Shocking! Atharv Shoots Ravish In Jaana Dil Se Door Upcoming Twist


Atharv shoots Ravish in the upcoming episodes of Jaana Na Dil Se Door. What will Suman do to Atharv after Atharv shoots Ravish, intending to kill him from the surface of the earth? This is going to be a bombshell for the Vashist family. Did Atharv shoots Ravish intentionally or unintentionally? What actually happened that made Atharv shoots Ravish is what I am about to tell you in this update, so stay tuned!

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Atharv Shoots Ravish

This is what happened: Atharv and Sujata went out to the market, Atharv met a little girl called Chutki who has been starving for so many days and hid her in a box, Sujata unaware saw Atharv talking to a box not knowing he had hidden the girl inside the box. 

Atharv brings the box to the house and the family gets shocked opening the box and seeing the little girl in it, Atharv then introduces Chutki as his friend who was dying of Starvation, and so he wants Chutki to stay with them.

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Ravish reported the missing girl’s case to the police and her mother Aruna came to take her back, unknowingly they are spies who have been sent to take revenge on Ravish’s family. Vividha unknowingly asks Ravish to allow them stay in the house after doctors claim they have been starved for so many days which made Aruna faint on her first visit. 

However they are being allowed into the house, Aruna was hiding a gun which Atharv found and wanted to play with it thinking its a toy gun. The whole family is shocked to see Atharv with a real gun. Atharv who is a sharp shooter and has even won a sharp shooting award back then when he hadn’t lost his memory, dares that he will shoot because he can even aim with his eyes closed.

Ravish asks him to give him the gun because it’s not a toy gun, while he was about to walk to Atharv for the gun, he got shot. Will Ravish die? Continue reading.

The doctor comes to treat Ravish’s wound and tells him that he is lucky he wasn’t deeply hurt and nothing will happen to him, it’s just a matter of time for him to get healed. Aruna was just laughing at the situation at hand knowing what they had planned in store for Ravish and his family. The family asks Atharv where he got the gun from and he replies that he found it in Aruna’s room. Aruna then lied that she had no idea how such a real gun was in her room. And she too found Chutki playing with it thinking its a toy gun. 

Who Is Aruna And What Does She Want?

Aruna is a woman whose husband is a terrorist. Ravish had defeated Aruna’s husband and shoot him. Therefore she is in the house to take Revenge on Ravish and his family for shooting her husband. She is leading a terrorist group to launch a massive attack on the Vashist family. Will Ravish be able to save his family from this impending doom? Time will tell.

Guess what Suman will do to Atharv and guess what Aruna and her kid are up to in Ravish’s family house.  This is just the beginning of a war that is about to go on between Ravish and her terrorist enemies. 

Ravish Finds Out The Truth About Aruna

Ravish organises a defense training for his family after getting to know that his family is at risk of terrorists Attack. Aruna was also part of the training but acts like she doesn’t know how to use a gun.

Ravish was informed by his investigator that the terrorist group is approaching Delhi and he asks for pictures, he saw Aruna’s face in the pictures and got to know that she is not any helpless woman but the wife of Washim, the terrorist he had shot, which he told Vividha about.

Ravish aims gun at her and asks her to get down on knees now. Aruna cries. Ravish says what did you think, you will enter house by hiding name and I will not know, its time to drop curtains on this drama, why did you come here.

Aruna tells her real name and cries. She asks is it my crime to be Wasim’s wife. She says I know how people treat with terrorist’s family, I was blamed by everyone and got humiliated, as I was terrorist’s wife, everyone were after me, why should I pay for his crimes, my daughter does not know her dad is a terrorist, I know I lied, but just to save my life.

Vividha says it’s not her mistake, she has to bear all this as she married the wrong man. Atharv plays and goes out. The man asks Atharv to shut the door and stay inside. Vividha says Ravish, Aruna told this to me, she does not want to break our trust, it’s not her mistake. Ravish asks Aruna to say everything in army headquarters.

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