Omkar’s Life In Danger! Cage Of Beauty 14 October 2022, Friday Pt1: Episode 135


The Episode started with Omkar making Mayura wear the mangalsutra. Neel asked him to tell where is his brother? Omkar asked him to relax and said your brother is fine. Neel said this marriage can’t happen and asked Pandit ji to take the reverse rounds and make the marriage end. Pandit ji said this is not possible,Neel held Mayura’s neck and she shouted…Omkar shouted Neel..Neel said Omkar’s life is you, so I will end your life and end all the drama. Omkar fought with the goons and came to Neel and beat him up.

Mayura asked Omkar not to beat Neel and said he will die. She asked Omkar to stop beating him and said I am fine. Omkar stopped beating him and said my aim was to make Kundan go away from Mayura, I didn’t mean to trouble him. Neel said that was enough to make him lose his mental balance. Omkar said I am sorry for that from my heart and try will every possible things to make him fine.

Neel said Mayura can melt by your words, but not me. He was about to hit him, when the Police Inspector came there. Neel asked the Inspector to arrest Omkar for kidnapping his brother. Inspector said your brother is safe with us and brought Kundan there. He said they are taking him to hospital. Neel snatched a gun from the Inspector and aimed the gun at Omkar. The Inspector asked Neel not to take any wrong step.

Mayura shouted no, Neel. Neel said I won’t let you win so easily and changed to aim at Mayura. Omkar was shocked and asked him to put the gun down or kill him, but not Mayura. Neel shouted at Mayura, Omkar came infront of her and took the bullet to his chest. Mayura shouted Omkar and said nothing can happen to him.

Akhilesh said call the ambulance. Neel said your Omkar is dead, my brother’s revenge is taken. The Inspector arrested him and took him away. Mayura asked Akhilesh to call the Ambulance and asked Surekha to bring water. Omkar opened his eyes and said I have less time. Mayura said nothing will happen to you.

Omkar apologized to her for his sins and fainted…Mayura shouted Omkar and asked him to get up. He was taken to the hospital and the Doctor operated on him. Mayura lights diyas on her hand and said Omkar had done tapasya to get me, today is my turn to bring him back to life. She promised to become savitri and not let anything happen to her husband. The Doctor came out of the OT and informed something to Akhilesh and Surekha and they came to Mayura.

Akhilesh said Omkar…Mata Rani heard your prayers, Omkar was out of danger. Mayura folded her hands thanking Mata Rani. She hugged Surekha and went to meet Omkar. Omkar opened his eyes and saw Mayura coming there. Mayura hugged him and cried. Omkar smiled and said I want to ask you if you have forgiven me or not, I didn’t get the answer. He asked have you forgiven me? Mayura said I have forgiven you from my heart.

Surekha asked him to be fine and said then your Mayura will be yours. Akhilesh said if you had not enquired about Neel at the right time, then we don’t know what would have happened, we shall make a new start. She said your parents went to devimaa’s temple to pray for you, so we will give this good news to them.

Just then Omkar got a call from Maa Agrima devi. Mayura picked it up and gave it to Omkar. Maa Agrima told him that Manjari called her and told her that she had come to know that his life is in danger. She said she will do Tapasya and give him a mani ring. Omkar told her that he doesn’t need him, as Mayura made him realize that there is no power than love. He said he wants him to make her meet his wife and invites her to his house. Maa Agrima got angry and said she will come.

Mayura told Omkar that Maa and Papa went to pray at various temples for him. She did his aarti to ward off the evil sight off from him. Mayura said nobody’s bad sight shall come on us and did Mayura’s aarti and they enter the house together. Mayura became tensed and told them that she is feeling something bad is going to happen. Omkar said everything will be fine with us. Later Mayura gave him medicine. Omkar said I am fine.

Mayura said I am the doctor here. Omkar said but the body is mine, I am feeling good. Mayura asked him to take the medicine. Omkar said I will lift you and walk. Mayura said if this is bullet effect, Omkar said it is her love effect. He got romantic but she pushed him. They danced and hugged before going to bed. They then started their married life again.

Mayura told Omkar that she is pregnant and they both were very happy. A team came for Mayura’s surgery and she asked what surgery? Omkar said, plastic surgery to remove mark from her face. She asked him what problem he has with that mark. He said it’s an ominous sign for their baby and she became shocked…Read more

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