Robbery Attacks On Staircase Behind Novotel Finally Resolved

Over the past week, we made a report here on Eth Studios concerning some serious attacks on students who ply the staircase behind CMH(Novotel) in the University of Mines and Technology, Tarkwa.

This was subsequent to an article written by Mr. John Baguri, popularly known as Sir John, naming recent incidences on the staircase, a letter written to the SRC and empathising with other students.

Some concerns were raised after the release of the aforementioned article, wherein certain colleague students on social media platforms questioned the validity of our report, and called us to own up.

To others, it was just a mere situation that did not need platforms like this to create awareness or to bring solutions to the problem at hand, but rather, it was “one of political dissemination” – so they said.

But while we succumb to the expressions of public opinion, we are grateful to the lot who heeded our words in spreading the article around to ensure passers-by at the staircase behind Chamber of Mines Hall(Novotel) put in extra security measures whenever taking that route.

On Friday March 19th, 2020, Public Relations Officer(PRO) of the Students’ Representative Council(SRC) for the University, Mr. Owusu Frank Junior made a press release on the recent attacks at the staircase and what has been done about the situation so far.

The communique herein below;

The press release did not only admit the reality of such robbery cases as mentioned in our first report, but also named a few improvements at the place since the recent theft cases.

We therefore entreat the general student populace to stay calm, as the situation appears resolved to some extent. Nevertheless, “Although the SRC and management are doing their best, students are advised to be safety-conscious and vigilant”.

After the issuance of the press release, some information we gathered from concerned students of the University explicitly rules out SRC’s claim as, “The chamber of mines hall has made an effort in clearing and brightening up the place“.

Below is a statement we received in criticism to the press release;


“To command is to serve, nothing more nothing less”-Andre Malraux

After series of theft cases on the staircase behind chamber of mines hall(Novotel), consultations were made with the various stakeholders(Chamber of mines Hall and surrounding Hostels) to help curb the menace.

Despite the slow response after repetitive calls (Chamber of Mines Hall) to solve this problem, a quick action was taken by the managers of the surrounding hostels spearheaded by Mr Dumfour Joseph, a non resident student of Petroleum 4 popularly known as Dee Jay to solve the problem by hiring labourers to do the needful.

We hereby DISCLAIM any action in words and in thought by other bodies to take commendations or praises or accolades for this small but important manner of courtesy displayed by the rightful participants.

We humbly entreat that HONOUR IS GIVEN TO WHOM IT IS DUE.

Concerned Students…”

In order to verify this information, we contacted the student mentioned in the above statement – Dee Jay of Petroleum 4, to ascertain the truth.

After a series of questions, Dee Jay asserted the fact that it was not Chamber of Mines Hall who saw to the clearing and brightening up of the place, but rather he, and some other managers of the respective hostels whose student-occupants were likely to fall victims.

From our research, we can only believe that the SRC put dust in our eyes in citing CMH as the rightful participants in the exercise.

Thus, we do agree with the statement of concerned students – “HONOUR IS GIVEN TO WHOM IT IS DUE

More to come soon…

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