Cage Of Beauty 14 December 2022, Wednesday Pt2: Episode 211


The Episode started with Mayura and Omkar sitting for the puja. Shankar said it is an auspicious moment. Pandit ji asked Omkar to fill sindoor in Mayura’s forehead, Omkar did it and Raghav was upset. Pandit ji asked Manjari to sprinkle the gangajal all over the house to ward off the evil eye.

Manjari asked Raghav to come near her and then she sprinkled water on him. In the room, Omkar asked Mayura, what could be their next step. Megha told them that she has talked to a judge and will show proofs to him, Raghav will go to jail. Mayura said I will come with you and Megha said ok.

Omkar asked Mayura to take care of herself and hugged her. Her dupatta got entangled in his watch. Omkar said even God doesn’t want us to go far. Mayura told him that she has to go now to unite with him for many births. Omkar said he is letting her go but if destiny separates them then he will fight with the God and will unite with her. He said Mayura and Omkar will become Mayukar. Mayura told him that she will come back to him. Megha called her and she left.

Mayura told Megha that it is good that she made an excuse that they are going to the temple. Pandey came there and said that he came to give Raghav’s ID to him. Mayura said she will give him and took the ID from him. Pandey got a call and left. Mayura told Megha that she will go to the place written on the ID and asked her to drop her on the way and they sat in the car.

Manjari scolded the Servant and asked him to see how the fire broke out? She asked Omkar if he is fine? Omkar said yes Maa. Manjari asked do you have any problem? Omkar nodded no. Shankar asked him to say else his Amma will assume something. Manjari argued with Shankar and said that her Omkar will never leave her. Omkar said if I leave you, then I have to leave this world.

Manjari said your enemies shall leave this world and takes off bad sight off from him. Just then the Servant dropped the cartoons and Manjari scolded him again. Omkar saw Vishaka’s pic in her stuff and found the same bracelet on her hand. He recalled Mayura showing the stone to him and left.

Mayura told Megha that now they have to go their separate ways. Megha became emotional and said that she always wished for her life, but she couldn’t have bear it like she had suffered. She said, I promise that I will be a good sister. Mayura said you are a good sister, though I get upset with you sometimes but I pray that I shall get you as my sister. Megha asked her to go and take care.

Mayura said you also. Omkar called Sanjay and asked if he remembers the address where he had gone with Mayura. Sanjay said yes, but you can’t go there, as the tracker is on your leg. Omkar said I want to throw it away and hits his leg. The tracker came off and was still working.

They think it is not working properly and Omkar said God is with us. He took the teddy bear and pretended to talk to Megha and asked her to go and find out evidence from the Crime branch found. Raghav heard it and left in his car.

Omkar and Sanjay saw him leaving and they also left. Mayura came to the address and it was Raghav’s house. She opened the door and found her pics all around the house. She became shocked and thinks to tell Omkar. Omkar came to the place where Vishaka was hiding and found out that she was alive.

Mayura called him and told him that she needs to tell him something. He said even I want to tell you something and asked her to meet him at home. Mayura was leaving, when Raghav came infront of her. He recalled talking to Pandey and Pandey informing him about giving his ID to Mayura. Raghav said Mayura haven’t given me the ID. Pandey said I was doubtful, that’s why followed her.

Raghav then showed the video to Mayura, in which she went to the storeroom to get proofs against him. He said you shouldn’t have done this, knowing my love for you. Mayura asked what is this nonsense and asked why her pics are all around in his house. Raghav said he is mad about her, since he was in school,he loves her.

He said I used to follow you in school, but you never realized, as beautiful girl like you never looked at specs wearing guy like me. Mayura said I never ignored you, I thought you were different from the usual guys but you are cheap. She asked where is Megha Di? and Raghav shouted. Mayura asked him to let her go but he held her hand.

He said I let you go many years ago, not now, I want you in any circumstances. Mayura said I am Omkar’s wife and I have a daughter. Raghav said I don’t care, you are just mine. Mayura asked him not to touch her and said she will not leave him, she is just for Omkar, in this birth and in every birth…Read more

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