Broken Bonds 17 May 2023 Update On Wednesday

Broken Bonds: Madhura gets emotional thinking about her husband as she looks at her wedding photos in the Zee World Wednesday 17 May 2023 update. Vedika and Anant accompany Samaira when she visits Shubhra’s house. She says Vedika needed to meet Roli and Rishi.

Shubhra says she wants to go for a gathering and inquires as to whether they can come tomorrow. Chandrani says she is there and they are not visitors, they resemble relatives. She tells Shubhra that she is free to leave. Shubhra leaves.

Vedika tells Rishi and Roli that she is here to patch things up. Roli and Rishi give her a hug. Chandrani asserts that children should take this trait from them. Children play. Samaira recalls how she killed Sadashiv after seeing his picture. She gets awkward and goes to kitchen to hydrate. Chandrani requests that she taste some food.

She informs Samaira that she will only be there for a short time before departing for Dubai, so she should spend as much time as possible with the children. Samaira believes Chandrani is correct. By showing that video, Phirki made her feel bad.

She will teach Phirki a lesson once she has the video. Samaira is a name kids use to play with. Chandrani divides the group into two and declares that the team that consumes the most pakoras will win. Samaira has not returned. She is told to eat quickly by Vedika.

Shubhra tells Kuldeep when she meets him that Anant and Samaira will be busy with the kids. What should they do now? He states, “I want to see in your eyes right now.” He gives her a head-to-toe kiss.

He asserts that the situation is dire. Phirki has told Samaira to do so. Phirki has become tyrant of this house. When Samaira saw Phirki, her eyes were filled with fear. We need to sort out how that dread came. She inquires, “So, you want me to force Phirki to confess?” He affirms.

Phirki is where Shubhra goes. Phirki requests that she leave, however Shubhra attempts to look for something. She is targeted by Phirki. With a knife, Shubhra threatens her back. Phirki has a side seat.

Shubhra sees a protected box and requests that Phirki open it. Phirki asserts that she is unsure. Shubra is able to open the package after Kuldeep provides the passcode. She locates the papers stating that Phirki owns the house.

They will now play a card game, according to Chandrani. They will make a place of cards, however they will change the groups. Elders will be in other teams while kids will be in one. Children assert that they will prevail because they are friends and elders continue to fight. The team of Samaira and Anant wins.

In excitement, they shake hands rather than raise their hands to give a high five. Chandrani asserts that Anant and Samaira won because they built their own home. Samaira informs her that she must return home. She leaves.

Phirki tells Shubhra what she knows that Samaira used to buy her house. Phirki says for the services I provided. For supporting her in great and awful time. She built a house in my name because she is going to Dubai. Shubhra responds, “I know you are equally responsible for all of Samaira’s sins.” Phirki responds, “I am.

” Why then? She is hit by Shubhra. You can slap me as much as you want, Phirki says. I don’t worry about you. Kuldeep is informed by Shubhra that this signature is fake. They will illuminate to police and they will capture Phirki. Phirki claims that Samaira will lie to herself and claim that it is her signature. Doorbell rings. Phirki says Samaira is here. You can inquire.

Anant ponders Samaira. Chandrani advises him to encourage. He just made a house with Samaira. According to he, it was a cards house. The house will collapse with one blow. A house, like Shubhra’s, cannot be destroyed even by a severe storm. Chandrani responds, “I understand you, but Samaira carved out a place for herself in Devika’s heart.” Don’t you have any space for Samaira in your heart?

At some point, you two loved each other. He claims to have long since forgotten that love. He simply meets Samaira for Devika. Now, even Devika is aware of Samaira’s real face. She, at the end of the day, has said that Samaira is a terrible mother. It’s miserable that he can’t give what Devika needs – love of a mother.

Phirki says let him know you gave me Mumbai bunglow. Who are you all to question, Samaira asks? These marks and records are mine. Get away. Phirki hears Shubhra say, “I won’t let you go like that.”

The kids have fun. Rishi claims that children patch up when they fight. Vedika asserts that my parents have been fighting for a very long time. We won’t fight like this when we have kids. Rishi says the principal part is to acknowledge your slip-up. Roli claims that I will never allow my daughter to be unhappy. I will encourage her like this. Vedika is amused by her. Vedika chuckles.

Are you shocked by the papers, according to Harsh? I know how helpless you feel. Shubhra says she generally goes for it. Harsh asks, “Where are Vedika and Anand?” At my place, says Shubhra. He says keep them there. Why, asks Kuldeep? You are a friend of Samaira. You cannot be trusted in that way. Shubhra requests Kuldeep. Harsh explains the strategy, and Shubhra promises to keep them there. They move on. Brutal calls somebody and says I want some assistance.

Scene 2: We miss the good old days, the kids tell Chandrani. Aaji would prepare paratha and your champi for us whenever aaju baa and I would play together. Even when aai scolds us, we miss you. Chandrani says aaji and I miss you both a great deal. Rishi promises that we will meet you every weekend.

Harsh remembers that his friends said it couldn’t be heart failure. He recalls Shubhra’s words. Should I break my doctorate vow, says Harsh? to assist a friend? However, this will also bring Narain, a good and innocent person, to justice. What ought I to do? He’s befuddled.

Scene 3: Vedika is taken by Anand. Shubhra requests that the children remain here. They are laughing a lot. You ought to remain here also.

Where is Samaira, Phirki is asked by Kuldeep? She claims that I don’t care. She tells you to pass the food. According to Kuldeep, you have gotten so rich. Take note of how you’ve evolved. Samaira was once served by you. However, prior to eating, all wealthy people consume wine. He presents wine to her. According to Phirki, you were the only Samaira-dated man I liked. She vomits.

Men are called by Kuldeep. Phirki and Samaira are ensnared. In a suit, harsh clothes. Shubhra comes also. Harsh advises removing her. Both of you are not safe in this situation. Shubhra ought not to be present. Shubhra says we can’t let you be. Kuldeep says we will remain here. If you both don’t go, Harsh says, I’ll leave everything. Kuldeep and Shubhra leave.

In Scene 4, Roli and Rishi inquire about Chandrani’s whereabouts. She refers to them as superheroes. They are on their way to combat evil forces. They have superpowers. Their children are their superpower. They won’t be disturbed if you go to bed together. They will soon triumph over evil and bring joy to our lives. The children go to sleep.

Brutal takes out an infusion and says Samaira I love Shubhra a ton. I can do anything for her, but with a human like you, what I’m doing right now is perfect. He administers the drug to her. Phirki receives the same injection from him. Kuldeep, according to Shubhra, I am extremely worried. Harsh has never been like that. Kuldeep claims that I assumed he only spoke. I’m stunned today. Should we stop him, Shubhra suggests? Kuldeep claims that it is now out of our hands.

Shubhra warns against harming God. I trust nothing will go wrong. Harsh destroys a drill press. Phirki looks around. She is stunned. Samaira also gets sup. They attempt to let go of themselves. Harsh gets a knife out. Brutal says do you have confidence in God? Remember him. You might want to visit him right now. Phirki expresses out loud whatever? I’m tied for what reason? Harsh claims that you wanted me to prove you were insane, correct? Samaira?

so that you can be cast out of your sins. So I thought let me help you. I have everything needed. Today, I will label you insane. Samaira expresses out loud whatever do you need? Harsh gets the knife out.

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