Broken Bonds 15 May 2023 Update On Monday

Broken Bonds On Zee world Monday 15 May 2023 update, Vedika carries food to Anand. She asks that you eat. He claims that you have neglected papa. He is fed by her. According to Vedika, Rishi and Roli advise patching up with heart.

Will you reconcile if I persuade you from the heart? As he gives her a hug, Anand tells her, “You can convince me in a second.” She asks, “Will mama leave me?” I’m a bad daughter, am I? Nobody adores me. I’m being left by Mama. Anand says you are the best little girl.

Your mother has the greatest self-love. That is what sets Shubhra apart from your mother. Your mother is her world, and Shubhra Rishi Roli is her world. She could leave you now as well as when you were born. You’ll always have your papa by your side.

Vedika says I’m a decent young lady? Anand says you’re really great. You won’t be Samaira when you get older, like Shubhra ji. Vedika says I’m heartbroken. You are good and Mama is bad. Don’t say that, Anand says. A mother will be mother. Love her always. Will you always love her, VEdika asks? Anand says I will attempt.

Scene 2
Shubhra asks Unforgiving you attempted to get Kuldeep grabbed. How did that come about? He says I had a companion in police. Can he assist us, Shubhra asks? What the police think. Brutal says I abused him once. That is beyond me. Shubhra says we are taking his assistance for the best thing. We are attempting to bring a criminal to justice. There is nothing wrong with you. Unforgiving says assuming you’re saying it very well may be correct. I will converse with him.

In Scene 3, Phirki inquires, “Are you really leaving?” after seeing Samaira’s tickets. I’m being left here by police, you say? Don’t eat my head, Samaira. Phirki claims that you are ensnaring me in all of this and fleeing? According to Samaira, I’ve paid you enough. What else would you like? More cash? Change your face and undergo plastic surgery. Nobody will remember you. Sign the documents.

I can’t sign them without reading, Phirki says. These, according to Samaira, are papers from Mumbai House. The house will be yours once you sign them. It cannot be sold for a year. Phirki inquires about the other paper. Samaira makes an admission. You will admit that Narain died as a result of your actions. not from you, but rather as a result of you.

That’s what Phirki says, too. I’m not stupid. Do you want to be like me, Samaira asks? Go take my home and carry on with a decent life. Simply give this admission. Phirki claims that I did not do it. How could I admit? You ought to endorse them. Says Samaira, “Did I kill?” Who might accept? What evidence exists? You can be turned in by me. Do so. I won’t, says Phirki.

Are you out of your mind, Samaira? Phirki says I was nevertheless now I’m in faculties. Now I’ll tell you where you are. What do you mean, Samaira? Phirki claims that you taught me about reels. While you killed Shubhra’s father, I recorded your video.

What will you do with that video if Samaira declares that she will kill you? I’ll destroy your phone. She catches her. Phirki claims that I instructed my friend to hand it over to the police in the event of my death. samaira pushes her. Phirki moves on.

Scene 4: Madhura and Chandrani recall their husbands as they sing old songs. Let me ease your pain, Madhuraa says. She puts Chadha ji and Narain’s photos together. She claims that you both own this house. Your Chadha ji and Shubhra’s baby will be here. Additionally, we will be together.

Harsh contacts his buddy. He asserts that there was no autopsy. There is no evidence. What effect can a single confession have? Just Samaira has the remote of this game. She’s two strides in front of you. Choose a strategy that puts you two steps ahead of her. Kuldeep gets out whatever do you mean? He says drive her mad. Incite her to reveal the truth.

Samaira considers Phirki’s words. She explodes. Phiri is sipping her drink in the pool when Samaira emerges. She asks Sam, “Hello,” and “What did you decide about the Mumbai house?” Money? No? No problems. Please give me more wine. Angry, Samaira turns to look at her.

Phirki claims that Mumbai residence. Money? Get me wine so I can appreciate it in the pool. Did you not hear? Angry, Samaira turns to look at her. Samaira enters the water. She is sprayed with water by Phirki. She is shoved by Samaira. Phirki suffocates. She says, “You will threaten me?” as Samaira submerges her.

Like Shubhra’s father, I will kill you. Phirki tells me to leave. Samair submerges her in water and threatens to delete the video and destroy your phone. Phirki has trouble. Samaira continues to suffocate her. Phirki passes on. Samaira dries herself.

Narain’s death report is shown on the television. The reporter claims that Samaira killed Narain Gokle. Shubhra’s father. whose spouse was involved in an affair with Samaira. Vedika can see it. She asys Roli is correct. You are Aunt Ravan. You’re malevolent. You killed uncle. The police come in to capture Samaira.

Monitor says you killed Phirki and Narain. Vedika leaves her and runs away. When Samaira asks her to listen, she tells her to run away. The pool has been cleared of Phirki’s body. Crying Vedika. Samaira checks her out. Samaira is taken away by the law. Samaira awakens. it was a fantasy. Samaira responds, “No, I won’t go to jail.”

Samaira emerges. Phirki is swimming. Samaira gives her a look. Phirki says might you at any point fill my glass of wine? Samaira talks back to her dream. She fills the glass. According to Samaira, where is the video? Phirki says I will tell you once you give me that Mumbai house and more cash. Cheers.

Scene 2: Rishi tells Roli that he believes Aaju Baa is looking at them. Roli says I miss him a great deal. Rishi claims that Aaji claims he visited Ganu bappa. Roli says we will request that he send our Aaju ba back. Rishi claims that Dadi asserts that Ganu Ji’s followers never return. Chandrani gives them hugs.

She says you miss your grandfather. Stay here. What do you do when you miss Aai, Chandrani asks? Rishi requests that I make her a card. When I make a mistake, Roli says, I also send her a card of apology. How does Mama feel when she receives the card, according to Chandrani? Roli says that’s excellent. You never met your father, according to Chandrani.

I greatly miss him. I send him a lengthy letter via mail. You can write your aaju baa a letter. Where will you post it, Roli asks? You are correct, Chandrani; I will post it. He will understand it and be cheerful. Vitthal says you both have prodded him a great deal. He recalls the first time Rishi and Roli were there. Vitthal says he adored his wicked grandchildren. To compose a letter, the children go. According to Vitthal, where will you send the letter? Kids, according to Chandrani, have pure hearts. They rely on us.

Roli and Rishi decorate and write their letters. They keep it in the sanctuary. Rishi advises giving our letters to Aaju Baa to Ganu bappa. Roli suggests sending them quickly.

Modak will be yours from us. I’ll make you a card of appreciation, Roli promises. Rishi says expedited shipment please. We will sit tight for his response. Madhura and Chandrani pick the letters once they leave.

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