Vishaka & Raghav Faces Off. Cage Of Beauty 13 December 2022, Tuesday Pt1: Episode 208


The Episode started with Vishaka aiming a gun at Raghav. Mayura tried to look inside, but could only see Raghav. Vishaka asked him not to worry about her fate, saying you can’t do the work so you have to pay the price for it. Raghav asked her to shoot at him and then snatched the gun and aimrf at it. He said nobody will know if I shoot you now, as everyone thinks that you are dead, should I shoot and kill you.

Mayura thinks, what is he talking about and with whom. Raghav said I know the enemy of enemy is a friend and that’s why we had shaken hands with each other for Omkar’s destruction. He said, you will get your revenge and I will get Mayura’s love, we have to do something before the crime branch does the dead body’s autopsy. Omkar worried for Mayura. Manjari asked him to call Sanjay.

Mayura still tried to hear them and her phone fell down. She went to Sanjay and Megha and asked him to take the car fast. Raghav came there and asked if they were following him. Mayura said yes and said you are exposed, I want to know with whom you were talking to, regarding Omkar’s case.

Raghav told Megha that following a police officer is a crime. Mayura accused him for manipulating the proofs. Raghav said you can’t accuse me without proofs and asked them to return, else he has to file a case against them. Mayura said I will reach the truth, she kicks the dust and run. Sanjay talked to Omkar and told him that they are in trouble. Omkar told Manjari that he will go but she stopped him.

Mayura came inside and saw a couple sitting inside the house. She asked who are they? They told her that they are the witness of a case. Raghav came there and said that they are fake witness whom I got ready for Omkar’s case, and told her that he is trying to help Omkar. This is the last chance to prove that Omkar is innocent and they will give statement that Omkar was with them when Vishaka was murdered.

Mayura said this is not needed and told him that they don’t need to take help of liars. She saw a stone on the floor and thanked the couple for their help, she said that she shall take their blessings. She then bent down and picked the bracelet stone/piece and they left. Mayura told Megha that they need to find out about whose bracelet piece is this? Vishaka stood up behind the car and smiled seeing the car going. Raghav said thank god, you got the old couple ready. Vishaka said you couldn’t find out that someone is following you. She said that she started her trick and that Omkar has to go back and eat jail food.

Omkar got a call from Mayura and he asked if she is fine? Mayura asked him to relax and said she is fine. Just then she shouted as the car stumbled, Vishaka did something wrong to the car, Omkar became worried. Sanjay told him that the brakes failed. Omkar run out of the house and reached the place where Mayura’s car stopped.

He hugged Mayura and asked if she is fine? They said that they are fine. Sanjay said we don’t know how the car brakes failed. Mayura saw the tracker beeping and said how did you do a big mistake, she said the Police will know that you are outside the house, the Police might reach the house now, you could have waited at home for us to return.

Omkar said I couldn’t wait, I was worried hearing you shout on the phone. He asked if she would have waited if he was in danger. He said, you came and rescued me in the blast, I love you and my life is in you and Mayura hugged him. Shankar came there and said Manjari told him that Police are surrounding the house.

Mayura asked Omkar to go home and said I will talk to the Police. Omkar said how did the car brakes fail suddenly? Mayura became doubtful. Raghav appreciated Vishaka’s plan. Vishaka said I knew that this parrot will come to his myna and asked Raghav to handle it. Omkar was arrested by the Police again. Pandey said Omkar has done a mistake.

Mayura said that Omkar came to help us and not to run away. Raghav came there and asked Pandey to let Omkar go saying he saw the accident happening there. Omkar asked what is his plan? Raghav asked what is your problem? Omkar said one has to think when the biting dog starts moving its tail.

Raghav said I am a human and that’s why I can’t understand dog’s language. He said I am helping Mayura for humanity sake, whoever helps you, you see with doubt. He asked Pandey to let Omkar go. Pandey said sorry sir, you are not in this case anymore, this is crime branch orders to keep him under house arrest.

A constable gave tea to Raghav and he felt it was hot. Mayura said you will get the sores when you lie much. Raghav said I am just your friend and helping you. Mayura said Omkar told me about your feelings for me. Raghav lowered his eyes and turned. Mayura then taunted him for his bad intentions.

Precap: Omkar got a bail on a condition of Raghav staying with Omkar in his house. At home, Omkar was angry at Raghav for hurting his father. Raghav said one by one he will eliminate all his family members…Read more

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