Cage Of Beauty 11 July 2022, Monday Pt1: Episode 11

Piyush said to Omkar, this is love’s dessert. You make it slowly and with love. Omkar said let’s go tomorrow. Piyush said you have to be patient.

Dadi said he’s a nice guy,he came here himself. Surekha said he didn’t even say a word, he said sorry instead. Dadi said he’s sartaj of hearts, his dad said Manjali didn’t have to do all that either. Dadi said Kundan’s mom was also going crazy seeing rich men. Her dad said that’s different than destroying someone’s house. Mayura said please calm down, don’t fight. I said sorry to him but that doesn’t mean I will marry him. He is just Sangemarmar sartaj for us like the rest of the city.

Omkar said Mayura is everything for me. Piyush said something will happen that she might have never imagined, It’s all on me.

Megha video called Kundan. She said Mayura Kundan is asking if you’re okay? She said I am all good jeju and he said well done my sister. Mayura then got a text from the principa. She said you can write the exam tomorrow. We have to go to an orphan in the outskirts tomorrow. Would you come? Mayura said all of a sudden?

Mayura was at the orphanage. People saw Omkar and started cheering him. A woman said you’re like a God to us, you keep arranging this treatment for us. Another said you got my daughter married. Another said you got my house build. Omkar said your happiness is mine. Another said you’re God to us, Mayura smiled and Piyush also smiled. Another man said we know how crazy he is. He got them married by force. The goons said, we will take revenge from this man even if we have to go through Mayura.
Omkar said women deserve all the respect in the world. I will do whatever I can to empower women and Mayura looked at him. He walked past her and said it’s so difficult for me not to look at you and ignore you but this is important to get you. Piyush then smiled at her.

Mayura said I came to this camp and I am able to help so many poor people here, I feel so good. Omkar arranged this camp. People considered him God here. Surekha said wow you opinion changed? Mayura said no. The goons set her camp on fire and Mayura screamed. They said now we will take revenge from that Omkar through this Mayura and Mayura screamed. Surekha said are you okay? The entire camp was on fine. Mayura tried to get out but she couldn’t

Mayura screamed for help and Omkar said Mayura.. He then run to the camp. Piyush said get water people. Surekha tried calling Mayura but didn’t answer. Surekha said someone save my daughter please. Omkar went inside and hugged Mayura to save her from the burning slab. People tried to extinguish the fire. Piyush said I am coming. Omkar said I won’t let anything happen to you and she fainted. Omkar said Mayura are you okay? I won’t let anything happen to your beauty. I won’t let a single stain touch your beauty. Even if the whole world burns. Piyush said please come out, It’s all full of flames. Omkar picked Mayura and brought her out.

Mayura was at home and she woke up. Mayura said me.. Surekha said are you okay? Thank God. Megha said are you okay? Mayura said who saved me. Megha said Omkar risked his life to save you. See this video. Dadi said he didn’t let anything happen to you. Dadi said he called the doctor and didn’t leave until the doctor said that you’re out of danger. Mayura then recalled the incidents with him. Surekha said thank him if you feel like. His heart is as big as his name. Megha said yes one thanks.

Omkar said Mayura you here? She said yes.. This.. Cake. He said you can talk to me, you speak when you’re angry but write on the mirror or speak through the cake when you have to say thank you or sorry. If a single flame touched you I won’t be able to tolerate.

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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