atharv finally dies

Atharv finally dies after securing multiple injuries by a hit on his head, at the same spot Kailash and his goons attacked him, from terrorists who attacked Ravish’s family. The surgery that was to be performed on him failed as the terrorists subsequently invaded the hospital where Atharv was to be treated.

They tried all they could to save him but to no avail. Upcoming twists on Jaana na dil se door is going to harbor a lot of sadness in the hearts of many a viewer on Adom TV. He could not hold on to life as Atharv finally dies, giving up the ghost in what almost a struggle for breath, and a little longing to see the ones he once loved.

Even Vividha in particular could not help the situation at hand. My dear viewer, if you were there at the point of Atharv’s death, what would you have done? When death strangled the life out of him without words, and without mercy. Therefore his death came as a shock to Vividha, Sujata and the rest of the family, as nobody could save him from the icy hands of death.

But hold on, don’t go away from this website yet, because am going to take my time now explaining to you every bit of detail on how Atharv finally dies and what will ensue in Jaana na dil se door on Adom TV after this incident. Keep reading!

Meanwhile, Ravish had also gone to war to fight with the terrorists in order to save his family from such inhuman treatment. But remember that in our recent article, we gave account of how Zeenat and her gang of terrorists attacked the Vashist house, claiming Ravish has arrested and imprisoned her terrorist husband, Wazim. So she took Ravish’s family captive and asked for her husband’s release in exchange for their lives. 

So when the fight began, Atharv and Ravish fought well with the terrorists but they got injured in the fight. And that was when one of them hit Atharv’s head with a stick that was having iron nails stuck on it. So the nails got stuck into his head. His situation worsened as they took him to hospital. Vividha’s love, Atharv tried to battle with death for a place in this life, but could not succeed no matter how hard he did. At last! he gave up the ghost in such a horrible state.

“I’m with you, we promised ourselves that we will never leave each other. Please get up Atharv, Atharv get up please. Get up for my sake my love, please (Vividha burst into tears). Open your eyes, you pulled me into your life, you followed me, explaining how much I loved you. You taught me how to live, I fought with my dad and society and we always supported each other.

You promised to come back when we got separated, yes you came back, but not to go back like this please. You have to come back for me Atharv, I love you! No you can’t decide to go alone, and you can’t leave me alone. You have to live, so please take a breath for my sake. Think of Auntie Sujata, Ravish, and the rest of the people you are leaving behind (She then shakes up Atharv). Get up and take a breath, you don’t need any machine to get breathing” – Vividha’s last words as Atharv finally dies.

But life could not save what death had already taken, hmmm. Am getting emotional myself writing this, but let’s carry on. Now lemme tell you exactly what will happen that will lead to this incident below. So keep reading!

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Atharv Finally Dies

In this article on how Atharv finally dies, this is how it all began…

Atharv was deeply injured and had been hospitalized. Ravish asked Vividha not to worry, as Atharv would get well soon. Meanwhile, Ravish was also going to battle with the terrorists who attacked the country. He tells Vividha that he will be worried for Atharv and Vividha though, but he has to help his country also. And therefore urged Vividha to take care of Atharv because he is battling with death.

He then assured Vividha that he very well know Atharv will be fine. This made Vividha ask why he was saying that with so much faith. So Ravish answered that the strength of the love Vividha has for Atharv will surely make him well. “And in case I go on duty and if anything happens to me…” Don’t say that Ravish, Vividha cut his words short. The country is praying for you and the family is your shield, so nothing will happen to you okay. You will come home safe and sound.

They go to Suman and Vividha performs the good luck rights for Ravish. But while she was doing this, Vividha burst into ucontrollable tears. Suman asks Ravish to come back home with victory. So he hugs Suman and takes her blessing.

Dadi Bua who came to the house recently asked them not to cry because one or two bullets could never harm Ravish. Sujata also tells Ravish that his going to war again is a mother’s test, and she wants both of his sons to win. Atharv is in the Intensive Care Unit battling with death for his life and Ravish is also going for war. 

She gives Ravish his blessing and says nothing will happen to Atharv. She knows he will get fine and he also must, as soon as possible. They all shed tears. Chutki also talks to him and prays that Atharv would get well soon. Ravish said bye to them but Vividha asked to say he will come instead. This filled his eyes with tears as he went.

At the time, Atharv was also being taken care of and the doctors say Atharv has very less chance of surviving. His case is really complicated. Atharv was about to undergo surgery. They ask the Surgeon if Atharv will get well after the surgery and he answers that he will do his best, and the surgery will take a long time.

They ask the family members to go home for only one of them to wait on Atharv.  Sujata asks Suman to go, she will stay. But Vividha and Suman disagree saying they will also stay. Sujata says no, Suman is needed at home.

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Still On Atharv Finally Dies – Keep Reading For The Full Nyanya!

Suman asks them to keep her informed at home. Chutki, Daddy ji and Dadi Bua leave. Vividha tells Sujata to eat something but she objected. Vividha says at least for Atharv’s sake, have something. Vividha goes to get food. Suman says I forgot my car keys there, I will just get it. Sujata sees the keys and goes to give Suman.

The surgery begins in the Operation Theatre.  Suddenly there was a big blast in the hospital. The hospital shakes at the effect of the blast and the power goes off, meanwhile Atharv was about to be operated on. The doctors and everyone falls down. Atharv is left untreated. 

They thought of relocating the patients but the situation was very risky. The rest of the patients who could run took to their heels. The doctors also left after running for their lives. As the building was shaking, a Cupboard was going to fall on Atharv but Suman arrived in the nick of time and holds the Cupboard from falling of Atharv.

She tries to save Atharv’s life, while she was doing this, she also shouted for help. Vividha and Sujata heard her shout and run to her, and then push the Cupboard back. They asked her if everything is alright with her and she said she is absolutely fine.  

Suman explains to them that the cupboard was falling on Atharv and she came to save him. The doctors came back to check on Atharv, and the respirator with which Atharv was breathing isn’t working. And the other respirators in the hospital also got damaged by the blast. Meanwhile Suman’s head was bleeding heavily.  Sujata worries about seeing her state, but still Suman insists that she is fine.

The doctors inform them that Atharv is losing his life because he is not able to breath without the respirator. His pulse begins to go down gradually. Vividha cries and asks him to breathe. They gave him cardio shocks but it was too late, Atharv was gone. So the doctors tell them that Atharv was no more.

The Sad Ending on Atharv Finally Dies

Vividha cries seeing Atharv lifeless.  She started recalling his words as Atharv finally dies. No! this is not the time for him to die. Vividha pressured them but the doctors claimed they had tried their best but to no avail. But as the doctor began to leave, Sujata stopped him from leaving. Where are you going doctor? Make Atharv well. Sujata as she runs after the doctor. Suman likewise burst into tears and looks out for Sujata. She started getting dizzy and held her head.

Still, he could not come back to life as Atharv finally dies. What do you think will happen next on Jaana na dil se door on Adom TV and Eth Studios on YouTube? Do you think Atharv will come back to life? Or do you even know Ravish may not also return from the war? Will Vividha re-marry another person after Atharv finally dies? Leave your comment below.

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