Mayura Conceives Omkar’s Child. Cage Of Beauty 14 October 2022, Friday Pt2: Episode 136


The Episode started with Omkar and Mayura doing puja together. Mayura told him that she has brought gifts for Dadi online, for her birthday. She saw a saree, orthopedia pillow etc. Omkar said he got the eggless cake made for her. Mayura said she is very excited as Dadi is having her 70th birthday. Mata Agrima came there and told them that the bahu shall go out in the night. Omkar touched her feet, calling her Gurumaa and introduced her to Mayura.

He asked Mayura to touch her feet and Mayura touched her feet. Omkar asked her to sit, Gurumaa said you said that you don’t need mani and just needs my blessings, but how can a mother ignore the clouds of troubles on you, that’s why I have come. Omkar said I have your blessings and Mayura’s support and said he stopped believing on Nakshatra. Gurumaa looked at him upset. Mayura said I will make something for Gurumaa and fainted.

Gurumaa said I told you that there is a cloud of troubles. He then called lady doctor. The Lady doctor checked her and told Omkar that the matter is serious, and gave him prescription. Omkar read and saw tamarind, love, care etc. The Doctor said you both are going to be parents. Omkar and Mayura became happy and the Doctor left. Omkar and Mayura hugged each other happily hearing the good news.

Mayura said this is our baby, Gurumaa was still sitting out. Omkar gave her the good news and took her blessings. Mayura said I will give the good news to Dadi, she will be very happy. Gurumaa asked Omkar to think about the baby too and said it is inauspicious to go out during the evening.

Mayura apologized to Gurumaa and said I have to go out, today is my Dadi’s birthday. Gurumaa said it is my work to alert you and told her that my astrology truth will come out infront of you soon. She asked can I apply tilak to you. Mayura said ok, Gurumaa applied tilak to Mayura and smirked and Mayura hugged Omkar.

Mayura and Omkar came to Akhilesh’s house and Omkar asked Mayura to be careful. They wished dado together and Dadi asked what happened? Mayura said she is wearing heels, that’s why Omkar asked me to be careful, Dadi then cut the cake. Mayura gave her laddo gopal’s idol and Omkar showed the sash of happy birthday parnani. They all became happy hearing the good news and danced celebrating the birthday of Dadi.

Mayura fainted, Omkar became worried and said northing will happen to you. Gurumaa called Omkar and asked if Mayura is fine. She said she had warned them and asked him to agree to their sayings, else…Omkar said Mayura fell down just as we came here, Mayura doesn’t believe in all this.

Gurumaa said a child is everything in life and asked him if he wants to give the same childhood like his baby gave him. Omkar said we will do as you say Gurumaa. Gurumaa thinks her tika worked which she applied it to Mayura. Akhilesh called the Doctor,the Doctor checked her and said don’t know why she fainted but it may be due to stress.

The next morning, Omkar came to the room and asked Mayura not to step her foot down. He said he brought this for his baby’s mummy. Mayura asked for the tea. He asked her to drink juice and said tea is not good for the baby. He said everything is my responsibility now, Mayura said if you love me so much then I will love you more.

Omkar said the baby’s news made me realize that nothing can be a bigger news than this. Mayura said yes but then Omkar became afraid that…Mayura said everything will be fine with Mata Rani’s blessings, our baby is lucky to have you as the father. She looked at the toys and something kept on the table. Omkar said this was given by Gurumaa for the protection of our baby. Mayura feared that he would become like the old Omkar.

Precap: Omkar called a team of doctors for Mayura’s plastic surgery. He said that the mark on her face is inauspicious. He then painted black color on all the mirrors. She said she will go elsewhere to see her face in the mirror. She won’t support him in his madness. He said no one can come in between his child’s safety, not even her but still she refused to do any surgery…Read more

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