Mayura Exposes Ashwarya. Cage Of Beauty 12 September 2022, Monday Pt1: Episode 89


The Episode started with Mayura saying that this is what she wanted, now she is doubtful on her. She thinks to expose Aishwarya infront of Omkar. She came to Omkar hiding her face and said you hate the injury on my face, talk to me for 2minutes. Omkar said I don’t want to talk to you.

Mayura asked him to listen and said if you trust me even for a minute and if you thought of me as your wife, then come with me. She said your so called wife Aishwarya wants to kill you and get all your wealth, she attacked you and placed you in the pit, but I rescued you at the right time.

I saw Aishwarya talking to her boyfriend and making plan to kill him. She asked him to come with her for once. Omkar said ok and asked her to stop hiding her face. Mayura and Omkar went out. Mayura said Aishwarya is talking to her boyfriend and making plans to kill you. Omkar went to Aishwarya and asked what is all this?

He saw Manjali at the other side, he said, she told me something which forced me to come here. Aishwarya showed the video to Omkar in which she pretends to tell someone that she wants to get Omkar’s money and wealth somehow and Mayura became shocked. Aishwarya thinks, you wanted to trap me, but my Manish’s kalakari trapped you. She said how will you save yourself.

Aishwarya said I was shocked and that’s why made this video for proofs, I don’t know what she can do for the greed. Manjali blamed Mayura for all the attacks on Omkar. She said she came behind you and is the enemy of your life. Omkar asked Mayura to tell him that this is not her voice, you did all the possible things to kill me.

He said today your truth came infront of me. Mayura said why will I want to kill you and, she would have killed him when he gave her injury. She said,I only told you this to expose Aishwarya. Omkar said but your plan backfired. Aishwarya then acted innocent. Mayura said she will expose her anyhow. Manjali called the Police and asked them to take Mayura from there.

Mayura told Omkar that Aishwarya will kill him and cried. Omkar couldn’t bear to see her dragged by the police and told them that he don’t want to file complaint against her. He told them that he will not feel peace to see her going to prison but will be happy to see her going from his house. He gave her time to stay till new Year and asked her to leave from his life.

Aishwarya said I told you…that I am bad if someone comes in my way. She said Omkar ji don’t know that I am bad and said nobody will trust you after today, you pray that you shall not come in my way. She said even if you shout and tell that you didn’t make any call then also nobody will believe you.

Manjali praised Aishwarya for her values and told her that she is waiting for the new year, then Mayura will leave from their house. Omkar came to the Devimaa and sat there. He thinks of Mayura’s words and care for him. Mayura thinks if she leaves from here, then how she will save Omkar. She thinks if he dies then what will happen to her revenge.

Omkar did aarti and prayed to the Devimaa. Mayura also prayed for Omkar’s life. He turned and saw her praying to the Goddess. He said everyone shall get Mata Rani’s aarti. He said very few days are left for you here,he keeps 7 coconuts and told her that it will break one by one.

Our old relation will break too and Mayura looked at him. Later in the night, he saw her. Someone came and showed something to him for the Christmas party. Omkar reminisced his moments with Mayura, as she talks about Christmas and Santa. She said her Papa used to bring gifts for them as Santa and lifts her in his arms.

Mayura said my wish is fulfilled, I got you. Omkar asked why this star? She said she wishes that their love and togetherness will always be there. Omkar called Manjali, Shankar and Aishwarya and told them that tomorrow is Christmas Party, he will introduce his new wife to all the guests.

Precap: At the party, Mayura thinks to save Omkar from Manish and Aishwarya. Manish was about to attack Omkar…….Read more

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