Serious Attack On Students Plying Staircase Behind Novotel : 1 Wounded – Eyewitness Reports

Report reaching the front desk of Eth Studios from some students of the University of Mines and Technology, specifically students who ply the Water-fall staircase behind Novotel has it that, serious instances of robbery attacks have recently been experienced along that path leading to The Point Hostel and its neighboring abodes.

Narrating to us after some few hours at ‘gun-point’, one student cited that these robbers usually possessed “weapons that you don’t have any other option than to hand over your items to them”.

While stating that susceptible items they seize such as are in the possession of students are likely mobile phones, laptops and whatever the robbers might find worth booting away with, in the hands of a victim.

We made further enquiries into the matter to know the validity of such robbery cases as narrated, the extent to which people have been harassed along the waterfall staircase and what concerned students have done about it.

And very fortunately, Sir John of the Chamber of Mines Hall – Dubai, made a formal assertion to the situation at hand, admitting his knowledge of such recent happenstances and his response so far.

Below is a communique he issued out to address the UMaT student populace.

“For Immediate Release:


Sir John

Through my interactions with colleague students, it has come to my attention how some have been humiliated, traumatised and robbed of their valuables by some unscrupulous individuals who take abode in the darkness of the staircase behind Novotel to the adjoining hostels, i.e. Crescent Villa, JK Hostel, The Point Hostel, PC Hostel…

In a letter addressed to the office of SRC President as a concerned student and an advocate , I have brought to the attention of the SRC President these heinous crimes of the hooligans and have proposed plausible remedies to the situation.

The recent of such monstrous incidences spanning about two weeks now is that of Saturday , the 13th day of March, 2021. In the said incidence, a second year student was assaulted with knives, tied up, and robbed of his mobile phone and some amount of money.

Whilst we await the relevant stakeholders to unravel the situation, I urge individuals who use the said route to adopt extra security measures. As much as possible, avoid using the route at night. Also, walk in groups when you must use the route, inter alia.

To my dear individuals who have been victimised by these nincompoops, please accept my empathy.

I am very optimistic the situation would be resolved.

John Baguri (Sir John)

As if the outbreak of the pandemic was not enough a hurdle for student life on campus, these robbery attacks have started raising serious concerns in the minds of many others. It is only alleged that so far, one student has been severely wounded from such night attacks.

But while the situation remains half-solved per the communique Sir John issued above, we do not guarantee an immediate solution to the aforementioned woe. We can only hope that respective Authorities will find a quick curb to this one, as exams approach with another complication of its own.

Covid is real, so let’s all keep safe and calm…Derek here, reporting on Eth Studios.

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