Omkar Spies On Mayura. Cage Of Beauty 11 November 2022, Friday Pt1: Episode 169


The Episode started with Akhilesh asking Megha to go. Megha said where is mummy, I want to talk to her. Sanjay asked her to come saying you have already troubled them much. Omkar told Vishaka he wants to meet Maya and asked who she is? Vishaka asked the guards to make her meet Maya.

Megha came to Manjari and asked her to call Omkar but Manjari asked her to go. Megha said I helped Omkar and said that she can’t go home due to them. Manjari said your Mayura has escaped with Tara. Megha called Omkar and threatened to get them arrested. She then run inside and went to Manjari’s room. Manjari asked her to come out, Megha said she will not come out until Omkar talks to her.

Omkar asked Vishaka where is Maya and said he didn’t come to play antakshiri with her. Vishaka asked him to do a reverse countdown and played the fashion show. Akhilesh said that Nisha has sent some link asked how to open it. Dadi said she knows as Mayura taught her. She opened the link and found the fashion show going on. Vishaka told Omkar that Maya will come now. After many models, Maya walked on the ramp.

Omkar saw Mayura and thinks if she got her scar removed. Akhilesh told Dadi that this is modeling show, Just then he sees Mayura walking on the ramp on his mobile. Omkar recalled Mayura’s words that she will win Tara with her love and truthfulness. He said Mayura…He thinks Mayura got her scar removed and burnt the TV angrily. He heard a Reporter saying that Ms. Maya is the miracle of beauty, our show stopper Maya. Akhilesh asked Dadi what did she hear or read about it. Dadi said she don’t remember.

Akhilesh said I will call Nisha. Dadi said did you see, Mayura got the scar removed from her face and said that there is a reason behind this. She said if she doesn’t want to come in front of us, then don’t do anything. She said that her mother is going to many temples to pray and asked him not to search for her. Akhilesh said Mayura shall win in her aim and prayed to Mata Rani. Vishaka laughed at Omkar and said that she can’t control to see Sartaj, Ex Sartaj or Omkar in trouble and felt pity on him.

Omkar asked her to be careful and said I am not doing anything as you are a girl. Vishaka said you were the same guy, who had caged the girl and ruined her life amd asked he couldn’t bear his defeat to see her roaming freely. She said that the fire which he lighted, will not reach Mayura, but your ego will be burned, Mayura will play your band. The reporter asked Maya to say few words.

Mayura said that a woman becomes a daughter, wife, mother and many other things, but when she is born, she is cursed, when a beautiful girl is born, family think that the girl is beautiful, so there will be no problem in her marriage, the guy will come on horse and will marry without dowry, she then has to bear everything. The destiny of a beautiful girl is the cage, but the beauty will become her strength and not the curse, whatever proceedings, they get today will go to the charity for the welfare of the girls who has suffered at the hands of their husbands.

Mayura said that it is enough for husbands’ torture and they will not bear it just because they love them. The time has come to fight back now. Dadi told Akhilesh that Mayura is a tigress and standing in front of her world. Omkar asked Vishaka where is Mayura? Vishaka gave him an electric shock and said that she came with all the arrangements.

She called her guards and said that she knows how to handle such guys. Omkar said if I make a small call then my men will burn your office and Vishaka said I am afraid. Omkar called his guards, Vishaka got a call. He said that he will burn her office and life, she has to pay a big for messing with him.

Precap: Omkar told Mayura that he didn’t know that his hatred will be heavy for her. Mayura told him that he will understand when the right time comes…Read more

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