Mayura Learns About Neil’s Evil Intentions. Cage Of Beauty 12 October 2022, Wednesday Pt1: Episode 133


The Episode started with Neel thinking it is good that I saw them coming here. Mayura said I don’t know why I come in your talks. She said Neel said that he has no brother. Omkar told her that he is not lying. Mayura said Kundan had eloped. Omkar said Kundan didn’t run away, I had kept him captive and Mayura became shocked. Omkar said I misunderstood him thinking he had bad sight on you and sent that letter that day.

He said I forced him to go missing, but later I released him knowing I was wrong,he then apologized to her. Neel thanked the ward boy for lying down on Kundan’s place. Mayura told Omkar that she will marry Neel only, it is enough now, I have to go home as everyone will be discharged. Neel then asked Omkar to go. Omkar said she is my wife. Neel said not for many days…

Omkar sat in his car and left. Neel sat on the bench and took a glass bottle from the bin. He injured both his hand with the glass bottles. Mayura came home and asked his family if they are fine and they said yes. Mayura said she wants to tell them something and is about Kun…just then Neel came there injured, fell down and acted to be unconscious. Omkar talked to the lawyer and told him that they have to expose Neel.

The Lawyer said Neel is very clever and didn’t leave any proof. Neel told Mayura that Omkar blamed him saying that he wants to do bad with her. He said if she doubts his intention then she should tell him, he will leave. Akhilesh, Dadi and Surekha said that Omkar shall go away from our lives.

Mayura said once Omkar and my marriage becomes null, then I want to marry you in the temple. Neel thanked her and said I will never disappoint you. Akhilesh said you have taken the right decision. Mayura looked at the mangalsutra which Omkar made her wear that day and left.

Omkar rang the temple bells and asked God to expose Neel’s truth infront of Mayura. Mayura found Neel’s phone receiving a message. She read that the message was about his brother and Mayura became shocked. Omkar prayed to God still. Mayura received a call on Neel’s mobile and the person on the call asked Neel to shift his brother Kundan to the other hospital, as Omkar’s men are keeping eye on the hospital.

Mayura became shocked and called him, Omkar was ringing the temple bells and didn’t pick her calls. She said you want to save me from Neel, you really changed. Omkar asked God to expose Neel. Mayura called Omkar again. Neel came there and snatched the phone from her hand. Her family members too came there. Mayura told them that Neel is Kundan’s brother and wants to take revenge from us, as Omkar troubled him a lot.

Neel brushed off her hands and said yes, I am his real brother…you know what Omkar has done with Kundan, now it is my turn to take revenge, now I will ruin you both. He held her angrily, his goon came and aimed a gun at them. Neel said Omkar will be ruined this time and asked her to think, if he can harm himself to trap Omkar, then what he can do with her family. Mayura asked Akhilesh to call the Police.

Akhilesh was about to call the Police, when Neel took the phone from his hand. He asked if they behave this way with damad. Mayura said I will not marry you. Neel showed papers and said your marriage with Omkar is annulled. He said the marriage will happen, but with me.

Omkar found Mayura’s missed calls and called her but the number was switched off. He left from there. He car went past an ambulance, but he doesn’t see them. Neel said he has taken this way to go from here. Mayura asked Neel to leave her family and told them that Omkar is really repenting his deeds, whatever he did with Kundan. Neel said he just wants their barbadi. Omkar came to Mayura’s home and found it locked.

He asked someone, who told him that Neel took them away in an ambulance. Omkar called the hospital and asked if Neel was there. The Nurse said no. Mayura signalled Dadi to distract Neel, while she threw her things from the ambulance. She thinks, she is sure that her Omkar will search her.

She threw her chain with Om from the ambulance, and thinks Omkar shall see it. Omkar didn’t notice her bangles etc, but found the chain hanging in a small temple on the way. He said your Omkar is coming and will not let anything happen to you.

Precap: Omkar was attacked by a few men. Neil had kidnapped Mayura and her family members. He told Mayura that she has come in his cage now. She said she will never marry him. He said who said he will marry her? He brought someone on a wheelchair and forced Mayura to marry him…Read more

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