Mayura Finds A New Ally To Save Omkar. Cage Of Beauty 14 September 2022, Wednesday Pt2: Episode 94


The Episode started with Manjali telling Omkar that the pain always stay even if the wound goes. She wished Mayura goes very far from him. Omkar said Mayura is gone and asked her to stop cursing her. He got the chit and read it, which stated that your life will change in the new year. He thinks what will happen? Aishwarya called Manish and told him her phone is stolen.

He asked her to listen to him and told him that the pamphlets are being distributed on his name, as he married a girl and escaped with her money. He told that they have to run away before they get caught. Aishwarya told her that if they get caught then it will be him and not her. She then said she will save him. Manish turned to Mayura and agreed to help her.

He asked why she wants to save Omkar. Mayura told him that sometimes we have to do the wrong thing to make things right, he showed the invitation card to Mayura and she said today’s party is important.

Aishwarya looked at the disco ball at the party venue and thinks she made it so big that when it falls, Omkar’s head breaks into many pieces. She pulled the rope and made the ball go up. Omkar thinks of what to wear and thinks she has to wear something. Mayura looked at the filmy costumes in the shop and choosed Mohra’s outfit. Omkar also choosed the hero’s outfit of the same film.

Mayura then got ready. Shankar and Manjali came to the party. Manjali said the new year will be good. Aishwarya came to the party in Kajol’s mehendi ke laga ke rakhna outfit. She came and complimented Manjali. She asked how is she looking?

Manjali asked him to control Omkar with her charm and looks. She asked her to divert him and bring his concentration on her. She told her that she has asked Bali and the guards not to let Mayura enter the party. Mayura came there with Manish and thinks of how to enter the party as Bali is checking everyone.

Omkar came to the stage in Akshay Kumar’s ‘Mohra’ film outfit. Aishwarya asked what are you wearing? How we will look as the couple now. Omkar then went to the stage. Aishwarya thinks to make the ball fall on him but then thinks once the party starts and lights gets dimmed then nobody will look at what is happening. While Bali caught a girl having a pistol on her. Mayura and Manish went inside the party.

Mayura thinks to tell the truth to Omkar and save his life. Omkar felt that Mayura was there while Mayura was also looking for him. Omkar thinks why will she return when she herself left home with her wish. Manish took Aishwarya to her side and Aishwarya said I couldn’t identify you.

Manish said even I couldn’t and asked her to tell her the plan. Aishwarya didn’t tell him the plan,he just told him that all is set, Omkar will die. Manjali called her and she went. Manish told Mayura that Aishwarya didn’t tell him anything. Mayura said we shall tell him the truth, and began searching for Omkar. She asked him to enquire from Aishwarya.

Manjali told her that Omkar is still sad and told her that first he was mad in love with Mayura and now it hatred. Shankar said he never loved her, just wanted to get her but now Omkar has started loving her. Manjali came to Manish and told him that he is Krish, she then took a selfie with him. She asked him to wait there until she brings her friends. Manish showed the tattoo of her name on his hand and asked her to tell him what is her plan? Aishwarya then looked on.

Omkar and Mayura saw each other. Mayura thinks he has worn matching clothes like me. He came and hugged her, said he was missing her a lot. He smiled and hugged her again but realised It was just his imagination and thinks,is Mayura in the party. Manish told Aishwarya that everything will be recorded in the party, he don’t want her to get in the camera. He then asked about her plan.

Aishwarya told him that she will bring Omkar to the centre of the hall and then she will make the disco ball fall on him. She asked him to go and stand with the rope. Suddenly the light goes off. Mayura used her mobile torch and thinks to alert Omkar. Manjalii asked bali to check the light. Mayura thinks where is Omkar, as everyone switched on their torches.

Omkar and Mayura were dancing when Aishwarya made the ball fall, it fell on Mayura and Omkar shouted…Read more

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