Omkar Goes Missing. Cage Of Beauty 10 October 2022, Monday Pt2: Episode 130


The Episode started with Neel raising his hand on Omkar, just then Bali and his guards came there and held Neel. Neel asked him to fight alone. Omkar said first you called the security, not me. Mayura asked what do you think, I will get ready to sit for puja with you, how much you will stoop? Omkar said if you had agreed then I wouldn’t have done this. Neel said this puja doesn’t mean anything.

Omkar said the puja has no meaning, which you were doing with her. His guards then held everyone, while Omkar made Mayura sit with him forcibly. Pandit ji completed the puja and asked him to bless them. Pandit ji blessed them for their happy marriage. Omkar said one thing is remaining, empty forehead and empty maang and Neel became angry. Mayura asked Omkar to leave her.

Omkar asked Pandit ji to give him the sindoor and said that he is not doing anything forcibly, he is filling the sindoor in his wife’s maang. Mayura asked him not to cross the limits. Omkar said I am doing what is right, and is not doing anything wrong. He filled her maang with sindoor and made her wear mangalsutra. Mayura then got tears in her eyes. He said just tell me once, that you remember me and our relation.

Neel asked her not to answer him, he is trapping you like before. Mayura thinks, he is stubborn always and asked him to leave her hand. Omkar showed that he had left her hand and ran out. Neel, Akhilesh and the others went behind her. Omkar thinks your tests will fail in front of my love.

Mayura reached home and wiped thw sindoor from her maang crying. Neel and Akhilesh asked her to open the door. She came out and said she can’t think Omkar will do this. Neel said he can do anything to fulfill his wish. Akhilesh said we have to find a way out. Mayura said there is a way. only Omkar can defeat Omkar, we have to think like him, I have an idea. Later Neel and Akhilesh sent someone out of the house and Omkar came there.

Akhilesh called her Minty and asked her to run. Omkar said did you think that I will not know. Neel said Mayura doesn’t want to be with you. Omkar said why don’t you understand that nobody can take my Mayura away, when she remembers me. He asked the veiled lady, until when will she hide from him and asked her to accept him. Neel smiled and Akhilesh looked on. Omkar lifted the veil and found Nisha. Neel asked how did you like my game?

Omkar asked where is my Mayura? Neel said go and find her. Omkar went inside the house and searched for her. Dadi asked him to drink sherbet to calm down his mind. Omkar asked him to tell him where is Mayura?

Neel asked him to have patience and gave him a letter written by mayura. Omkar read her letter that she is going away from him and doesn’t want to be caged by him. She said she can’t become his. Omkar said Mayura can’t go away from me.

After 3 days, Omkar asked Bali what his men were doing, as Mayura was still missing. Bali said Mayura will be found, don’t worry. Omkar got down in front of the temple and cuts his hand with a marble. He said I won’t let Mayura go away from me. Just then someone came there. Surekha said until when will we hide Mayura from Omkar.

Neel said Omkar can’t think of where she is? Mayura said,I told you that we have to think like Omkar, if we want to defeat him. A flashback was shown, where Omkar was searching for Mayura in the house and left. Later Akhilesh and Surekha came to the door and took out Mayura from the cabinet of the bed. Mayura said now Omkar will search for her everywhere, but not here.

Neel asked Mayura to sign on the marriage annulment papers and said that she has to tell Omkar that she was already married to him (Neel). He said a man like Omkar like man can never change and Mayura became tensed. Neel asked her to think about her family and asked her to believe him saying your happiness lies in staying away from Omkar. He gave her pen and thinks once she signs on the papers, then will go away from him.

She was about to sign the papers, when someone knocked on the door. Mayura became shocked and dropped the pen and it fell under the table. Police came there and told them that Omkar is missing. Neel said this is Omkar’s trick. Shankar came there and said this is not Omkar’s trick. He told Akhilesh that Omkar is missing, he had gone to the temple to pray for Mayura.

I don’t know what he did with himself or someone might have done something with him. He said whatever he had done with Mayura. Akhilesh said we will inform you, immediately we know about him and Shankar left. Neel said that this is Omkar’s trick. Akhilesh said Shankar ji is a good man, but must be doing this for his son. Mayura then thinks of what to do.

Precap: Mayura was searching for Omkar. On the other side, Neil celebrated their first victory over Omkar and looked revengefully…Read more

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