Mayura’s Second Escape Attempt Successful. Cage Of Beauty 15 August 2022, Monday Pt1: Episode 53



The episode started with Manjali saying, don’t trust this girl, she’s fooling you. Omkar said maa, enough. Mayura will live with me, It’s her first karwa chauth. I was the best preps. Mayura said I will keep my fast even if I faint. Omkar said I won’t let anything happen to you, he then carried her to the room.

Surekha cried and said I saw my daughter in a cage, I died while living and Dadi cried. Sanjay said let me get there and try to get Mayura out and two thugs came thete. Ashu said what are Omkar’s goons doing here,he must have sent them to keep and eye on us.

Omkar said to Mayura you are fasting for our marriage, I can’t let your face be dull. Mayura held his hand and said nothing will happen to me if you are with me. Omkar said I didn’t like keeping you in cage, forgive me. Mayura said it was my mistake and Omkar hugged her. Mayura said to herself, this is my last night here.

Piyush brought balloons and said sorry, I brought balloons for you two. It’s your firsst Karwa chauth and Omkar said thank you. The balloons had messages written on them. Piyush blew the one with CCTV. Omkar said what are you doing? He said by mistake and Mayura said it’s okay.

Mayura danced with Omkar and he said suddenly? Mayura said can’t I dance with my husband? and Omkar danced with her.

Ashu gave water to Surekha but she said I am fasting. Ashu said fasting for Mayura. Megha was eating and Surekha said Megha.. She said I can’t stay hungry. Sanjay said it’s okay, Ashu asked sanjay did you get a message? He said no. We have to be careful with these goons.

Mayura said only I know what’s in your heart for me. He said let me make my line in your hands,she took her hand back in scare. Omkar said not from sangemarmar from mehndi and wrote his name. He said only few hours left and Mayura said yes I can’t wait either. Mayura said this is my first karwa chauth with you.

Shankar said to Manjali are you crazy? How can you be so evil being a woman yourself, you are not helping Mayura. He left in anger and Manjali cried. She said he doesn’t understand my pain, but no one can harm my son.

Mayura got dressed for karwa chauth in red. Omkar said you look so good, I can’t take my eyes off you and Mayura said let’s go,everyone is waiting. Omkar held her hand and pulled her. He said we won’t go anywhere. Mayura said we have to go for pooja, everyone must be waiting.

He said I will tell maa, we will celebrate our karwa chauth alone, just you and me. Mayura said we can’t do that, we have prepared so much. He said I will see everything,we will celebrate here. We will see the moon from the window.

Manjali’s friends came and they asked how is DIL? Is she taking care of Omi? Manjali said she does what Omi asked. They asked where are Omi and Mayura? Manjali said they are hero and heroin. Omkar and Mayura came downstairs.

Omkar said today we will be one in all true means, Mayura was scared while they came downstairs. Mayura said in her heart enough, they will all have eyes on everyone, but I have to run at all costs.

Mayura walked towards the women and Omkar held her hand tightly. He said, I am trusting you, don’t even think about running, I won’t let you go. Even if you try I will really mind. Manjali did their arti and the lights went off. Manjali screamed Mayura.. and the women asked, what happened.

Omkar said turn on the light. The lights turned on and Mayura was still there. Omkar and Manjali were at peace. Manjali then held Mayura’s hand. A woman said thank God the light came back and Mayura smiled. She said in her heart, I had to win their trust.

Omkar was using his phone. Piyush said all CCTV’s are connected to his phone. Mayura then sat down.

The goons came inside. Dadi and Surekha placed spices in their eyes and they hit them. Sanjay texted Piyush and he nodded at Mayura. Mayura heaved a sigh of relief and said at least my family is safe now, I have to free myself now.

The goons were tied and Mayura’s family run from the house. Mayura danced before pooja and placed on her ghunghat. All the women were in ghunghat. A girl danced in front of Omkar and he thinks it’s Mayura. Mayura then sneaked out. Omkar said Mayura you might get a rash, take the pallu off and he took it off but It was someone else and he became shocked. He then shouted Mayura…Read more