Mayura Snatches Omkar’s Deal. Cage Of Beauty 10 November 2022, Thursday Pt2: Episode 168


The Episode started with Omkar doing aarti of the Goddess. Shankar said if Omkar had not attacked Mayura’s family then he wouldn’t have seen this day. Manjari said you find faults in my son only. Vishaka said we have to do something about this scar. Mayura said this is my identity. Vishaka said this was given by Omkar. Mayura said she can’t forget, especially this scar. Omkar prayed to God to return his Tara amd accept his life.

Manjari said we will get Tara back and your tapasya will not go waste. Mayura said this scar is my inspiration and not my weakness, it reminds me how Omkar fooled me and then betrayed me, the truth which reminds me not to fall in his trap. That old beauty face was a curse for me, this scarred face freed me from the pinjara. Vishaka asked her to focus on her mission. Omkar said my mission is to take revenge on Mayura.

Vishaka asked Mayura to use her beauty as the pinjara/trap for Omkar and answer him in the same language which he understands. Mayura said I am ready. Omkar talked to the Inspector and asked if he can’t search for a small girl. He talked to the guards and threatened them asking them to search for his daughter. Shankar got a call and told someone that the Manager will come, Omi can’t come.

Mayura told Vishaka that she can’t use expensive beauty products. Vishaka said it is good, as it is expensive for it quality. Mayura said I haven’t used it before. Vishaka asked her not to worry, as the brand is mine and the products are free for her. Mayura asked really? You are the owner of this brand?. Vishaka said it will be of your use now. She told her that she wants to change the perception of the people and wants the girls to win. She said I want to start with you. She got Mayura’s make up done, clothing etc done and said you are ready.

Shankar told Omkar about the meeting. Omkar said he will not go. Manjari said the deal is ours, who will dare to compete with us. Vishaka and Mayura came to the meeting. Mayura bowled over the client with her beauty.

Mayura impressed the clients and asked if Omkar is seen only in the posters, that he didn’t think right to come her. The Manager asked if she knows him. Mayura told him that she will not tell the same thing which they know. She said if they want then she can give the presentation. The Manager said he will record the presentation but Mayura refused to let him record. Manjari asked Omkar to attend the meeting as they can’t lose the contract.

Omkar’s employee came there and said he is coming. Vishaka tells Mayura that they shall leave. Mayura tells that she can’t waste any more time. The client Ghanshyam agreed to do deal with them. Mayura gave them the contract papers and asked him to trust her. Ghanshyam agreed and signed on the papers and they left. The client got surprised with him Vishaka asked Mayura when did she make this contract.

Mayura said she will not do anything without planning. Omkar reached the office. His Manager greeted him. Ghanshyam said we shall give the contract to who works nicely and whose beauty touches our heart. Omkar heard him and asked if he is giving this contract to someone for her beauty. Ghanshyam said he knows about Mayura and him. Omkar pulled his collar and the client left. Omkar called Manoj and asked him to find out about Maya.

Mayura talked to Tara and was happy that she likes her new school. She said she will come and meet her soon. She told Vishaka that she needs a number, one which Omkar can’t trace her. She said she needs a private number and said that Omkar must be worried for Tara. She said that she wants to tell Omkar that Tara is safe. Vishaka said Omkar is getting weak and we have to take advantage at his weakest point. Mayura said she doesn’t want to defeat an already lost father.

Precap: Omkar saw Mayura’s eyes in a pic. He came to the beauty patient and saw Mayura as Maya walking on the ramp…Read more

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