita. Aasha declares her desire to assist. Aasha asks Aparajita for what valid reason do we observe Navratri. Aparajita recounts Mahishasur and Maa Durga’s struggle against him.

As she packs her belongings, Mohini declares, “I will bring darkness into Aparajita’s life.”
Aasha shares with Aparajita ladies power very much like you have and battle against every one of our concerns. According to Aparajita, you three are my powers.
Mohini accepts the manager’s invitation to be the principal guest.

Aasha tells Disha come lets dance. Aparajita and her sisters dance together. Akshay sees them together and is happy. He walks to Aparajita and calls her, but she can’t hear him because music is playing. Akshay flies off the handle and stops music and asks where is Amma, Aparajita says she should be near and needn’t bother with my consent to go anyplace. Akshay says to talk to me properly. Aparajita says you also stay in limits. Akshay begins causing situation and leaves.

Everyone begins to talk about it.

Aparajita requests that Chhavi put Mohini’s stuff in the visitor room. Mohini expresses gratitude toward her, Aparajita says you are a visitor. She leaves with the family. Mohini informs Akshay that although she is aware of his rage, she will soon expel Aparajita from the house.

Asha asks Chhavi when did daddy begin his undertaking with Mohini? Mohini and Akshay arrive there. Mohini is asked by Asha if she ever knew her father. They are asked to leave by Akshay. They move on. You shouldn’t have come here, according to Akshay. Mohini declares that I will renovate this house because they are living like middle-class individuals. Akshay says this property is being squandered. Aparajita has opened a clothing and has no economic wellbeing except for I will make a huge difference. I will become an excellent entrepreneur. Mohini says, “I was missing you,” and she brings him closer. Akshay asserts that I also missed you and that I did not enjoy their insulting you. Mohini informs us that we will acquire this house soon and that Aparajita must leave soon with her daughters. She embraces him.

When Chhavi leaves the room, she hears it. Akshay travels to alter. Chhavi is outside the room, and Mohini sees her. She comes to her and says I didn’t believe you should pay attention to that. Mohini holds Chhavi and informs her that she has heard everything and that we must start over. Chhavi is about to fall. Will you assist your father in resolving the situation? Chhavi is frightened and gestures. Mohini gives her a hug and says hello and welcome. There is where she departs.

Aparajita and her daughters sit together. Dadi is urged to let go of tension by Aparajita. Dadi asks, “Why did that woman enter?” Disha declares that I will not spare her if she acts. Aparajita requests that she quiet down.

Disha leaves in a rage. Aparajita requests that Dadi not be irate with her. Dadi says I have seen you battle for a long time and presently you have permitted a lady in your home who obliterated your life. Aparajita says it’s fine; Akshay broke up with me many years ago, and I wanted to know who that woman was. What qualities did she possess that I lacked? Yet, presently it doesn’t make any difference.

In Scene 2, Aparajita sits by herself and thinks back to Chhavi being content around her father. She claims that my Chhavi is innocent, that they might use her, and that she needs your protection.

Mohini is making a little toy house. She inserts some dolls. Akshay claims that you brought these as well. Mohini informs you that only you and these dolls are important to her. I take them all over the place. My past is connected to these dolls.

Chhavi is returning to her room as she considers Mohini’s words. she attempts to return to their room however she sees Akshay and Mohini romancing. She is taken there by Aparajita, who arrives there. She asks what was the deal? Chhavi says I’m grieved, we shouldn’t have let dad here. Aparajita requests that she quiet down, I couldn’t care less assuming that lady is here. Is there anything you need to tell me? Chhavi gives her a hug and tells her that she is very important to him and that he will ask papa to leave with his wife. Aparajita gives her a hug and tells her to relax and sleep. Chhavi embraces her and leaves.

Mohini is cooking in the kitchen when Aparajita enters the room in the morning. Mohini says I assumed control over your kitchen.

Aparajita discovers dishes and food scattered about. Mohini says I have utilized a large portion of the stuff. Aparajita is stunned to see all staple gone. Mohini says I’m making tea. Aparajita is shocked to see her jar broken. Mohini says I will tidy it up. She says you should have a ton of work at the clothing yet I will deal with the kitchen. You should get rid of these old tools.

Aparajita expresses a few old things have recollections yet you will not comprehend. She goes. Mohini asserts that I took over the kitchen today and will soon eliminate her.

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