Brokens Bonds 9 May 2023 Update On Tuesday

Broken Bonds: Shubhra asks how you are in the Zee world Tuesday, May 9, 2023 update. He says we have to meet like this because we are married? She says it won’t be a problem. According to Kuldeep, Biji informed me that Phirki has undergone significant transformations. She is living like Sam there.

Samaira is afraid because Phirki has information. She even gave Phirki the watch I gave her. Shubhra insists that we make use of her as a pawn. I ought to show this watch too aai yet she gets emtional. Kuldeep says that if she remembers this watch, we might find the person who killed Papa. Shubhra says, I’ll try to figure out how to do that.

Kuldeep hears Samaira say, “I want your mom out of my house.” That house needs to be sold. Kuldeep did you settle the arrangement? Where could the purchaser be? When should I go to sign the papers? Tell me when. Biji can then depart. Samaira urges immediate action. Kuldeep asks, “Why are you so irrational?” Is there something hidden in that house? Samaira orders silence. She admits that she must have planned something in her heart.

Scene 3: Shubhra practices good manners. What are all these papers, Madhura inquires? She mentions all of Kuldeep’s laborious efforts to initiate Papa’s case. To begin the case, he continued to travel to the station. The remaining battle is ours. Madhura claims that you speak like your father. Shubhra states that only you can answer the questions in these papers. Try to remember what took place. We were over the moon. You returned home. What transpired in the interim? Does Madhura cry?

Madhura remembers that her maid called a different maid. I don’t know where to start, Madhura cries. Shubhra claims that there was a second maid when you returned home. Madhura says he was exceptionally cheerful. He went shopping on his own. Was there something wrong, according to Shubhra?

Madhura claims that everything went well. Is there anything odd Shubhra says? Madhura is crying. We must win this war, according to Shubhra. You must remember. Those domestics? When dad was doing move rehearse? when you bid him goodnight? What transpired following that? She claims that I last saw your papa smiling. Madhura is crying.

Shubhra says please aai. Get hydrated. Madhura says he was a youngster. Shubhra claims that the new maid administered medicine; what next? That concludes Madhura. I assumed it was a duplicate because she was sporting an expensive watch. Can you recognize that watch, Shubhra asks? Madhura advises me to try. Shubhra shows her Phirki’s photograph. MAdhura says it was this one. How are you getting it? Shubhra says we will track down the responses.

Shubhra calls Kuldeep. He asks did the up-and-comer interview work out positively? Shubhra says OK we can get Samaira captured in father’s homicide. Kuldeep leaves.

Scene 4: Shubhra and Kuldeep approach the inspector. He asserts that this watch provides no evidence. Shubhra says the house cleaner was wearing this. He says you’re denouncing her since she wedded your better half. You are after Samaira lady. Please don’t question Shubhra and her mother, Kuldeep. You can play this detective game, the inspector says. I can’t play it with you with next to no verification. They leave. Do you think this concept would work, Shubhra asks? Kuldeep claims that it must. They leave.

On call, Chandrnai claims to have received it. You can now see what I do to this Phirki that arrives. Chandrani asks, “Why do you feel so afraid?” How is a reel made? Might you at any point educate me? She says OK. She demonstrates to Chandrani how to produce videos. Chandrani says this reel will go on the web. they will all go off the deep end after to you. You will tie the knot. Phirki claims that I also see dreams about finding a husband like Sunny Deol. Who is preventing you, Chandrani claims?

She says I’m consistently after Sam didi has Phirki? Chandrani advises against continuing to pursue her. Track down a hero and get hitched to him. Otherwise, you’ll keep looking for Samaira-type married men. Phirki asserts that I am certain God will send me a king. A bell sounds. According to Chandrani, it appears he has sent one. A man enters.

Phirki opens the entryway.. A man says Samaira ji.. You are so lovely. You make my day better. I should take a picture of you. He takes her photographs. Can I call you Sam, he asks? Yes, says Phirki. He claims that you promised to sell your home. Are you accompanying the house as well? I don’t know if I should go see the house or you. Are you Sam ji, he asks? Did you put the advertisement correctly? She says OK. This is Kuldeep. He claims to be Harprett. You could you at any point call me Preet with affection. Who is in your family, Phirki inquires? He claims that his wife broke my heart.

Together with another man, she fled. Phirki inquires about her character. Kuldeep looks everywhere for evidence. Phirki says she didn’t merit your affection. Chandrani tells Phirki he’s rich and attractive. Give it a chance. According to Phirki, won’t you feel alone in such a large house? You can fix my lonliness, according to Kuldeep. Phirki says it’s Mumbai’s karma that you came here. He claims that this city is gorgeous. It’s so romantic to take long drives in this city. Phirki is timid. Kuldeep makes up a fall.

Kuldeep says will you wed me? Chandrani says wow what a beautiful couple. While she is distracted, she steals the laptop. Kuldeep claims that you look stunning in this diamond. take off this filthy watch. Wear this new one. He takes the watch from her hand. Kuldeep says we should get to know each other before coming closer. Phirki is timid. Let’s talk about your heart, he says. My heart tells me that your name is Phirki, not Samaira. He removes his beard and turban. Phirki is taken aback. Her phone is stolen by Chandrani.

Phirki says return my telephone. I won’t, Chandrani says. Phirki asserts that this is wrong. Kuldeep says she can’t hear you right now if did finds out. Samaira wouldn’t give you this watch if she had a big heart. Tell me, what are you hiding? You may be excused assuming you come clean.

Shubhra claims that there is not a single picture of Samaira and Phirki in Scene 2. Roli and Rishi come. They sit on the papers. Shubhra says I’m working. Can you not see? The children say sorry mother. Shubhra gives them hugs. She says I’m so nervous. I’m looking for photos of Samaira and Phirki. The kid looks up their pictures online. Shubhra expresses gratitude. Madhura asks, “Who is this voice?” The voice is from the same maid. She discusses the maid. Shubhra is taken aback. According to Shubhra, Phirki, Samaira’s maid, is speaking.

In scene 3, Kuldeep declares that no gates are open. You can’t go out. She will locate you and this elderly lady. She is slapped, and chandrani asks, “Am I old?” I won’t say anything because Phirkki says to hit me. This is wrong. Chandrani slaps her and gets out whatever you and Samaira did was correct? You killed Shubhra’s father when you broke into his house. Phirki says what? Murder? What do you mean? Chandrani claims that Samaira asked you to kill him. Phirki says she thinks of you as a mother.

She gave you so much, and now you say she killed you? She cannot achieve this. Kuldeep claims I am aware of her capabilities. I will give your name to the police. Baba’s case is enlisted. They are seeking the two fictitious maids. You went there as a fictitious maid, correct? Madhura heard you speaking. Kuldeep advises calling Samaira to inquire about whom her attorney would save. You or Samaira? Samaira will be saved by HE. Chandrani says how might she manage the cost of such a major legal counselor.

Dubai is Samaira’s destination. Phirki will be left alone by her. Phirki will spend the rest of her life in prison, according to Kuldeep, if she confesses all of her sins. My didi, according to Phirki, cannot do that. Chandrani expresses come to Pune and check whether your didi will give you to police or not. Allow me to call the police here. Phirki begs you to refrain from this. I need to meet Samaira, please. Kuldeep says proceed to gather your sacks. When Samaira sees you and us, I want to see her stunned.

Scene 4
Shubhra calls Chandrani. She informs Madhura that Kuldeep discovered the watch. They are bringing Phirki here. Police needs to push forward with this case. How Kuldeep has helped us a child can, as opposed to a DIL. He has committed errors however he doesn’t have a terrible heart. He just needs favors from you. Your statement is the most significant aspect of this case. Phirki is recognized by you.

The police will question you in every way. You should major areas of strength for be. Madhura says I can do that for your father. Baba, according to Shubhra, will be content with the victory. Furthermore, Samaira’s down will be finished.

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