Cage Of Beauty 14 December 2022, Wednesday Pt1: Episode 210


The Episode started with Mayura being shocked to know that whatever happened with Manjari and Shankar was Raghav’s conspiracy. Omkar said when he couldn’t harm me, he tried to harm our family. Mayura said we shall file a Police complaint. Omkar said Raghav himself is an ACP. Mayura said we can’t sit idle.

He said we have to get proofs against him. Mayura said we have to do something. Raghav heard Mayura on the recorder and thinks, he has kept the recorder in her room. He got a call from Vishaka’s and he asked her to give him time. Vishaka gave him 3 days’ time and said either you kill Omkar or I will kill Mayura.

Raghav said if my Mayura get even a scratch then I will expose you,he asked her to keep her threat to herself and be silent for 3 days saying he is breaking Omkar’s family and ended the call. Omkar came to him and said I was coming to your room to be with you. Raghav said he was feeling suffocated in the room, so he was going out to have some fresh air. Omkar said lets’ go together.

Mayura came to Raghav’s room and thinks to find out with whom Raghav was talking to. Raghav and Omkar came out of the haveli. Raghav asked Omkar to go out telling him that he will rest in his room. Omkar asked if he was scared. Raghav said yes, really I am afraid, let me hide in your room. Mayura couldn’t get any proofs in Raghav’s room.

Omkar tried to stop Raghav and asked what is in the room,he told him that he will show him mango trees. Mayura hid when Raghav came inside the room. Omkar also got inside. Mayura signalled Omkar and left.

Raghav turned to him and asked him to go to his mango trees, he said, I know you will not run leaving your family here and Omkar left. Raghav then asked himself to be careful and he played the recorder. Mayura said she didn’t get any proofs from Raghav’s room. Omkar said we shall rest now. Raghav said you can rest and I will do my work. He sprayed on Megha and made her faint.

Mayura and Omkar came to Manjari and Shankar. Mayura asked how are they? They told her they are fine. Sanjay also came there. Mayura asked where is di? Sanjay said she was on the corridor and Mayura thinks to call her. Raghav thinks if some accident happened with humans, then they will die.

Mayura came out of the haveli and found Megha unconscious on the railing of the terrace. She shouted and everyone came out. Shankar placed a mattress on the ground. Sanjay and Omkar rushed to Megha and save her. She gained consciousness and told them that she was talking on call, when she fainted and then didn’t remember after that.

Omkar said Raghav. He went to Raghav and asked why are you bringing my family in the fight and asked him why did he act to bring him out of jail. Raghav said I want you to get rotten in jail all life, by accepting that Vishaka was murdered by you.

He asked, can you do this for your family. Omkar said you have done this to get Mayura but you can’t get her even if I go to jail. He said Omkar and Mayura are of each other and their togetherness is for births. Raghav said if Mayura is not mine, then I won’t let her become of someone else.

Manjari told Mayura that she wants to get havan done to save her family from Raghav’s bad sight. She asked where is the havan kund? Mayura said in storeroom. Raghav heard it and smiled.

Mayura told Megha that all the arrangements are done. Megha said Sanjay went to talk to him. Sanjay came and said Pandit ji were on thier way coming. Manjari said she will bring the havan kund. Mayura said I will bring instead and left. Raghav then smiled. Omkar noticed him and said that they are doing puja to get bad eyes off them and asked him to stay away.

Raghav said I don’t believe in God and Puja. Manjari said Mayura haven’t come till now. Raghav said Mayura went. Just then Mayura shouted Omkar. Omkar and Raghav rushed there. Omkar asked what do you want to do? Raghav asked him to worry for Mayura now, Mayura came out and hugged Omkar. She told him that just as she touched the havan kund, smoke came out. She then asked Raghav, whom he wanted to kill. She told Omkar to come for puja.

Omkar and Mayura sat for puja and Raghav looked on. Mayura said very soon, they will get rid of bad sight. They recalled keeping the hidden nano camera in various places of the house. She recalled seeing the drawing in Raghav’s room and found out that next target was Megha. They then spoke to make Raghav hear.

They then alert Megha about Raghav attacking her. Mayura then went to the storeroom and wore a mask. She found smoke coming out of havan kund and went out. Omkar told Mayura that very soon they will know who is helping Raghav and Mayura smiled.

Precap: Omkar learnt that Vishaka was alive. Mayura wanted to share Raghav’s truth to him, but they decided to meet up instead of sharing it on the phone. When Mayura was about to leave from Raghav’s home, he came and said he has been mad for her since school days and that he won’t let her go away from him…Read more

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