Broken Bonds 11 May 2023 Update On Thursday

Broken Bonds: Anand claims she said I don’t love her in the Zee World update of May 11, 2023? Shubhra says kids don’t utilize mind. She is slightly furious. I can’t send her to that evil woman’s home, as Anand suggests.

Sit down, says Shubhra. She sees Kuldeep’s messages Phirki admitted that samaira killed baba. Shubhra becomes concerned. All is well, Anand? She says could you at any point deal with the children for some time? In an emergency, I need to go somewhere. Vedika shouldn’t be sent to Samaira.

Kuldeep meets Shubhra. Shubhra expresses just to wreck you she my father.. She cries. Kuldeep claims that I ought to die. Baba would have been alive if I had died. And what would happen to kids, according to Shubhra?

Stop putting yourself down. Be our solidarity not shortcoming. He claims that I am weak and that she can hunt either of us. Which image will I present to aai? I am to blame. Shubhra promises to pardon you. I ask kuldeep, “Will you forgive me?” Shubhra cautions against that. We can present our defense more grounded. Baba will get equity and Samaira will be rebuffed. We will tell the police everything.

Scene 2
Roli shares with Vedika your concern will tackle. Rishi says our concern addressed as well. Teach your parents what you want to know. Roli tells you to act innocent. I need either.. Rishi says mom and daddy can never say to such face. Request anything. Vedika says to meet mom could he? Roli says OK and in the event that you make this face before mom she will persuade daddy as well. Vedika claims that papa detests mama. According to Rishi, you can alter their batti.

Scene 3: Shubhra and Kuldeep reveal everything to the inspector. He says now I get it. Although Samaira is involved, how will we prove it? There was no inquest. No forensics, no witnesses. Kuldeep suggests questioning her. She will admit it. He asserts that her attorneys will establish her innocence. She has serious areas of strength for a. It can work with major areas of strength for a.

Kuldeep advises Shubhra to visit children. I’m going to kill Samaira. What does Shubhra say? Stop it! He says I’ll get rid of her. Kuldeep says I can rebuff her on the off chance that regulation can’t. What’s the difference between you and her, Shubhra asks? Do you not believe that I also want to kill her? She murdered my father. He says that the solution is to kill her. Shubhra cries and says kill me first. He embraces her. Shubhra says that you won’t stay here if you love me. You can’t stay here, I can’t.

Harsh is seen with Samaira. abruptly leaves. Samaira says heading off to some place? Go? In any case, get back home quick. You don’t have to leave me, so don’t even consider doing so. Shubhra remains before Samaira and says quit undermining me. According to Samaira, you are to blame for everything.

I advised you to wed Unforgiving. Your folks additionally needed that and I would accompany Kuldeep however you demolished everything. You desired Kuldeep’s return. He is solely mine. You stood between Kuldeep and me. Shubhra claims that you stole my baby, but I won’t let you steal my husband. You will be punished by me. My father will receive justice. Samaira says am I a numbskull I have numerous huge attorneys. Your father was the only witness for you. Nobody will trust a phantom’s assertion.

Kuldeep says on the off chance that her father can’t come I can kill you. Samaira confronts him with a gun and declares, “I can kill you in self-defense.” Your violent videos are mine. No, I will lose if I kill you. I can detain you better than that. You put my life in jeopardy, I can say. You will remain in prison until we must travel to Dubai. Then we will travel together to Dubai. Right? She hands Shubhra the gun. Kuldeep orders Shubhra to return home. Shubhra says no.. Kuldeep says please. Shubhra moves on.

Scene 4: Harsh is visited by Shubhra. Harsh apologizes to the lady, telling her to come tomorrow. I have postponed each and every appointment. According to Shubhra, this is the same cabin where I first met you. I gave you everything about my life because I believed you. Now I regret it. The companion who I trusted abruptly different. You made a promise to help others through your words and education when you received this degree. You took care of people and took responsibility for it.

You misplaced everything. Harsh claims that I loved you. I wanted to cheer you up completely. Be that as it may, you needed to be with Kuldeep who undermined you, left your children, abused your folks. I wanted you to marry me, your parents. Your father would have been alive and content had you listened to them. How self-centered are you, Shubhra asks? Have you asked me to love you? Did I upset you? Sorry I didn’t have any idea. Any other way I would have halted you.

You heard me say I don’t love you. Furthermore, that no hurt your ego. so much that you want to help that criminal Samaira in order to exact revenge on me. You are friends with the person who killed Baba. My father, who regarded you as his son. You needed to get payback from me, since I said no. You could end my life. Why did you associate with the killer of Baba? Because a married woman said no to you, you are an advocate for the murderer. Find a better reason to be Samaira’s friend. Shubhra is going away. Harsh asks, “Wait, what did you say?” Now, bear with me.

Samaira, according to Harsh, is bad but patient. I am instructed not to judge a patient by my profession. A psychiatrist cannot discard any human being. She may be bad in your eyes, but not in the eyes of a therapist. samaira says it her frenzy OK to you? He claims that your son follows suit.

Harsh, according to Shubhra, says that your son’s rage appears innocent because he is young. Because Samaira is an adult, her aggression appears insane. Are you comparing them, Shubhra asks? He claims that they are both my patients and that I am a doctor. I am offering a psychiatrist’s opinion. The more you run from her the more she will come after you. She can even end their story together by killing Kuldeep. Shubhra moves on.

Scene 2: Chandrani is at home waiting. Kuldeep and Shubhra return home. Kuldeep asks is everything alright? Did anything occur? they snicker. Madhura says we want to be friends and spend time together. Where will you go, Shubhra? She sold her house. Kuldeep expresses out loud whatever would you say you are saying? Why should you? Mdhura says my home. It came from your dad. There will be our home. Kuldeep, your baby will receive justice as a result of you. Kuldeep asserts that you two lack strength. We won’t have any problems if you stay in front of us.

You cannot be safe in that house, according to Shubhra. Phirki and Samaira may possess the key to that house. Madhura asserts that she cannot do the same thing twice. Chandrani says I’m there. She cannot manipulate me. Madhura says we can deal with ourselves. According to Shubhra, I won’t let you go. As per Madhura, we will. We had been served food by Vitthal. Kuldeep says I will orchestrate security there. The children embrace them. Shubhra requests caution. Vedika examines them.

Scene 3: Kuldeep and Shubhra return home. They receive food from Rishi and Roli. They fall asleep. Vedika asks, “What are you doing together?” We’re trying to listen to them, according to Rishi. whether they are playing or sleeping. According to Shubhra, we love you and can listen to you. Kuldeep says and I love your mom. Vedika claims that I cannot see my mother and father together. Roli says yet your dad is doing the two jobs. Rishi claims that our mother did both until Papa was absent. Vedika weeps and declares, “I also want mama.” Roli and Rishi give her a hug.

According to Kuldeep, when was the last time I slept all night? Fear not. No panic. According to Shubhra, all I want in life is peace. I long for this to end. Kuldeep says for what reason did Brutal go on Samaira’s side? According to Shubhra, he fell in love with me. He believes that I hurt his feelings when I said no.

He is attempting to exact revenge. Kuldeep claims that you never made any promises to him. Shubhra says he will not comprehend. He stated that if you leave Samaira, she can even kill you. Harsh was saying that. Relax, Kuldeep advises. I can’t, Shubhra says, but you can risk your life. According to Kuldeep, nothing will happen to me. We are every others’ solidarity. He gets a hug from Shubhra.

Scene 4
Rishi and Roli thump on the entryway emerge. Breakfast needs to be done. It’s done. We have succeeded. Kuldeep says come Vedika. She claims that I’m fully packed. I’ll be picked up by Papa soon. Anand appears. Vedika, according to Shubhra, has your papa here. Anand says we are going to mom’s place. Vedika is overjoyed and gives him a hug. Shubhra advises caution, however. She poses a real threat. Vedika tells you not to call my mother a danger. I adore my mother.

Shubhra says I’m grieved. Actually I didn’t.. Vedika says no mom can be hazardous for her girl. Are you a threat to Roli and Rishi? Why do you refer to my mother as dangerous? You are correct, Kuldeep. Rishi and Roli play with Vedika downstairs. Vedika should arrange to stay with her mother. Vedika says on the off chance that you make an arrangement to let me not meet my mother, I won’t come here once more.

Anand hears from Shubhra and Kuldeep about Samaira’s murder of Narain. Shubhra claims that you shouldn’t trust her. She poses a real threat. You and Vedika ought to stay away from her. Anand expresses regret for abandoning her father. I don’t find it shocking. Who understands her better than me. She can attempt to kill anyone who is in her favor. Kuldeep tells Vedika not to go there.

Anand asserts that Vedika cannot comprehend this while we adults can. She only cares about the fact that she doesn’t have a mother. I must comply with her request. In the event that I don’t stand by listening to her she will leave me.

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