Piyush Acts To Save Mayura From Omkar. Cage Of Beauty 10 August 2022, Wednesday Pt1: Episode 49


Omkar says Mayura you must be hungry. Let me get you breakfast. Piyush you sit here, Mayura might get bored alone. I will see if breakfast is ready. Omkar goes to kitchen. Piyush says Mayura listen to me. Mayura says don’t even try to talk to me.

He says you’re getting me wrong. I have to tell you something before he comes. Trust me. mayura says no. I trusted you every time and yo pushed me to your evil brother. You made me marry this person.

What did I do to you? I wanted a simple life with a person who loved me as a person not beautiful face. Piyush says you are getting me wrong. Truth is that.. Omkar comes. He says no husband can be better than Omi.

If he stays happy he will make your life happy as well. Omkar smiles. He leaves. Mayrua says are you here to take his side? Piyush says he was listening so I had to say that. I can never trust you.

Piyush says I am with you. We have to fight this. This isn’t easy, he was my God. Omkar says I was doubting Piyush for no reason. My bacha can never leave me alone. Piyush says he isn’t anything what he pretended to be like. Sanjay is with us. He will help us from outside and I from here.

I will give my life but will free you from here. I promise. By mistake but I brought you closer to him. I am sorry for that. Mayura says Piyush I was so scared. My strength broke when you stood on his side. Omkar forgot his phone. He walks back. Piyush says I am with you. This is Sanjay’s plan.

Sanjay called Piyush and said we can’t fight with omkar face off. Only you can help Mayura. Win Omkar’s trust. ask Mayura to not fight either. We will get her out from there on right time. Entire power is with him, we can’t fight with him. Omkar came in the room. Piyush said you played with our trust. Now it’s our turn. Piyush says it disgusts me to call him brother.

We have to make him see that are happily accepting everything. Omkar comes back. Mayura says I did the same. I didn’t fight with him when he was getting me ready. He says we have to keep this going. I will get you out of here. Trust me. Mayura says thank you. Omkar shouts how can this happen. He shouts Pushpa..

Omkar says how was there hair in Mayura’s food? I will get you all bald. Get new food made. Mayura and Piyush are alerted.

Scene 2
Ashu comes outside the house with Sanjay. Guards stop him. Ashu fights with them and goes in. He says my daughter is there. No one can stop me.

omkar makes Mayura eat. He says eat please. Your skin will get dull. Ashu comes in. Mayura says papa.. He hugs Mayura across cage. Ashu says Omkar you have lost your humanity and you got powerful people with you. But these people, my friends my neighbours they are with me. They are my people.

They are humans. Ashu’s friends say we will make a video and make it viral about what you’re doing with her. Ashu says release my Minty. Omkar comes out of the cage. He opens it for Mayura. He goes out and locks Mayura inside. Ashu says open it. Release her.

Ashu says why are you closing it? Ashu says you’re not doing right. Mayura says please open it. My papa is here. Ashu says the consequence won’t be right. If you have strength, look in my eye and tell me. Omkar wears the key and ignores him. Omkar comes to Ashu’s friends. He takes out diamonds. He throws them in their feet.

They say it’s real. omkar says do you want to change your generations’ life or want to be with Ashu? Ashu says you can’t buy everyone. Omkar says I can. His friends start picking diamonds. Ashu says what are you doing? Don’t do this. We came here to free Mayura. I always stood by you people. I need you today. Who will help me. The man says Sartaj ji you made our lives. ashu this is your family matter.

They leave. Ashu says this isn’t right. Omkar says your big stones vs. my small. Never do such stupid thing again. Your wear heart would hurt. Ashu tries to slap him.

Omkar holds his hand. Mayura says leave papa’s hand. It’s hurting him. Omkar grasps AShu’s hand. Mayura cries and says Omkar ji for me leave his hand please.

Omkar leaves his hand. Omkar says your daughter is wiser than you. She understood in a day. Nothing can work in front of what I want. He says Bali take papa ji home. carefully, get him a drink. He shouted a lot.

Ashu sits in Manjali’s feet. He says I beg you. please talk to Omkar. Manjali says go from here. Stop it. You will ruin my saree. Omkar says she’s my daughter. She’s my heart. I can’t see her in pain. I can’t live without her. Please. Ashu cries. He says I beg you please. Mayura says papa don’t do this.

Mayura says please get up papa. Please for me, get up. Manjali says leave. Ashu says Minty don’t be scared. Don’t give up. I am with you till my last breath. Stay strong. He gives her a locket and says Mata Rani will be with you. I will take you out of here. Omkar’s guards take him out. Mayura says stop it. He’s my dad.

Mayura cries. Omkar says don’t cry. I don’t like you crying. Mayura shoves him. Manjali says Mayura what are you doing? Don’t create so much drama. Wives have to listen to their husbands. He only wants you to look beautiful. What’s the big deal? Omkar says rest Mayura. Manjali says she will. You come eat.

Manjali says it’s Narmala pooja. You do it every year. Omkar says how can I forget that? I will go to the temple. Piyush says can I give Mayura water? Omkar nods. Piyush goes to Mayura. Manjali makes Omkar eat.

Piyush says to Mayura there’s a pooja tomorrow. He will go at all costs tomorrow. We have to plan something. It’s a big chance to get out of this cage. Omkar says it’s a big day tomorrow. Mayura says I will get out of this cage tomorrow.

Precap-Precap-Omkar ties Mayura’s hand with hers. He says come with me. Mayura says where are you taking me? He dances with Mayura. Mayura steals the key. She says I will be free now