Mayura Loses Her Beauty As Omkar Turns Her Blind. Cage Of Beauty 15 August 2022, Monday Pt2: Episode 54



The episode started with Piyush saying, your family is in that car. Mayura and Piyush were on a bike. Mayura said you? He said someone has to be here to keep an eye on him, I will handle everything here. Mayura said thank you Piyush and run to the car. Megha and Manjali then stopped her. Manjali said where are you going Megha?

Piyush said Megha, don’t you have any shame? S1ahe’s your sister. The goons hit Piyush and Manjali grabbed Mayura. Mayura said, why did you do this to me? Megha said since childhood, I suffered due to your beauty.

Mayura said maa ji please let me go, your son is crazy,how can you do this? Manjali slapped her and took her home. My son is waiting for her, they have to break the fast together. Mayura screamed and said please let me go, I don’t want to go there.

The women threw Mayura at Omkar’s feet. Mayura screamed, I don’t want to go. Omkar then said my moon is here, get up. Mayura tried to run but Omkar said this is my old haveli, you can’t go anywhere apart from here. Mayura said I will die then but would never be with you.

Omkar grabbed her hand. He said, I fasted and made this gift for you, It’s a heart-shaped Sangemarmar tile, let’s make promises to live together. Mayura said, you don’t deserve that I would fast for you, If you respected me, I would have loved you with my life, If you let me be free I would be around you all the time, you can go to hell.

I won’t fast and insult this ritual, she ate fruit and said I fasted for myself not for you. Omkar said I will complete this fast even if you don’t,Mayura said leave me and she tried to run but all the doors were closed. Omkar grabbed her and said, I have to complete this fast.

Mayura picked trishul and said enough, there’s a devi inside every woman, when a woman picks trishul, evil has to end. Omkar said Mayura I am scared.. My hands are shaking and he laughed. Mayura said don’t come near me and she placed trishul on his chest. Omkar held the trishul and took it from Mayura and her chest was bleeding.

Ashu and everyone were looking for Megha. Sanjay said she’s nowhere, Ashu said she isn’t picking up calls either, is she helping omkar? Sanjay said, that can’t happen and Dadi said please protect Mayura mata rani.

Omkar grabbed Mayura and said your beauty is only mine, come let’s break the fast. Mayura slapped him and said I will never be yours. Make as many lines as you want, I will never be yours, I will run out.

Omkar shouted Mayura and hit her with a heart-shaped tile, she fell and her face started bleeding. Mayura got up and Omkar looked the other way. She touched her bleeding face, placed hand on her face and cried in pain.

Mayura asked, why did you turn around? Look at me, look at me but Omkar looked the other way. She cried and said look at my face, if you didn’t stop while doing this then why are you looking the other way, look at me, look at what you have done. Turn towards me, turn your back.

Mayura tried to get up but she couldn’t. She stood up and said why are you looking there? You fell for me seeing my face in water right? Look at me now. Omkar broke things in anger and said no..

he shouted madly, I said I can’t see, I can’t see your face like that Mayura. He then looked at his hand and screamed. Mayura said you can never respect a woman and her freedom.

Omkar said what did you make me do?” It all happened because of you. I did so much to get you, I got crazy, I drew your line on my hand, I made it darker. I spoiled you, did your pooja and you? What did you do in return? Why did you do this? You rejected my love.

You forced me to do all this. Why? You were the most beautiful and precious thing in my life. You took it from me. Why? It was my mission to get your beauty, you took everything from me. I only wanted your love, i wanted you to stay home with peace, I gave you all the expensive things, I asked for one thing only, to stay beautiful.

You took your beauty and my everything. Why? Mayura shouted enough, if any man did this he won’t have tried to justify it. No one can expect any good from you. At least don’t try to justify. Omkar said I didn’t do anything wrong, you made me do it, I couldn’t see a mark on this beautiful face but you made me scar it.

Mayura said the world doesn’t revolve around you, get out of your ego. Girls aren’t things that you put hand on and say we are yours, I will never be yours in any life, time takes all revenge, every sin has to be punished, you have done the sin and you will be punished. She walked towards him with a bleeding face and said, I will give you this punishment.

These winds announce the storm that will rage on, the storm you won’t’ be able to face, Justice will be done. She held his hand and said remove the line from your hand that you made for my beauty but Omkar shoved her and she fell down.

Mayura said your fate doesn’t have a beautiful face in it, your fate doesn’t have me in it, you can’t fight with your destiny. Why are you running and hiding your face?

Guru ji was right, remove this line, you are not God, you are just an idol. An idol that shattered today your disgusting act, like your sangemarmar idol broke when we met first, your ego broke today, remove this imaginary line.

Omkar sang Sangemarmar and cuts his hand with it and his hand started bleeding. Omkar said see I removed it, but the other lines that are made now are the things you are saying now, I lost because of you, no one else, I won’t forgive you. You took my beauty from me. I will take your everything.

Mayura said no matter how much pain I am in, I won’t let anything happen to my family, do justice God…Read more