Can Mayura Save Omkar? Cage Of Beauty 14 September 2022, Wednesday Pt1: Episode 93


The Episode started with Mayura thinking to go to Police station and hoped she gets some information about Aishwarya and Manish. She saw the same pamphlet in the shop and asked the guy. The guy told her that the guy and a girl came and gave him this pamphlet. Mayura asked where are they?

He told her that they went that way. Aishwarya talked to Manish and told him that they will execute their plan and wished him happy new year. When Mayura couldn’t find the couple, she felt distressed and asked Mata Rani why did she show her that way, when she doesn’t want to take her there. The guy and the girl came to her and told her that they were distributing these pamphlets.

Omkar was worried for Mayura and asked Bali if he had enquired that Mayura went from there and sat in train or bus safely. He said I mean that she shall not return. Bali said I am not understanding, are you asking if she left or getting concerned for her. Omkar asked him to go and was worried for Mayura.

Shankar heard him and thinks Omkar has lost Kohinoor. Mayura asked what did this man do? She told that she needs to know as he… The guy told her that Manish is a big thug, came with his sister and married my daughter, thugged us and left. He told her that he has ruined his daughter’s life.

Mayura asked him to show him Manish’s sister pic. He showed her Aishwarya’s pic. Mayura became shocked and told him that she is not his sister, but Manish’s girlfriend. She thinks Omkar will not believe her and said that she has a plan to punish the guilty and to save Omkar and asked for their help.

Aishwarya told Omkar if they are going to do bollywood theme party in the farm house. Omkar said that he will become what he wants her and asked her to decide about herself. She told him that you are a hero and I am the heroine. He said Jodi doesn’t matter if we wear the same clothes.

She thinks you are making your death more painful, she got a call and left. He heard an anklet sound and imagined Mayura….He smiled seeing her, pulled her closer and they danced. He then thinks, what is happening to me? I hate the scar on her face but her face is shown with scar in my dreams too.

Manjali asked Bali not to let Mayura enter the party and gave him her pics. She asked him to come to the theme party and Mayura heard them. Aishwarya talked to Manish and asked why did he come? She told him that they have another chance in the new year party, she told her that she wants to go to New year as Omkar’s widow.

Manish told her that he has no money now and told her that he was thinking to open joint account with her, so that he don’t have to come and get money from her. Aishwarya asked what is his problem to come here and meet her and hugged him. Omkar heard her and came there. He saw Aishwarya hugging the jacket and talking about them and he left. Aishwarya then asked Manish to go.

Then next day, Aishwarya told Omkar that the day will be good. Omkar stopped the car as he got a phone call. He imagined Mayura and was mesmerized with her. Aishwarya’s phone rang, she answered and told the person that she can’t hear anything. Omkar thinks why he can’t get mayura out of his mind. A bike rider came there and snatched her phone. Aishwarya told Omkar that her phone is stolen. Omkar said a new phone will come. Aishwarya thinks it has all the conversation of Manish and me… Mayura got down from the bike and gave money to the bike owner and thanked him.

She got Manish’s call on Aishwarya’s mobile and answered the call. She made paper sound so that he doesn’t identify her voice. He told her that he is outside Omkar’s farmhouse near the Tea shop. Mayura came there and Manish tried to escape. Mayura caught him and said if you run, then the police will catch you and Aishwarya will enjoy with the money. She said Aishwarya don’t love you. Manish said who will believe you, not even Omkar.

Mayura said I know and showed him the pamphlet, she said, I have this to show my husband. She reminded him of his marriage with the girl whom they had looted, even they have proofs against you. She said whenever Aishwarya planned, you got trapped, you will be arrested by the Police and not Aishwarya, Aishwarya put my pic with yours, so that you get trapped and she comes clean. Manish said Aishwarya can never betray me.

Aishwarya planned to drop a huge disco ball on Omkar. Omkar and Mayura were performing and looking at each other. Mayura tried to figure out Aishwarya’s plan. She looked up and sees the disco ball coming on her and she screamed…Read more

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