Neil’s Secret Is Revealed. Cage Of Beauty 11 October 2022, Tuesday Pt2: Episode 132


The Episode started with Omkar asking Neel to understand that Mayura can’t become his. Neel said someone said right that the kick ghost doesn’t understand talks and they had a fight. Neel said Mayura can’t become yours, never and he left. Omkar noticed his shoulder. A veiled Aishwarya brought milk to Mayura’s house and added poison in it. Mayura made tea and gave some to everyone. Everyone liked the tea made by Mayura.

Aishwarya looked at her from outside and thinks, drink the tea Mayura. Omkar came there and saw Aishwarya outside. He asked her to be away from Mayura and took her from there. Just then Dadi fell unconscious, followed by Surekha and Akhilesh. Mayura became shocked and tried to wake them. Neel came there and said we have to take them to the hospital. Omkar asked Aishwarya what is she upto? Aishwarya said you always doubt your beautiful wife.

They took them into the ambulance and Neel asked how did this happen? Mayura said they just drank tea. Neel saw Aishwarya talking to someone and Mayura said she came to give us milk in the morning. They saw Omkar with her,Neel then provoked Mayura against Omkar and asked her to think about her family. Omkar told Aishwarya that it is enough now and called the Police there. He said he was hearing her nonsense as he was waiting for the Police.

He asked the lady constables to arrest her and asked her to get rotten in jail. Aishwarya said I didn’t do anything. Omkar said I know that you made Mayura and I fall from the cliff and said I thought you will mend your ways. He asked the Police to take her,Aishwarya laughed and said your life will be shaken up, you don’t know what a big plan is played against you, you don’t know.

Mayura and you both will be ruined. Aishwarya asked him to count reverse countdown of Mayura and him. Omkar then asked her to speak clearly, but she asked the Police to take her away. Omkar thinks of what she was saying and thinks to see Mayura.

Neel told Mayura that they are out of danger. Omkar came there and told them that he got Aishwarya arrested, she did all this. Mayura refused to believe him and said you should feel ashamed, first you did this with my family and then got her arrested. Omkar asked how you can think that I can do this. Mayura said what else can you do and asked him to kill her. She took the surgical equipment and asked Omkar to kill her.

Omkar asked her why she is not believing him? Mayura said I can’t trust you, Neel said it right that you can never change. He asked her to leave it, else she will get hurt. She got a minor injury on her palm and Neel asked her to go and get her hand bandaged. He told Omkar that Mayura can’t become his, in this birth and said he will teach him a lesson after marrying her,he told him that he will understand when he is fully ruined. Omkar recalled Aishwarya’s words and thinks if it wasn’t Neel, then whom was Aishwarya talking about.

He thinks, how can you get so close to Mayura and became concerned for her and thinks to find out. Mayura said sorry to Akhilesh and told them that you always used to say that Omkar is not a good man, but I didn’t listen to you. Akhilesh asked her to bring someone closer to her and asked her to marry Neel. Neel thinks you are digging a pit for your Mayura. Omkar broke into Neel’s house and found nobody there. He thinks something is wrong for sure.

He found hospital bills of other hospital and thinks why Neel will pay the bill of other hospital and for whom. Neel asked Mayura to have coffee and told her that he knows that the time is not right, but they have to make the time right. Omkar then came out of Neel’s house. Neel promised Mayura that he will fulfill all her dreams and thinks, you have to marry me, how can I take revenge from Omkar without marrying you, and I can’t be quiet.

Omkar came to the hospital in disguise of a doctor to find out about the patient for whom Neel was paying the bills. Just then someone told Neel that patient’s condition is deteriorating. Mayura asked Neel about his family and Neel panicked.

Omkar heard the ward boys running to the ward and holding the guy. The guy said he will run away from here. Neel said his family was in London and Mayura asked about his siblings. Omkar saw Kundan and recalled everything. He then asked a Nurse about Neel. The Nurse said he comes in the evening to meet his brother and Omkar became shocked. Neel said he has no siblings. Omkar thinks Neel has done a conspiracy to take revenge against him.

Mayura came to the hospital’s storeroom and saw Omkar there. Omkar told Mayura that Neel is betraying her and planning a big conspiracy against her. Mayura said you are blaming the person, who treated me without any advantage. She asked him to kill her and Omkar said why will I kill you? I will drink this and kill myself.

Mayura said do whatever you want, I really don’t care. Omkar took the poison and was about to drink, but Mayura pushed the bottle down. She said I don’t trust you. Omkar asked if she will believe him when she sees with his eyes.

Neel came to the hospital. The Doctor said he will bring the reports, all tests are normal. Neel said he will take revenge for his brother and promises Kundan. He thinks, Mayura is coming to my Pinjara, from Omkar’s pinjara, if this is the way to ruin him then that’s it. Omkar brought Mayura to the same ward and asked her to see Kundan, Neel’s brother and said he is the same Kundan with whom Megha was about to marry.

Mayura was shocked and looks at the patient’s face. Omkar said Neel is betraying you. Mayura said he is not Kundan. Omkar became shocked to see someone else on Kundan’s bed. He said Neel might have known that we are coming here and that’s why he did this. They came out, Neel was standing far and said now see what I will do…Read more

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