Vishaka Trains Mayura To Fight Omkar. Cage Of Beauty 10 November 2022, Thursday Pt1: Episode 167


The Episode started with Omkar giving a press interview and telling that Mayura has kidnapped Tara, as she is mentally unstable. Mayura said I will expose him. Vishaka said whom will understand, Omkar will take Tara and you will stay as the helpless girl. Mayura became angry and asked her not to call her a helpless woman. Vishaka said you have the fire and it needs just some air. She said you have to change from head to toe, you are very beautiful by face, but didn’t take advantage of your beauty.

Mayura asked how she can think of this and said the people who gives more importance to beauty doesn’t matter to her. Vishaka said you are too good than your face, but you have to stay away from your family and daughter for 6 years. She asked her to look at both of them. She said what do you think that people will look at whom? She said people don’t look at the heart, but looks at the beauty. She said if you want to go then leave. She asked her to look as she wants just once, Mayura agreed and there Tara called her.

Omkar asked the guard to keep an eye on Mayura’s family. Manjari asked him to be quiet. Omkar said I will be quiet, when Mayura will be in jail and my Tara in my house, it is not easy to be freed from my Pinjara. Tara asked where are we? Mayura said we are with good people. Vishaka’s team brought new clothes for her. Vishaka said your training will start now. Mayura said my daughter has woken up just now. Vishaka said we are training you so that you don’t lose your daughter. Mayura told that her daughter is her everything and she will not leave her. She heared Tara crying and agreed for the training.

Mayura got ready for the training and was trained by Vishaka. Vishaka asked her to aim at Omkar and said you can do it. Mayura was practicing boxing, rope exercises etc. Tara told Mayura that they shall return home, as Papa must be waiting. Mayura said Papa called and said that he is very busy in work, so we will go later. Tara said Papa didn’t talk to me and said make me talk to Papa. Mayura said Papa is busy in a meeting, so he will talk to you later. Tara then insisted to talk to Manjari. Mayura said I will charge my phone and will make you talk to her. She went out and Tara looked at the phone.

Omkar’s guard told him that they are going to the house which they found through the car details. Tara thinks of Omkar’s number and called him. Omkar picked the call and Tara said hello. Omkar became happy and said my daughter. Just then the call got disconnected. Mayura came back to the room. Vishaka told her that Tara had called Omkar and asked Akansha to burn the phone so that nobody can trace it. She said Tara shall not stay here, she will send her to a boarding school today.

Mayura said she is fighting so that Tara stays with her and you are keeping her away from me. Vishaka said she wants her to be with her always and have to send her far before Omkar takes her from here. Omkar called his guard and asked him to trace the number. He go the address and went there. Mayura said Tara will not go anywhere, she is a small girl. Vishaka said I am doing this for Tara and asked her to fight with Omkar for her rights.

She said once you defeat omkar, Tara can stay with you forever, you have to do this before you lose your daughter. Omkar came there and called asking to open the door. He broke the door and looked inside but didn’t see anyone. He thinks, Tara will be punished this time. Vishaka and Mayura reached other house. Vishaka said we are saved this time, but can’t next time. Mayura agreed to send Tara to boarding school.

Mayura cried and said Tara cried a lot and made this drawing for me while going. Vishaka asked her not to worry and said it is just the matter of some days, once she reaches there, you can talk to her daily via video call. Mayura said what if Tara calls Omkar from school. Vishaka said not possible as she instructed the school authorities, that her only guardian is you (Mayura). Vishaka asked Mayura to defeat Omkar and break his monopoly. She told her that Omkar is about to get the deal for marbles being the marble king, but today you will get the deal. Mayura said I don’t have any knowledge of marbles. She asked her to trust herself and change her face to trap Omkar.

Precap: Mayura got the make up done to hide her scar and came to strike the marble deal

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