Omkar’s Life In Danger. Cage Of Beauty 12 December 2022, Monday Pt1: Episode 206


The Episode started with Raghav apologizing to Mayura and saying he has to go. Mayura asked how will you go in this condition. He said he called the driver and will not drive in a drunk state. He tried to hug her but Mayura moved back and she pretended to be drunk herself and he left. Manjari, Sanjay and the others come to Mayura.

Manjari told Mayura, what does Raghav mean that Omkar will be freed tomorrow at 11 am. Mayura told that they have to call the crime branch as Omkar will be saved. She asked Manjari to give the video which she will forward to the crime branch. Megha said to the judge too, so that Omkar gets bail. Manjari realized and told them that she didn’t do the recording and Shankar scolded her politely.

Mayura asked Sanjay to find out what Raghav is doing at 11 am. She said I will take out Omkar from jail before 11 am. The next morning, Raghav woke up with a heavy head in his house. He looked at Mayura’s pic and kissed it. He thinks, what did he say in his drunkard state to Mayura, what if she is doubtful of him. He thinks his plan shall not fail. He checked the time and thinks it is 7 am. He called someone and asked do you know what to do?

Mayura talked to the Crime branch and told Manjari and the others that they will get there by 9 am. Manjari thanked God. Megha said she talked to the Judge and got the bail. Mayura said we will get him out. Sanjay came there and told them that the Police is taking Omkar somewhere and Mayura was shocked. Omkar asked Pandey where is he taking him? Pandey asked,will your expenses here be bore by your father?

Omkar asked him not to mention his father’s name. He said I need to be here, the crime branch will be coming to investigate the case but Pandey asked him to sit in the car. He then called Raghav, Raghav said Omkar shall not return from there. Omkar sat in the car and suspected something foul. Mayura reached the PS and saw the lock up empty. Raghav came there and asked Mayura, why she came early in the morning.

Mayura said she came to meet Omkar for some important work. Raghav said I forgot to tell you that all the criminals are taken to the workshop. Mayura said Omkar is not proved as a criminal yet, so why is he taken with the other criminals. Raghav said it was his seniors’ idea and he couldn’t stop them, we shall drink tea until he returns.

Omkar saw the constable sleepy and his phone fell down. Omkar dialed Mayura’s number from his phone with his toes and pretended to talk to Constable Gopinath and talked about mangoe trees and temple on the way and ended the call. Mayura pretended as if she talked to Manjari and left with the others. Raghav called Pandey and told her that it shall look like an accident. He then got a call and said he is coming.

Pandey stopped the car and asked the Constable to take Omkar and the other criminal. He asked Omkar to clean the place and asked the criminals to clean the outside place, he took Omkar inside. Omkar said I will not clean the place. Pandey asked him to do whatever he wants and closed the door.

Mayura, Sanjay and Megha got to the way taking them to the mangoes tree. She said there are three ways here. Megha said we should have asked Raghav. Mayura said he would have gotten doubtful. She told Sanjay and Megha not to let anything happen to Omkar. Sanjay assured her and went to search for Omkar at the other way.

Omkar found the cylinder and it was full, he thinks, something is going on in Raghav’s mind surely. Some goons came there and showed a bomb to Pandey. They told him that within 10 mins, it will blast. They opened the window and placed it in the room, Omkar didn’t see them.

Raghav came to the place and saw a lady on a chair, he said he needs to go somewhere urgently. She pushed the table and it hits his legs. He asked what is this misbehavior, he found the newspaper there and said that he knows that the crime branch is handling Omkar’s case, he was going for that, and she stopped him.

He asked shall I go? and threw a glass on the wall. Raghav asked what is your problem, we have already talked and you will not be blamed if anything wrong happens, let me handle this thing by myself and he left.

Mayura came to the place where Omkar was locked and found Pandey. She asked what is he doing there? Pandey asked what is she also doing there? Omkar saw her and shouted calling her name. Mayura heard his voice and asked if he was kept inside., she run and hugged him. Pandey called Raghav and told him that Mayura went inside.

Raghav asked him to stop Mayura saying nothing shall happen to his Mayura. Mayura opened the door and went inside and Omkar hugged her. She asked if he is fine. Omkar said he knew that she will come and said he was fine. Mayura asked why did they lock you in this room, we shall go away from here. She was about to fall and they had an eye lock. Omkar’s leg got stuck in the iron rods.

Mayura bent down to free his legs and Raghav came there. Pandey said that he tried a lot to stop Mayura and Raghav got worried for Mayura. The then bomb exploded. Raghav and Pandey fell down with the bomb impact. Raghav shouted Minty and told Pandey that his Mayura is inside. Pandey tried to stop him.

Megha and Sanjay came there and asked Raghav what did he do with them? Pandey said we didn’t do anything, it was a cylinder blast. Manjari called Megha, who informed her about the blast. Manjari cried and prayed to Devimaa. Shankar said nothing will happen to them. Mayura and Omkar were unconscious. Manjari blew the shank, Omkar gained consciousness and asked Mayura to get up, saying nothing can happen to you.

Raghav tried to get inside the door. Sanjay shouted Omi. Omkar asked Mayura to get up. Mayura got up and asked how will we come out from here. Omkar said when we are together, we can overcome any trouble. Raghav came inside and gave his hand to Mayura. Omkar lifted Mayura and walked out.

Precap: Mayura slapped Raghav. She later told Omkar that she spoiled Raghav’s plans. Omkar said, but he won’t stay quiet. Raghav met someone and said that he knows he lost this case, but he hasn’t given up. That person was Vishaka. Mayura was shocked seeing them…Read more

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