Mayura Steals The Keys To The Cage. Cage Of Beauty 11 August 2022, Thursday Pt1: Episode 50



The episode started with Ashu not being well. Surekha said please don’t get so tense. Sanjay said papa ji, let me tell you my plan. Piyush is with us in getting Mayura out. Ashu said but he was on Omkar’s side. Sanjay said that was a drama. Otherwise, Omkar will kick him out and Manajli came there.

Sanjay said we are all with Mayura, she isn’t alone. Megha said yes, these entire stupids are with her. She didn’t hear that Piyush is with Mayura. Megha said my phone, Sanjay gave it to her and Megha left. Ashu said will Piyush help us? Sanjay said he is helping us. Omkar will go for pooja tomorrow, It’s a chance for us to get Mayrua out of there.

Omkar, Piyush and Manjali came outside the cage. Piyush said to Omkar, are you going for pooja? He said no I am not. Piyush said but you never missed this pooja. Omkar said maa will understand. Maa made this day special for me and Mayura. How can I leave Mayura alone. Today is for Mayura. Manjali gave a box to Omkar.

He opened it in front of Mayura, It had handcuffs. Mayura said what is this? He said it’s velvet, It won’t hurt you. Mayura said I won’t wear these handcuffs. He said I know you won’t run, this is for my satisfaction.

Mayura said I did what you asked. I ate, I dressed, I stayed in this cage, I am your wife. How can you make me wear these handcuffs? Maa ji.. Shankar tried to tell her something. He showed her another box, Mayura understood, she nodded and took the handcuffs.

Mayura got dressed and Omkar held her hand and brought her downstairs. There was cake and a lot of decorations. Mayura said what is all this for? He said our wedding is one month old now. You forgot but I didn’t, you and I became one a month ago. On this day, Mayura and Omkar became Mayukar.

I made you my reality by marrying you,he caressed her face and said congratulations on the first month of the wedding. Manjali said you are like a poet Omi. And Mayura.. our bahu rani, smile a bit. Husbands forget not just dates but even their wives. He did all this for you.

You can’t find a husband like him. Mayura said in the heart a husband like this should never be in anyone’s life. Omkar said Mayura cut the cake. Mayura then cuts the cake with Omkar and Manjali clapped. Omkar made Mayura eat the cake and Manjali said Mayura you also make him eat. Mayura then made Omkar eat the cake. Omkar gave some of the cake to Manjali and Piyush.

Omkar took out a diamond set and said a small gift for you. It’s not as beautiful as you, you will increase it’s beauty if you wear it and he made her wear the necklace. Mayura looked at the key and said I want that key not this necklace, I will take it from you. Their hands were handcuffed together. Omkar then held Mayura’s hand.

Omkar danced with Mayura while Shankar looked at Mayura.
Sanjay and Ashu were talking and Megha said, I have to do something. I have to find out their plan and tell it to Omkar so Mayura stays in that cage forever. Mayura said I need water. Omkar said come and took her to the table.

Mayura slipped and made Omkar fall on her. Omkar said are you okay Mayura? Piyush distracted Manjali. He said maa ji you dance so well. Shankar looked at Mayura and said come on. Shankar sent foam and Mayura took the stamp of the key on the foam and passed it under the table. Mayura said I will get my freedom from your throat. Piyush then picked the foam.

Mayura said where is Piyush, we don’t have much time. Piyush will get the key and I will be free from the cage.

Precap: Piyush released Mayura and they run out. Omkar came to the cage and no one was there. Mayura and Piyush were hidden behind the wall while Omkar scream Mayura…Read more