Broken Bonds 14 May 2023 Update On Sunday

Broken Bonds: Shubhra claims, “I can kill you in a moment if I have to get justice” on Zee World’s Sunday, May 14, 2023 update. I’m living for my family and I can pass on for them also. I can also spend time in prison for their vengeance. Your commencement has begun.

I would have been fine, according to Madhura, if he had died naturally. I can’t bear this hatred. Kindly rebuff the person who took him from me. Tell him how much I miss him. I need to see him getting equity.

According to Roli, this column will contain Mama’s positive qualities, while the other column will contain Samaira’s negative qualities. I will say all that when I battle with Vedika. Rishi says Samaira is Vedika’s mother. Avoid doing this. It will hurt her. Aai always mentions positive things. I want to be a good girl like my mother, Roli says. Rishi says then don’t do this.

Phirki dances and says, “I’m so tired,” in scene 2. I have to do big things, become wealthy, and get married. There is Samair there. Phirki is frightened. She asserts that asking God is unnecessary. I am your safety net, and I will acquire all of those for you. Phirki says I will do as you say. Samaira asys gather my pack. We will travel to Mumbai.

Scene 3: Samaira enters a workplace. Where are you going, the guard inquires? Are you blind, she asks? Can you identify who I am? Samaira gives him cash. He says proceed to shop with it. Mr. Rajyadaksh hears it. I respect you, the watchman says, but let me do my job. Rajyadaksh says you are behaving like a second rate class thug.

Samaira says I came here to meet you. He inquires about an appointment. What does Samaira say? To meet you, I never required an appointment. He claims so. Give her my timetable and an arrangement. According to the receptionist, you must wait until 4. Samaira holds up there.

At 4, Samaira comes in. You have five minutes, according to Rajyadaksh. I’ll be there in two minutes, Samaira says. I’m wrapping up India’s business. I need to close the agreement and gather my last installment. He says that if you read the contract, it says that the payment will be made in 60 days, on November 15, and that you need to give a 30-day notice. Generally the installment will be decreased to half.

How can you accomplish this, Samaira asks? I will represent you in court. He says sure; after two years, you’ll get paid. Call Kuldeep if you want to close this deal. I’ll talk to him about it. According to Samaira, I own the business. Rajyadaksh advises rereading the contract. It bears both of your signatures. You may now depart. I’ve lost seven minutes because of you.

Scene 4
Kuldeep says to shubhra you request that I stay calm and you did this? Shubhra says for what reason did you tell Vedika she’s going to Dubai? She was devastated by you. You behaved like a child. Kuldeep claims that we ought to fight. so that she can sneak off to Dubai. Shubhra insists that we devise a strategy. We will do nothing like this. Kuldeep says OK. According to Shubhra, I know someone who can control her. Kuldeep says who? Shubhra says someone is there.

In Scene 5, Harsh meets Samaira. He says for what reason did you call me? She tells you to inquire about the weather. He says it’s november yet May like hot here. Samaira says is this a joke? He says you didn’t chuckle. Samaira says how about we cut to the chase. Your Shubhra cut me with a knife. She reveals everything to him.

Shubhra’s picture is in Samaira’s wallet. She endeavors to tear it. Harsh retracts it and advises against interacting with Shubhra. You won’t hurt her or… Samaira asks, “What are you going to do?” the entire world? Kill me! I will remove your Shubhra from you.

Harsh tells Samaira to pack her things and leave with her Chadha from here. We can’t endure ou here. She claims that the woman you always keep a picture of wants me to go to jail and you want me to go to Dubai. Harsh asserts that while the plans are different, the destination is the same. So that you can get Shubhra, Samaira says? How naive. Cruel says you better stress over yourself. Samaira says you can’t win from me. The same thing is our goal. Let’s deal, then? He says that relationships are important to you, but for me, they are life.

Phirki says Samaira thought of me as her shoe. how to determine my actions. She imagines Samaira as her servant and acts like Samaira. Samaira is asked to massage Phirki’s feet. Phirki says continue to make it happen. She says Sam.. do it great. Phirki acts like he is securing business deals. She requests that Samaira get her wine.

Scene 2
Samaria tells Kuldeep Rajydaksh isn’t clearing my installment. Call him and demand payment from him. Kuldeep says however the installment is one month from now. She answers phone calls. Kuldeeo declares, “Sir, we are wrapping up the business here.” Please clear our fifty percent payment.

He says business requires trust. That was never clear to Samaira. for you I can pay the whole installment and the following arrangement would be with you not Samaira. Send my best wishes to Shubhra. Samaira expresses out loud whatever the damnation. When I went to the office, he was cheating on me.

In Scene 3, Madhura and Chandrani request Vitthal to take the car and bring the children. Madhura says I truly miss them. I agree, Chandrani says. They chuckle and joke together. Rishi, according to Chandrani, is the serious kid, while Roli is fun. According to Madhura, they allow us to relive our childhood.

Chandrani says I was so shrewd. I used to move constantly by jumping. They chuckle. Chandrani says my biji would agree that you will rest on floor now however at that point she would embrace me to rest. A bell sounds. Both of them dash for the door. Rishi and Roli embrace them.

Harsh asks Shubhra in Scene 4: “Have you become like Samaira?” I didn’t realize you had that side of character as well. Kuldeep, Harsh asks, when is your flight? need to book your flight. Shbhra says Kuldeep is my life. He can’t go there, I won’t. Regardless of whether he goes to moon, I will pursue him.

We can’t be separated from death. Arsh turns his back. Shubhra asks, “What took place?” I don’t care where you go or what you do, says Harsh. Shubhra says Brutal you’re my companion. I would rather not hurt you. But I want the person who killed Baba to be punished.

It’s me on one side and Samaira on the other. Who would you like to be with? You will be at odds with me, Kuldeep, my children, and my parents if you are with Samaira. Rishi thought you were his best friend. You led him down the right road. Where did you get lost yourself? Samaira is terrible yet you’re not.

A goo person can’t keep pretending to be bad for long. That responsibility lives in your eyes. Kuldeep claims that although I detested your heart, you won mine. She’s a risky lady. You walked me down the right road. You can never be like her. You are a wise man and a good human being.

Shubhra says the be the great individual you have been. Kuldeep says please. Harsh asks, “What should I do?” Inform me.

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