Neil Captures Mayura & Her Family. Cage Of Beauty 12 October 2022, Wednesday Pt2: Episode 134


The Episode started with Neel keeping Mayura and her family captive in a factory. They were all tied up. Mayura said you can’t do this. Akhilesh said we trusted you so much. Neel said I have won your trust, by saving your daughter’s life. Mayura said you have saved me so that you can take revenge on Omkar through me, you will not get anything from this revenge. Neel said I will get peace. Mayura said Omkar will reach here. Neel said not in this birth, will see in the next birth.

He said what do you think, that I will not know about the things which you had thrown on the way. He said you don’t know what my men will do with him. Neel’s goon punctured Omkar’s car tyre and he met with an accident. Mayura said you will not kill him, as you want to take revenge. Neel said he will make his life more miserable than death. He asked her to get ready, as mandap was waiting for her. He asked if she doesn’t want to see and pulled the cloth.

Mayura saw the cage decorated with flowers. Neel said you will be shocked as you are coming from Omkar’s cage to my cage. Mayura said I will not marry you. Neel said who said that I am marrying you, his goon then brought Kundan. Neel said you know the groom well. He lifted the sehra and they all saw Kundan. Mayura said Kundan and Neel said yes, he is my brother and your would be groom.

Mayura said I can understand your pain, but you are doing wrong. Neel said he just wants revenge, Omkar had accused my brother that he likes your beauty, so I will get you married to him. Surekha pleaded infront of him to leave Mayura. Neel asked the lady goon to get her ready for the marriage. The lady goon took Mayura inside the room and asked her to get ready but Mayura refused.

The lady goon made her see on the screen that everyone is on the target. Neel asked the goon to make his brother ready for his marriage. He called another goon and told him that Omkar shall not die. Mayura got ready and said Omkar…

Omkar gained consciousness and beats up the goons. Another goon hits him on his head and made him faint. The Goon called Neel and showed him on a video call. Mayura shouted Omkar…the goon said Omkar is in our captivity, he can’t reach there. Neel asked Mayura to smile, else her family can’t smile and Mayura smiled. He brought Mayura to the caged Mandap. Pandit ji asked Surekha to do groom’s aarti.

Akhilesh made the thaali fall down and the goon beats him up. Akhilesh asked Mayura not to marry. Mayura shouted Papa and told Neel that he can’t do this. Neel asked Surekha to do the aarti and Surekha did the aarti of the groom…..Pandit ji asked everyone to chant Om before the marriage rituals begin. Neel said this om will not be chanted. Just then the light flickers, the goon came there and told him that Omkar fled and went to call the Police.

Mayura said my Omkar will come and save me. Neel said he can’t come here before the marriage completes. He asked Pandit ji to make them take the rounds. The goon beats Akhilesh to convince Mayura. Pandit ji asked Neel to do their ghatbandhan..Neel tied their ghatbandhan. They started taking rounds. Akhilesh, Surekha and Dadi asked Mayura to stop. Dadi told Neel that he won’t be spared by God.

Mayura looked at the door and thinks Omkar shall come, as she is becoming of someone else. Pandit ji said this is the last round. Neel said Omkar can’t come here, don’t be hopeful. Mayura cried and sat down after the 7th round. Pandit ji asked the groom to fill Mayura’s maang with sindoor and make her wear mangalsutra. Neel held the groom’s hand to make him fill her maang but Omkar came there and told him that he doesn’t need his help to fill his Mayura’s maang and said he will fill it himself.

Neel asked how did this happen? Omkar recalled coming there and taking Kundan to a room, and wearing groom’s clothes and Mayura smiled…Omkar took the sindoor, filled Mayura’s forehead and Neel became shocked. Omkar took the mangalsutra in his hand, Neel then held his hand and said this marriage can’t happen. Mayura took the firewood from havan and asked him to move back, don’t dare to stop their marriage.

Precap: Neil snatched a gun from the police officer and fired at Omkar and Mayura…Read more

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