Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Monday, 19th July 2021

The Tumhari Pakhi Update On Monday, 7th June 2021 episode started with Anshuman saying it’s his mistake as he wanted divorce from Pakhi. Ayaan said but why, she is so good, I will agree with you in everything, don’t make her leave, dad you are very good and hugged him. He asked him to stop Pakhi as she loves him a lot. Pakhi cried.

He said if you don’t believe me, ask her. She told Pakhi to tell Anshuman that she loves him. Everyone looked on. Ayaan said once you tell him I love you, then everything will be fine.

Dad will trust you then. Anshuman said I don’t love Pakhi, I love Tanya. Ayaan said you love Tanya aunty? She is very bad dad. He said it means you will send Maa back, if you don’t love her, then why did you marry her and bring her home, why did you say she is my Maa. Anshuman said we got married when I was of your age.

I did not know the meaning of marriage, now we are grown up and things have changed. I did a mistake in my childhood. Ayaan said you are doing a mistake even now. Ayaan praised Pakhi.

Ayaan talked to Anshuman about Tanya and asked him not to bring Tanya home. Pakhi said Ayaan listen to me. Ayaan said I don’t want such dad who does not love my mum, I won’t go where Tanya is there and he run. Girish said don’t talk to Ayaan, he is angry and annoyed, he won’t understand, I will talk to him, you leave.

Lavanya said yes, we will take care of him. Anshuman said come on Pakhi. Anshuman left. Girish asked Pakhi to go home. Pakhi left. Tanya gave the updates to her dad. She heard Anshuman coming and ended the call.

She asked where is Ayaan. Anshuman said he is with Lavanya, he came to know about the divorce. Tanya asked who told him, what might be he going through. Anshuman talked to Tanya about Ayaan and Pakhi. Tanya said whatever happened is good, he will think negative about Pakhi and it will help me win his heart.

She said shall we go for a film or disco, long drive. Anshuman said I want to go to the terrace. Anshuman came to Pakhi. Pakhi said it’s my mistake. She said I gave so much love to Ayaan that it created a problem for him.

She said I wanted him to call me Maa, not I feel I am your wife, it would have been good, Ayaan would have not been so much hurt. Anshuman said I can’t call myself guilty. He said I should apologize for what, I have done so many mistakes. I have hurt Ayaan. I am the culprit, I should be punished. I forced you to take the challenge. Pakhi said it’s good Ayaan came to know. Ayaan knows the truth now, he will compromise like me. She said you are with him to give him love.

Anshuman said how will you fill your loneliness after going from here. She said it’s late and left. Anshuman said I asked you but I got the answer. You are true Pakhi, my life is not solving. Girish came to talk to Ayaan. Ayaan talked about Anshuman and said dad will take time to understand Pakhi.

Girish gave him suggestions to make Tanya leave the house. He said Pakhi stayed here for you. If Anshuman and Pakhi have to agree, we have to make Tanya agree. Ayaan said lets think of something. Ayaan said i got it, Mission TB, Tanya bhagao. Girish asked how? Ayaan explained to him.

Girish said we have to bring her truth out. They made a plan. Anshuman talked to Pakhi. Pakhi asked about Ayaan. She worried for Ayaan and Anshuman worried for her. Ayaan came and Pakhi hugged him. Pakhi said I missed you a lot. Ayaan said even I missed you Maa. Anshuman saw Pakhi and Ayaan’s bonding. Ayaan greeted Anshuman.

Anshuman said I am happy that you came back. Ayaan said me too. Anshuman said it means you don’t have any problem. Ayaan said yes, I understood everything. Anshuman smiled. Ayaan said we should be with those whom we love, you love Tanya right, so it’s fine.

Anshuman said I am so happy. Ayaan said do something for my happiness. Anshuman said say what you want, you will get it. Ayaan took his hand and gave Pakhi’s hand in his hand. He asked them to stay united till the divorce and give him good memories. Anshuman asked what will happen doing this.

Ayaan said I want to see you together for the last few days. Ayaan hugged Pakhi and convinced them. Anshuman agreed. Pakhi was shocked. Ayaan hugged Anshuman and thanked him.

Still On Tumhari Pakhi Update On Monday, 7th June 2021

The Episode continues with Ayaan telling Anshuman that he did not accept Tanya till now. He asked Anshuman and Pakhi to promise and said you have to do what I say. Anshuman and Pakhi promised. Ayaan asked Anshuman to lift Pakhi in his arms. Anshuman said no, it will be awkward for us. Ayaan reminded him of his promise.

Ayaan talked to Girish while Girish saw Lavanya. He asked Ayaan to focus on his mission. Girish asked Lavanya why is she so happy. He helped her. Vikram came to meet Lavanya. Lavanya and Vikram had a talk. Vikram held her hand and Girish looked on.

Ayaan came to Tanya and said I came to know dad will be marrying you, we both should not fight, so you are my best friend, I can’t do anything wrong with you. Ayaan smiled fooling Tanya with his words. Tanya thinks he is sweet to her so he might be changing towards her. Tanya smiled and hugged him. He asked her when did you meet my dad for the first time. She told him about an accident where they met.

Ayaan showed her Anshuman bringing Pakhi in his arms. Tanya was shocked and looked at them. Anshuman and Pakhi had an eyelock. Anshuman brought her to the dining table. Ayaan said if he loves you then why did he lift Maa. Tanya got angry.

They sat for lunch. Anshuman liked the food which Pakhi made and thinks Tanya made it. He praised Tanya. The servants told him that Pakhi made it. Anshuman was shocked and Pakhi smiled. Tanya got spicy food which Ayaan kept for her and shouted. Ayaan did this. Anshuman run after her with a water glass. Tanya asked why did you bring Pakhi in your arms. He said Ayaan was the one who made me do it. Anshuman thinks about Ayaan’s promise and changed the topic.

Anshuman lied to her and said I am doing this so that we can be together, till this challenge ends, don’t ask me anything, let it happen. Tanya said I don’t understand with whom are you playing a game. He said I only love you and want you and hugged her. Lavanya thanked Vikram and hugged him seeing Girish. She held his hand and they started flirting. Girish looked at them and Lavanya smiled.

Vikram left. Girish said you both came closer in few days. She made Girish more jealous. She said he is a true man and praised him. She said I would have been in his life before. He asked is personality everything for you. Lavanya said no, sense of humor also matters, I stay happy with him, he makes me smile. I want to spend much time with him and she left. Girish thinks he wants to see her happy, if he is sure about Vikram, then he will leave her.

Anshuman found his tablet. Pakhi gave it to him. He said I am forgetting something. He asked for his phone. She said be calm, think. She gave him his phone. She said I am not going to be here forever. He said I will call you and ask. She said you did not think again. Anshuman got upset. Ayaan came to them and asked Anshuman to kiss Pakhi and say he is leaving. Anshuman and Pakhi said what’s this now. Ayaan said you promised dad. Ayaan asked Pakhi to kiss Anshuman and say come soon darling.

End Of Tumhari Pakhi Update On Monday, 7th June 2021

Pakhi was shocked. Pakhi said whats this. Ayaan insisted. Anshuman said fine and kissed Pakhi on her cheek. Ayaan smiled. Anshuman said I am sorry, Ayaan is not agreeing so I had to do this. Bairi jiya tumpe Ayaan said now your turn mum. Anshuman looked at Pakhi. Pakhi got nervous and Anshuman came to her. Pakhi kissed him. Pakhi said come home soon darling. Ayaan said thank you. Pakhi touched her cheek after Anshuman left.

Tanya saw the lipstick mark on Anshuman’s cheek. Anshuman thinks what will Tanya do now. She wiped the mark. Anshuman said actually…. Tanya said I did not ask anything. She asked him to come home soon and Anshuman left. Pakhi thinks about Anshuman and Tanya came to taunt her. Pakhi taunted her back well. They had an argument over Anshuman. Pakhi said I know Anshuman more than you.

Tanya said Anshuman doesn’t love you. Pakhi said can you say that you love Anshuman. Tanya said if you tell this, I will leave? Pakhi said no, the one who loses will leave. I love Anshuman truly, you have to worry, you will be with him and not get him. Tanya asked her to leave. Pakhi said the challenge is not yet over. She said I will leave by my wish and smiled.

Maa ji told Tanya that Pakhi and Anshuman went out. Pakhi talked to Anshuman and said I am feeling closer to you. Tanya asked Ayaan what to make for him. Ayaan said a complicated dish. Pakhi said we don’t have to act now as we are alone now.


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