Mayura Leaves Omkar’s Life For Good. Cage Of Beauty 13 September 2022, Tuesday Pt2: Episode 92


The Episode started with Omkar telling Mayura that he wants to free from her revenge, trap etc…He told her that he will fulfill her revenge and will get a scar inexchange of her scar. He said today…I will escape from your pinjara, now scores will be settled. Mayura asked what do you mean? He said he will get the same scar as hers and keeps the marble on his cheeks. She shouted and made him throw the stone. She said, she can’t think of doing this even in her dream.

she just wanted him to repent for doing this and giving scar to her, if everything thinks like you, then people will get blind, you gave me pain for my whole life, you wanted to ruin my life by ruining my face, my intention was never to spoil your life, I just wanted you to realize your mistake and wanted you to realize when you give scar to someone’s face then it hurts that person’s identity and heart.

I wanted you to repent for your misdeeds, but I should have understood that neither you have a mind nor a heart, my Papa was right, I was wrong to make you realize your mistake and was trying to change you better, my pain and revenge is not cheap to take your life,i can’t do this, never…..

They came out of the factory and went thier separate ways. Manjari came to Omkar and asked if he is fine? She asked about his injury and thinks Mayura did it, he said, she will not bear her,he will ruin her and he left. Aishwarya thinks what happened between them and thinks she can’t understand if they love or hate each other. Omkar returned home and found Mayura breaking the coconuts which Omkar had kept. She told him that these 7 coconuts were the connecting links between us, I broke them all.

Now you don’t have to wait for 7 days or till the new year, as she is leaving him and this house and Manjali became happy. Shankar asked where is she going? Omkar said let her go, she has to go, it is better if she goes today, even now will be better. Shankar said you are doing wrong. Mayura said no papa ji. She went to him and asked him to let her go, I will have a place for you always…

She held her bag and started leaving…she then turned towards the inhouse temple and,she placed everything on God and left. Manjali said it is good that she is gone and asked Aishwarya to do shuddikaran of the house. Aishwarya thinks you didn’t know that real danger to your son starts now, Mayura is gone now. Omkar thinks of Mayura’s words and thinks he hates her so much, but why her voice echoes in his ears, why can’t he forget Mayura.

Aishwarya came to Omkar and told him that they shall celebrate New year with each other and there will be nobody between them. Omkar asked her to stop her nonsense and leave him alone. Aishwarya thinks you will be no more in sometime and can’t do anything. Shankar came to Omkar and said you are yearning inside with pain, as Mayura is gone, I know this and even your heart.

You are struggling with your emotion like a fish without water. Omkar called Aishwarya and told her that they will do jashn every day, as black reflection has gone from here. Manjali said you said right. Shankar said you will keep jashn, but can’t celebrate. Omkar said I am a Marble king and nobody can stop me.

Mayura came to the temple and said that she couldn’t change Omkar’s heart. She asked Mata Rani to show her the way. A lady came there and told her that she can read people’s faces as she is blessed by Mata Rani. She said you was betrayed by someone badly and you have to become someone shield, if the shield is moved then the accident will happen.

Mayura said if they think of the shield as the abshagun then? The lady asked her to keep her eyes and ears open, you might get some clue. She gave her prasad in a paper and left. Mayura saw the wanted thug pamphlet and saw Manish’s pic in it. She asked Mata Rani why is she diverting her to Omkar and was shocked.

Precap: Omkar got ready for the new year dance. Aishwarya got a big disco decorative ball so that it fell on Omkar and he dies. Mayura came to Manish and thinks your game will be over…Read more

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