Cage Of Beauty 16 January 2023, Monday Pt2: Episode 246


The Episode started with Naina sitting for her haldi rasam. Omkar’s mother and Naina’s mother happily applied haldi to her face. Omkar got a message from Mayura, asking him to go to Jabalpur. Omkar’s mother told Naina’s mother that they will bring baraat at 5 pm and that she had talked to Pandit ji. Bela told Mayura that pooja paath was enough and asked her to get ready for sangeet.

DM said she will get ready, don’t worry. Bela said you will be out from here once Mayura gets married. DM said she will not stay here, after Mayura’s marriage and taunted her. Bela asked Mayura not to escape. Mayura said she will not escape and will wait for her Omkar. Omkar then left. Omkar’s mother asked him to sit for haldi rasam and she applied him haldi. Naina told Omkar that her brother came from Jabalpur.

Her brother asked Omkar, if he had gone to Jabalpur before and said I felt that I saw your pic there. Omkar got thinking. His mother gave him a knife and his hand got cut accidentally. He got flashes of their past and he saw himself cutting his hand. He told Naina that he doesn’t want to lose her friendship and don’t want her to regret later.

Naina said, I am with you in your decision, I know whatever decision you will take, is for our good. Omkar’s mother showed sherwani to him and said I know that you are showing me fake smile to make me happy, you might be thinking that this is happening fast and in hurry but you can’t get girl like her. He asked if the marriage will work without love.

His mother said love will happen eventually. She said, now Mayura is also getting married, don’t think about anything. He said, he shall get some sign with which he understands if he is doing right or wrong. He heard Naramada maiyya jhanki and thinks if this is the sign.

Omkar’s mother got a call from Naina’s mother asking her to bring the baraat. She got inside the room calling omkar and found his letter on the bed that he can’t marry Naina until he finds out the truth, he can’t spoil both their lives and is going to search for his real identity. She cried and sat on the bed. Omkar got Jabalpur in an auto.

Vishaka and Ishaan came to Goswami house. Vishaka said, she wants to see her face. Someone asked Omkar to show some address. Omkar showed the way and then thinks I came here for the first time, then how did I know if I told him the right address. He then found the place familiar.

Mayura thinks Devimaa, send my Omkar to me safely and she came downstairs. Vishaka said my bahu is looking lovely and took off bad sight from her. Mr. Goswami said we got sangeet mandali for sangeet. Vishaka said that is not needed and said that she wants to see Mayura’s dance, I heard from Ishaan that she dances good. Mayura said you want to see my dance, I will dance for my Omkar.

Omkar saw Sangemarmar Sartaj group board on a shop and asked an old guy. An old guy got shocked seeing him and said this can’t happen and he left. Omkar saw his pic with garland on it there and became shocked. He got flashes of his past birth and saw Mayura with him.

Mayura started dancing in her sangeet. Vishaka got a call and went to the side to talk. He saw Mayura and his flashes which was clear in front of him. Vishaka got a call from her goon, informing her that Omkar is in Jabalpur. She said today is his marriage. The goon said but he came here. Vishaka asked him to kill Omkar. The goon asked the other goons where did Omkar go?

Mayura continued dancing. Omkar experienced pain in his head, Mayura also fainted. Omkar recalled Mayura telling him that this birth is their rebirth, they have promised each other, their love was incomplete in the past birth. He got flashes of Vishaka killing them and fainted and fell down. The goons came near Omkar to kill him.

The old man brought other old men there and said that he knew that Sangemarmar Sartaj will return. The other man said yes, he is the same. The other old man said his age is looking less, may be this is his rebirth. They said that their sartaj need their help and lifted him.

Vishaka asked what happened to Mayura. Bela said she didn’t eat anything since morning so this has happened. Sachin said this is not the time to taunt. The goons informed Vishaka that the locals identified Omkar. Vishaka asked them to kill Omkar just if he gets the chance.

Mr. Goswami asked the Doctor what happened to Mayura? The Doctor said it seems something happened in the past that affected her badly. Mr. Goswami said nothing has happened. The Doctor asked who is Omkar, she is mentioning his name. She asked him to call Omkar and said Mayura will get fine. Mr. Goswami said ok.

Vishaka asked Mr. Goswami if he will call Omkar. He said no, I am going to make the security tight so that he doesn’t come here. Vishaka thinks, Mayura and Omkar shall never meet. Mayura was mentioning Omkar’s name in an unconscious state. Omkar was still unconscious and restless.

Mayura said that she doesn’t believe anything happened to Omkar. Omkar woke up, mentioning Mayura’s name and she sensed it. Vishaka called her men and asked for a proof that Omkar is dead. Omkar was trying to reach to Mayura. Mayura told her family that they can make her do all the rituals they want. Once Omkar comes, he won’t spare them…Read more

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