Omkar Begs Mayura To Come For Tara. Cage Of Beauty 1 November 2022, Tuesday Pt2: Episode 157


The Episode started with Mayura telling the Police Inspector that she didn’t drink bhang as she doesn’t like it. She said she didn’t want to go to his house and refused him when he asked her to come and said she has the call records. The Inspector asked Omkar if it was true. Megha searched Akhilesh’s phone and read his message. She then thinks to find out. The Inspector asked Omkar if this was true.

Mayura told Omkar that if she wanted then she would have kidnapped Tara when he left her alone in the car. She told the Inspector that Tara had escaped from home before too. The Inspector asked Omkar if he wanted a police case to be filed. The guard came there and said Tara had fainted. Mayura was about to run to her but Omkar stopped her and said I am not filing a case against you but you will not come near her.

Omkar told Manjari that they will leave within an hour from this city. Megha told Akhilesh that they have to leave as Sanjay has the meeting. Akhilesh saw Mayura coming home alone and asked Megha and Sanjay to go and they left. Mayura came inside and washed her face. She told Dadi and the others that Omkar has won like always and she cried for Tara.

Tara was unwell, Manjari said they shall leave immediately, Shankar asked, what if anything happens to her. The Doctor said the girl is missing Nayan the Nurse and asked him to call her. The doctor said you will be responsible if something happens to her and left. Manjari said I had talked to Gurumaa and she told me that there is good mahurat in 10 mins.

Mayura called Doctor Khanna from Akhilesh’s phone. The other doctor picked the call and told her that Omkar doesn’t want to see your face and is taking Tara out of the city. Mayura cried and said she will plead in front of Omkar to leave Tara and prayed to God. Omkar stepped out of the room and told Manjari that he was wrong, they can’t go until the Doctor permits them. Tara was mentioning Nayan Nurse’s name in an unconscious state.

Omkar called the Doctor and said Tara has a fever. The Doctor suggested that he bring Nayan back to Tara. Omkar was leaving the house and told Manjari that he was going to call Nayan Nurse. Manjari said she will call Gurumaa and he will do havan. Omkar said no. Shankar then convinced Omkar to call the nurse. Manjari said the driver knows her address. Shankar then called Akhilesh and Akhilesh gave the phone to Mayura. Shankar informed her that Omkar went to Nisha’s house to bring Nayan.

Mayura said she has to go immediately. Megha came there and hugged Mayura. Mayura said she came for a short time and shall return soon. She said she will talk to her later and left. Omkar came to Nisha’s house and found it locked. Mayura came there as Nayan and asked if he came to spy on her. Omkar asked her to come with him as Tara was unwell. Mayura said she can’t come and Omkar held her hand.

Megha asked everyone if they were hiding something but they said no. Omkar tried to convince Mayura and asked if she doesn’t have a heart. Mayura said don’t talk about it, if you had it then you wouldn’t have caged Tara in the golden cage,she said she has some conditions to work in his house but Omkar refused to accept. Just then he got a message that Tara was not eating and Mayura hoped he hires her again…Read more

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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